Where Are FSD features?

Where Are FSD features?

It’s the end of Aug and not one peep! Even from a tester!
Anyone know anything? | 3 septembre 2018

1) August was for the beta, not release and it is suspected with 30K+ employees, betas are only given to employees now (i.e. employees have very strong non-disclosures).
2) September was to release version 9 IF the beta testing went well. That a big IF.
3) The entire FSD feature is not planned for version 9, only a few sub-features. Still no word on what those might be. Don't get your hopes up that it will be complete FSD.

dvanlier | 3 septembre 2018

Based on the electrek article, it could be navigation to destination where it puts you in the correct lanes to change freeways etc, although I assume that will still include the nags every 15 seconds .

jjgunn | 3 septembre 2018


burdogg | 4 septembre 2018

hm, I am not sure I am a fan of getting rid of our ability to have 2 split screens and toggle which one is on top. Not everyone always wants nav up, let alone smaller pop up screens. Many like to have the backup camera at the top and as big as it is. IF they diminish that, some are not going to be real happy. Could get really interesting... :(

jjgunn | 4 septembre 2018

Agree....we should have the option of split screen.

98% of the time my rear view camera is at top of screen.

I flip between Nav & music on bottom by holding icon at top & sliding finger down 1 inch then let go.

I don't think I would like only 1 thing on the screen with no option.

StarChief | 4 septembre 2018

Exactly !

Triggerplz | 4 septembre 2018

If they send an update getting rid of the split screen I'm gonna do a LilBean

jimglas | 4 septembre 2018

I always have the rear camera on the bottom split screen. No worries about the dreaded "blind spot" that way.

colorczar | 4 septembre 2018

Likewise, I rely on the rear camera being "always onscreen" while driving, typically in the lower half of the display.