Door Sill Scuff Protection

Door Sill Scuff Protection

Has anyone found any products to protect the plastic door sill (not the metal model 3 plate area) from shoe scuffs?

lilbean | 12 octobre 2018

I find that it’s getting scuffed from the door closing.

shwelch | 13 octobre 2018

Mine is clearly people not lifting their shoes up enough (including me). Coming from an SUV it takes a little getting use to.

Mzab | 13 octobre 2018

I just recieved a quote for $100 for an Xpel coating for each door threashold to prevent the same problem.

Sunergy-NJ | 13 octobre 2018
Sunergy-NJ | 13 octobre 2018

Sorry just re-read and saw you didn't mean the metal plate area. My bad. I'd delete the comment if there was any way to do so.

jcross.moto79 | 13 octobre 2018

RPM Tesla sells an Xpel Door Sill Protector

Cactusone | 13 octobre 2018

Best protection ... Remove all passenger seats :)

reedkeech | 13 octobre 2018
RES IPSA | 13 octobre 2018

I just pick up my feet because I hate the look of the scuff marks. Makes the car look used and un-kept. I tell my friends to be aware to lift their feet, and they think I am crazy. I gave one ex-friend and "OCTA" surprise (dropped him off at the bus stop).

Thanks for the suggestions above. The palce that my tint said they could not protect the black plastic part of the door sill.

Cactusone | 13 octobre 2018

Seriously, I’m having a hard time finding a product to protect the plastic portion of the door sill..
I already done the XPEL protection for the metal plate area. I had the installer cover the plastic part of the sill with a strip of XPEL as a test, but it did not look good. The plastic is textured, as a result it did not adhere well.

My next test is to try to cover the plastic sill area with some Carbon FIber vynal material I ordered..I chose Carbon FIber because I have wrapped the center counsel and door handles with CF to match the CF center caps and spoiler...

RES IPSA | 13 octobre 2018

And again, I cannot find a good way to protect the black plastic door sill trim. I guess I will just have to keep lifting my feet and alerting my friends to do that same. I don't care what they think. I love the car...

RES IPSA | 13 octobre 2018

@Mzab.... What area did you get the quote for $100?? I have yet to find a place that will do it in So Cal. $200 for just the front door thresholds is expensive, but cheaper than replacing the parts every 1-2 years

RES IPSA | 13 octobre 2018

@Cactusone... Sounds like you are ahead of me in this process. Good to know not to waste my time or money on PPF for the plastic threshold.

Let me know how the vinyl works out

Cactusone | 13 octobre 2018

Another option is to remove the black plastic part and have it professionally sprayed with bed liner coating. I had this done in a previous vehicle and it actually looked good and was easy to clean and never got scuffed...

It actually would scuff YOUR shoes so, it actually trained me to lift my leg over the sill..

RES IPSA | 13 octobre 2018

I have trained myself to lift my feet, but that can be tricky if in a tight parking spot.

wiboater4 | 13 octobre 2018

Wish they would have made that carpeted and the lower part of the door as well. May be able to put some on with contact cement.

jlsamsjr | 13 octobre 2018

I was worried I had scuffed the plastic door sill as well. I tried using CarGuys Super Cleaner, (, which I was using on just about every other interior surface, and it seemed to make the scuff marks disappear. Maybe it is just cleaning the scuff marks, but the plastic sills look like new. (Well, they are still pretty new, I picked up my Model 3 July 27th!)

jmccaull | 19 janvier 2020

If anyone else ends up here looking for this, it seems like you can just replace the trim parts for ~100$ each so it may not be worth worrying about