Rear View Camera - Low light

Rear View Camera - Low light

I am a new X owner and I am trying to figure out if there is something wrong with my rear view camera or not. At night or under low light conditions, my visibility is near impossible on my tortuous driveway. I never had a problem with my older non tesla vehicles. Is there some kinda of IR or nighttime mode the camera is supposed to switch into? The daytime images a stunning and very sharp but in lowlight I am flying almost blind. Thank you in advance for your comments and help.

lilbean | 13 octobre 2018

I think this happened after the update but I can't be sure because I didn't update. My Model 3 is very dim also.

paul | 14 octobre 2018

My 2017 MX with 32.2 definitely shows bright and clear nighttime images.

markcohen | 14 octobre 2018

My rear view screen is fine after 39.6. It is hard to be SURE, but I don't notice a difference.

sometimesjoe | 14 octobre 2018

Mine is the same after the update. When there is no exterior ambient lighting, it gets dark, ie no street lights. It brightens up when there is lighting. This is on a 2018 with V9. My 2016 didn't do this.

Vawlkus | 15 octobre 2018

Before and after v9 my rear camera display was more than bright enough to use at any time of day or night. Check the lens and see if it’s clean maybe? Failing that, it might need a service center trip to replace it.

tesla | 5 janvier 2019

We have the same safety defect - the backup camera is not illuminating the scene at night - in our new 100D. Did this ever get resolved for you? If so how? We brought it back to the dealer to fix and dealer claims the camera is functioning correctly, which if so is a designed-in safety defect, so I don't really believe them. | 6 janvier 2019

@tesla - Safety defect? Sounds a bit extreme. Cameras do not illuminate anything. There is a backup light when you are in reverse that does provide a little bit of illumination. It is not legal to have the backup light on when driving forward in the USA, so you're limited to other external light (and a tiny bit from the license plate lights). Not sure if are using it driving forward or in reverse.

There is always the rearview mirror too.

So the real question is the Tesla camera on your car different than other cars with rear view cameras in the identical location, time and area illumination?

ptux | 6 janvier 2019

Not OP, but yes I have the exact same problem. Porsche rearview and friends mode 3 all see just fine. My model x sees nothing but pitch black. Compared all 3 from same spot (well, next to each other) at same time.

amiodas7 | 7 janvier 2019

My Mod X having even worse problem. The rear view camera shows nothing but black screen with 2 lines since this morning. Bright daylight out there, but no picture. I just got the car 3 weeks ago. Any suggestions?? | 8 janvier 2019

@amiodas7 - Try a reboot. Hold both scroll wheels in until the main screen goes black. Will return in about a minute. Safe to do anytime.

smlus | 30 janvier 2019

I noticed the same.
The low light image quality of rearview camera in late 2018 Model X is worse than prior model year's quality.
I am worried if the camera module was downgraded due to the pressure of cost reduction.