Supercharging fees

Supercharging fees

I've used the super charger a few times in the last two months I've owned the M3. I don't have a credit card on file on my Tesla account. Are they going to send me a bill?

RES IPSA | 18 septembre 2018

I have heard that Tesla will bill you when you go to the service center for some sort of service.

Alex_SD | 18 septembre 2018

They will bill you first time you go to the Service Center.

RES IPSA | 18 septembre 2018

@ Alex... Gotta love the supercharger at Qualcomm (free). Just got to go early on the weekend or after 11 pm at night to avoid the crowded

garretn | 18 septembre 2018

Wow that is pretty good what if you never have to take the car in for service? Or you sell the car and the next person gets stuck with the bill. :)

RIP ICE | 18 septembre 2018

Um, why don’t you have a card on your account? Seems silły. Or dark ages.

terminator9 | 18 septembre 2018

I thought everybody had to put a card on file for the $2500 deposit when you configure?

SpeedyEV | 18 septembre 2018

@terminator9 The $2500 deposit is a one time payment. I did not authorize Tesla to automatically take future payments from the card. Anyway, this credit card is not on file on my Tesla account.

@RIP ICE is obviously trolling.

b.tesla | 18 septembre 2018

If you do have a credit card on file with your Tesla account, they'll usually charge your credit card within a minute of when you disconnect from the Supercharger. Without a credit card associated with your account, I'm not sure how much Supercharging debt they'll let your ring up before they cut you off. It is not something that I'd want to risk if I were in the middle of a road trip.

jjgunn | 18 septembre 2018

My thoughts exactly....

"Hey Tesla....just put it on my tab"

Like you're a regular at the neighborhood bar.

I'll bet once you get past $100.00 your car won't SuCh anymore until you pay up.

RES IPSA | 18 septembre 2018

I have heard that Tesla is pretty chill and good about waiting to charge you at the SC. I guess Tesla has decided that the optics (or mere logistics) of charging everyone's card once a month just doesn't make sense. That is one of the reasons I have hope for Tesla.

b.tesla | 20 septembre 2018

And snipped from this article is the limit:

"Furthermore, Tesla owners cannot let their unpaid balance for those fees, or regular Supercharging fees, exceed $50 or Tesla will block Supercharger access."

I'm not going to tempt fate, but can anybody confirm if they get blocked after $50 of unpaid Supercharger charges and/or fees?

SolArray | 21 septembre 2018

You know your vehicle is being recharged without your paying for it. Why not just be responsible and put a card on the account, or call Tesla and pay the amount due. You probably pay immediately for a grilled cheese. Tesla has made a huge investment in the infrastructure and only asks that we pay our bills.

laosuan | 21 septembre 2018

Isn't supercharging pretty cheap??

gmr6415 | 22 septembre 2018

laosuan: We did almost 2300 miles of driving on a long trip. The supercharging cost was $77.81.

ebmcs03 | 22 septembre 2018

@laosuan if you’re in TX. It depends on your state. CA is expensive. Just not as expensive as gas. It costs as much to run a Tesla on electricity as a Prius on gas.

I believe it should be half the cost to run a electric car over the Prius. But unfortunately it’s not the case in CA.

I hate it when someone tells me that Prius is just as cheap per mile to run as my model 3. I got nothing to shut them up. Other than the model 3 is way better car over all. But they still got me on the cost per mile argument. I want to be able to say electric is cheaper to run than any car that uses gas. Stupid greedy electric companies.

gballant4570 | 22 septembre 2018

ebmcs, just charge at home. No Prius can do that, and it should be a lot cheaper....

jb1120 | 22 septembre 2018

Ebcms: how many Prius owners can get free gas? Name ONE place. They can’t. On the other hand, there are literally thousands of free level 2 charging stations around the country.

SUN 2 DRV | 22 septembre 2018

Charge at home at Off Peak rates or better yet install solar and charge for free. Prius can't do either one.

I had a Prius once upon a time, great car for that decade but time has passed it by and Toyota's alternative fuel strategy just doesn't make any sense any more. They picked the wrong horse and milked the Prius for too long. Now they're way behind almost everyone else...

Andretti | 18 septembre 2019

Where do I add a credit card to my account to pay for Supercharger use? I don't see any place to enter this information on the Tesla website.

vincelorto | 18 septembre 2019

It saves whatever card you used when you made the downpayment

Resist | 18 septembre 2019

The Supercharger where I live in California is $0.28 kWh ($21 to fully charge), charging at home is $0.22 kWh ($16.50 to fully charge). Electricity is expensive in California and there's no reason for it other than greed. So you really solar panels to offset some of the cost for charging at home here.

Buzzkill | 18 septembre 2019

@ Resist Change your plan to a Time of Use plan and charge during non peak hours.

rehutton777 | 19 septembre 2019

My TOU plan in Orange County, CA is $0.13 per KW/h during non-peak times (when I charge). I recently calculated my gasoline-equivalent price per mile compared to gasoline at $3.50 per gallon. I calculated I have driven nearly 4,000 miles at a rate of 105 miles per gallon equivalent. That is three times better than what I got previously in my Toyota Camry Hybrid. Can Prius REALLY do better?

nammonammo66 | 19 septembre 2019

Supercharging isn't that expensive right?

Tyerc | 19 septembre 2019

Go into My Account on the Tesla website. There is a section for adding a paymsent method.

lbowroom | 19 septembre 2019

"Supercharging isn't that expensive right?"

In California it's more expensive that TOU rates in the evening but less than peak rates.

Syed.Hosain | 19 septembre 2019

@jb1120 "On the other hand, there are literally thousands of free level 2 charging stations around the country."

Yeah! I use the free ones at a local gambling casino - 40Amp chargers (with a Tesla plug - no adapter needed).

Although they do seem to be more occupied lately. I should stop talking about them! :)

Syed.Hosain | 19 septembre 2019

I should say "occasionally" for the casino - I sometimes go there for lunch, but do not charge for more than an hour.

My work also provides free charging for our EV user employees at the six Chargepoint stations in our parking garage. Not public access, since it needs a card to get in. These are shared 30Amp stations, so provide either 30 Amps to a single car or 16Amps to two cars when shared. Good enough for 23 and 12 miles per hour charging ...