Locking steering wheel

Locking steering wheel

Sometimes I find the steering wheel locked and immovable. When I exit the car. Mostly not. Would love to know how to invoke this because it makes it easier to get out. Kind of a substitute fro a granny bar. I’m 76 and still acting like a teenager after 2 1/2 months. Volunteering for any length drive. Find I don’t get challenged at a light much any more. The word out.

billlake2000 | 25 août 2018

When they see that grin on your face, they don't want to challenge you

sheldon.mike1010 | 25 août 2018

Well, that made my day.

Mediumed | 26 août 2018

Good question. Being that there is no physical key mechanism does the model 3 steering wheel lock when parked?

Mr.Tesla | 26 août 2018

I've been to a granny bar before. Those ladies really know how to party!

cutrock | 18 février 2020

I would like to have the steering wheel lock when I put the car in park (or maybe when I engage the parking brake). That way I could use the steering column as a grip to help me get out of the car easier. TESLA, please consider implementing this option.

derotam | 18 février 2020

@cutrock....while I understand your desire the phrase that comes to mind is "tools and their uses". Meaning that even if the steering wheel was locked to allow you to put a lot of force on, doesn't mean that it is engineered to appropriately accept that amount of force.