New Model X wakes up frequently, doors unlocked, one can even drive it when it's waken without a key!!!

New Model X wakes up frequently, doors unlocked, one can even drive it when it's waken without a key!!!

Model X wakes up frequently. Lights are on, doors unlocked. It consumes energy equals to 5 miles driving over the night. Once I tried to see if one can drive it without any key or linked cell phone with me. It IS drivable. I could drive it without a key or cell phone. It's a new car. Now, the app shows "Vehicle connection error". Please help.

COrich | 10 septembre 2018

If this is real, you shouldn't even waste your time asking us. You should have already called Tesla service. They can pull the logs and remotely do some diagnostics. The phone number is here on the website.

jlmuinonen | 10 septembre 2018

Where are you storing your fob? We can't store our fobs in our kitchen, because it is right above the garage, and the X will wake up randomly as the signal comes and goes.

lilbean | 10 septembre 2018

How do you know it’s driveable without the key?

Redmiata98 | 10 septembre 2018 is in the fourth sentence.

TDUB | 10 septembre 2018

Hi, guys, I encourage all of you check it intentionally. I googled and found lots of similar cases like this. Here is one: In this string, some one also reported he/she could drive the car without the key. Most people occasionally noticed it happening and would assume it's just some weird situation happening occasionally. We often park the car and leave it in the garage or parking lot, wouldn't suspect this kind of things ever happens. While I am not driving the car today, but I find the app can't connect to the car instantly but it does occasionally. Most time, the app shows "Updated an hour ago" or some time ago. I bet something still happening with the car in the garage.
I will keep you posted whatsoever coming out from Tesla support.

davidahn | 10 septembre 2018

Make sure the secondary key isn't inside the MX. I also suggest turning on auto-present. If you find the door ajar, you'll know the MX thought you were close enough to open your door.

This is a wake-up call for me, as my key rack is RIGHT next to the garage, about 15 feet from my MX; my MX might be waking up all the time and I don't know it. But the reassuring thing is I've never found it on or with the door ajar. But hey, I've only had it 2 weeks.

davidahn | 10 septembre 2018

I think the app updating your vehicle status from time to time is normal; I do see that on my Tesla app.

lilbean | 10 septembre 2018

Thanks, @Redmiata. Haha!

jjgunn | 10 septembre 2018

First....what version of firmware?
2nd - Are you certain 1 of the 2 key fobs is nowhere near the car?
3rd - get a Faraday bag for both your key fobs & use it when you're sleeping.
Call Tesla Service. At a minimum get firmware 2018.32.4 - (PIN to drive) & turn it on.

Vawlkus | 10 septembre 2018

Any time I park my X, I always walk away and check my app to be sure it shows parked and locked. That way there are no surprises.

Redmiata98 | 10 septembre 2018

Vawlkus, there is a bug in the system that has not yet been fixed. If you leave a fob in the car and “lock” the car through your app it will show locked but will not be. The car will not really “lock” with the fob in the car. Found this out when I had my extra fob in the suitcase our last trip. Walked away from the charger, used my app to “lock” but it was not actually locked. Have just tried this and it has not been fixed. The app shows it is locked and the mirrors fold but you can go up to the car, push the handle and the door opens.

Triggerplz | 10 septembre 2018

Both of my fobs are kept in faraday bags, I have no random wake ups

lilbean | 10 septembre 2018

Mine are in a tin can.

TDUB | 10 septembre 2018

Update. Came home earlier today. Put both key fobs in a metal can and leave it in the other end of the house. The car has been quiet since I then when I started to pay attention to it and checked it regularly. That's a big relief and great.
But still, I see this can be a common problem that Model X is too sensitive to the fob occasionally, since people often leave the fobs not far enough from the car, such as someone in the thread I shared, put the keys on the kitchen counter which is on the 2nd floor above the garage. As for me, my key was in the living room about 50 to 70 feet away. Similar thing can happen for one in a small restaurant, coffee shop, etc.
Anyway, I am going to purchase faraday bags for them.
Thank you all for sharing.

Vawlkus | 11 septembre 2018

I’m not locking the car with the app, the car locks on walk away.
I use the app to make sure the car has locked itself, so if it doesn’t, I know to go and check on it. I have not needed to thus far.

bob | 11 septembre 2018

@ TDUB - one more thought... batteries in the FOB are strongest when the vehicle is new (or just returned from the Service Center with fresh batteries). Range of the FOB should decrease in a week or two. But based on Trigg's recommendation I too now store my fobs in an RFIF bag. I do a lot of work in my garage and really got tired of walking past the vehicle and waking it up. It's a well worth the inconvenience to have to pull the fob out of the bag when needed. Do an amazon search for "Tuisy Signal Blocker Case - 2X Signal Blocking Key Fob Pouch". The smaller pouch works well for a fob with a house key. The larger one will work if you carry around a pocket full of keys with your fob.

jjgunn | 11 septembre 2018

I use this one - big enough to hold the fob plus any "tap" Credit Cards you may have, small enough to fit in your packet

Triggerplz | 11 septembre 2018

@jjgunn That's the same one I have they work great for about 3 months then they longer block the signal I've had about 5 of them and had to get them all replaced,

Redmiata98 | 11 septembre 2018

The 34.1 update last night now allows you to require a pin prior to driving without the fob.

Triggerplz | 11 septembre 2018

I got it but didn't enable it and I thought if you enable it even with the fob you will have to put the code in

Redmiata98 | 12 septembre 2018

Oops, it helps to read what actually printed rather than what you want it to read. You are right, I just confirmed it. Maybe there will be a refinement that does above “soon” for us?

Triggerplz | 12 septembre 2018

@Redmiata lol it happens to the best of us :-)

TDUB | 18 septembre 2018

I got two faraday bags for the fobs. The X has been quiet since then for a week. However it waked up one more time while I left my faraday-bag with the key inside in a bedroom which is next to the garage.