Car delivered as "New - Previous service/demo vehicle"?

Car delivered as "New - Previous service/demo vehicle"?

I took delivery at Fremont 10-20-18 on a P3. Long time reservation holder from the very beginning. This was my third try. The first was a home delivery Tesla canceled the day before with a phone call. The second, another home delivery, was a Tesla no show. They had no explanation when I spoke with my rep. In Fremont late in the day after a long drive, and euphoric after years of waiting for my car, I did not carefully scrutinize the paperwork. I did see it was not very clean.

At home the next morning when I looked carefully at the car I saw fingerprints, scuff marks, the phone pad worn and usb cables installed, the charger cable loose and uncoiled in the trunk. So I went back and saw the "Previous service/demo vehicle" wording on my Purchase Agreement. I saw that I have no due bill for the spoiler and badge, and no supercharging (both of which my rep had assured be would be included).

I am not just missing the lack of a new car smell but concerned when I sell the car with this paperwork the "Previous service/demo vehicle" description will reduce the resale value. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any suggestions? Calls and emails to Tesla have produced nothing. Tesla says as long as it has less than 50 miles it is a new vehicle.

Teslaguy | 27 octobre 2018

You won’t get any help from the forum, sorry.

scherer326 | 27 octobre 2018

did the tesla rep mention this to you at all when you were signing the final paperwork. I would be pissed if this was not disclosed at the time. I would also not accept a demo/service vehicle unless there was a large discount involved. I am buying a new car, it better be new.

eyalzangi | 3 mars 2019

I ordered yesterday model 3 in the web for full price, and I got today the Purchase Agreement. It says also "Previous service/demo vehicle", the VIN is 2018 and not 2019 as expected, and mileage is 50. Of course no one mentioned it to me. I contact them and they said they will fix it tomorrow.

This is a fraud. This is not what I expect from such company. If they sell a new car for full price, they need to deliver new car. Demo car should sell for discount, and last year VIN even for higher discount.

I am not sure I want to buy a car from them now. How can I trust they will respect the warranty?

lbowroom | 3 mars 2019

All sales contracts have 50mi by default to cover moving it around. They have fewer miles on them on delivery. A demo car would have over 1000mi and come with a discount. It would still be considered new and would not affect warranty. No fraud involved. You're a retard, please buy a Chevy.

jomir_2006 | 4 mars 2019

I orderd a Model 3 on feb 28. Got a VIN number the next day, during loan application I noticed that the VIN was for a 2018 model but did not cared much. After getting the MVPA today, I see the car condition as a "New - Previous service/demo vehicle" and the odometer at 1385. They are trying to sell me a car with over 1k miles as new and they did not even mention it. Wow. I am definitely not taking delivery of that car. I just contacted my delivery specialist. Lets see what happens.

lbowroom | 4 mars 2019

Odd that it wasn't explained up front, but what will happen is they will get you a different car. Do you really think that you would have gone through the delivery process without it being disclosed or noticing? Like you said, it's on the MVPA. You can refuse delivery for any reason and furthermore return it for any reason.

Zsar | 24 mai 2019

Where does it say New-Previous service/demo vehicle on the contract?

wj | 24 mai 2019

Since it doesn't have any added miles then ii must have been a "showroom" demo.

CST | 4 juillet 2019

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FISHEV | 4 juillet 2019

"After getting the MVPA today, I see the car condition as a "New - Previous service/demo vehicle" and the odometer at 1385."

What's MVPA? Is there a site where we can plug in our VIN and get a report?

calvin940 | 4 juillet 2019


google: car report vin

A number of sites are listed with purported "free" reports. I don't know how much detail you can get for free, but there to checkout. I used one of them a few years ago to checkout the used Mazda I bought.

lbowroom | 4 juillet 2019

How many people make up the fishEV profile?

FISHEV | 4 juillet 2019

"A number of sites are listed with purported "free" reports"

Used CarFAX selling the Tesla and it seemed through to the buyers. Listed two dealerships trading the car to get to me and listed all the service visits which was interesting. I guess the car mfg's give CarFAX the info. Saved me from having to ask dealer to print them out.

But a free legal one would be interesting.

jammaioraz06 | 27 octobre 2019

What an "organization" Tesla is! Three weeks ago I ordered a Model 3 over the phone with a "sales " rep. Put down a $2500 refundable deposit. The next day I drove an hour to the "showroom" to take a test drive. I had a problem finding the "dealership" because it was in an obscure area. I spend an hour going over the the showroom model with the sales person. I thought I was then ready for a test drive. I was told they only had one Model 3 for test drive and there were four groups of people ahead of me. It was a Sunday - sales person never mentioned that Sundays are busy. I was not impressed with the dealership. Many cars in the service area waiting for service. There was a new Model 3 in the parking lot with a flat tire. Sales person said when the person who ordered it came in to take ownership, he noticed it had a flat tire. He left and that was several days ago. Didn't wait another two hours for the test drive. When I returned home I got on the Tesla forum and read all of these complaints about "fit and finish" and service department problems. I cancelled the order a few days later. The Tesla concept is attractive but production and service problems detract from it potential. Perspective buyers don't feel comfortable about making such an investment in a flawed product. I have owned two Porsche, three Corvettes and three Kia's over the past 20 years and NEVER had a fit and finish or warranty problems (unless they were factory recalls). Tesla has a problem between Elon Musk genius and the finish product when it gets to the customer. Sad!

WhiteWind | 27 octobre 2019

LoL you canceled car based on forum negativity, waiting time to test drive and flat on someone's new car? Mmm okey Sounds legit
Tesla doesn't have dealers. It's showrooms and service centers

Tronguy | 27 octobre 2019

Be cautious. Majorly negative post, FISHEV is involved (a known troll/astroturfer), and a zombie thread from a year ago. This may be FUD; we'll see if there's any further response from the OP or it's a one-and-gone.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 27 octobre 2019

“did the tesla rep mention this to you at all when you were signing the final paperwork. I would be pissed if this was not disclosed at the time”

It is certainly disclosed. They require you to sign an acknowledgement of the fact.

I bought a demo vehicle with ~6K miles in exchange for ~$4k. Here’s the form:

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 27 octobre 2019

“What's MVPA?”

Motor vehicle purchase agreement

spuzzz123 | 27 octobre 2019

2 Porsches, 3 corvettes, and.... a bunch a kias. Makes sense, lol.

Bighorn | 27 octobre 2019

Next up, scooter. Sad.

spuzzz123 | 27 octobre 2019

Notice he found a thread from Oct 27, 2018 to revive, making it look like a brand new thread at first glance.