Anyone in Colorado receiving the snow tires?

Anyone in Colorado receiving the snow tires?

Snow season is starting in Colorado. We will get our 2nd significant snow in 2 days.
I've had the M3 for 6 weeks now. I order the basic snow tires & wheels ($2000) 8 weeks ago. Haven't heard a thing yet from my queries to Tesla. Has anyone else received the snow tires?

howard | 29 octobre 2018

Sorry to hear you are delayed. I just had Michelin X-Ice XIE from Costco mounted on 18" wheels from Tire Rack for my P3D+. About the same money but it only took a week to get done.

howard | 29 octobre 2018

The was supposed to be X-Ice XI3.

jwins | 29 octobre 2018

I got Blizzaks through Costco. Took a few days for them to get the tires and another couple days to get on their schedule.

matt80206 | 29 octobre 2018

any issue with the tire pressure monitoring going through Costco? I read reviews and seems like i might still go with Perelle...

howard | 29 octobre 2018

It is my understanding that as long as the new TPMS sensors are compatible or they are the original ones you just put them on and wait. The car will eventually update on its own. I'll know for sure tomorrow as I am putting them on tonight.

jimglas | 29 octobre 2018

With a flat repair, It took about 15 miles for the sensor to calibrate

aurali | 29 octobre 2018

I just ordered Tesla's 20 inch snow tires through the service center, apparently the first one to ask/order them. Pirelli SottoZero IIs with acoustic... the service center wants 2k for them, but I got a service credit recently so it'll be a bit cheaper!

jwins | 29 octobre 2018

@matt No issue so far with monitoring from Costco mounted tires. It's been a week, so I think it's all good.

mgeiger33 | 29 octobre 2018

I have the 20" rims that come with the performance upgrade and am finding it nearly impossible to find snow tires for that configuration. Michelin makes one tire that would fit but it is back ordered and not expected in CO until November 30th or later. Anyone have any luck with either Tesla or anyone else in finding snow tires for that set up?

patriciajinohri | 29 octobre 2018

I just had Michelin X-Ice XIE from Costco mounted on 18" wheels from Tire Rack for my P3D+. About the same money but it only took a week to get done.

jrlevy | 29 octobre 2018

When buying snow tires, are you buying a separate set of wheels to mount them on or simply taking the existing tires off the wheels.

I'm all for getting a separate pair of snow tires but don't really want the added expense of another $1,000 in wheels too.

Big City | 29 octobre 2018

@jwins What Blizzaks did you get from Costco? I've heard that they need to match the speed rating of the Model 3.

howard | 29 octobre 2018

That is why I went 18". Easier to get and cheaper. I also like the taller profile and more sidewall impact cushion.

nwsrgilmore | 29 octobre 2018

MGEIGER33 - I ordered my 20' winter tires (Michelin Alpin) from Tire Rack. I received them last week. Still waiting on my 20" wheels though. I ordered them through EVWheels, or something like that.

jwins | 29 octobre 2018

Hey, @BigCity, I got the LM001, which has a V rating. That's what a Tire Rack specialist recommended, though for a bunch of reasons I opted to get them through Costco. I have the 18" rims and got the same specs in the BLIZZAKs as the tires that came on the car.

Kahn | 29 octobre 2018

i didnt go with the blizzacks due to weight .. they weight 27 lbs in 235-45-18 where the michelin xice 3 are much lighter.

howard | 30 octobre 2018

Took the 20s off and put the 18 Michelin X-ICE XI3 on last night. Drove about 3 miles and was notified that the wheels had been changed and prompted to select the new wheel size. After selecting 18" I hit reset and after a few minutes later was notified that they had registered. No other alarms but the psi is not being displayed yet. Have not driven it far enough yet.

aurali | 30 octobre 2018

MGEIGER33 contact the service center, they got snow tires in for the P3+ last week.

Rjgolf18 | 30 octobre 2018

I was looking to get the 18 inch winter tire and wheel package through Tesla but they are sold out. Any idea if or when they will be back in stock? Otherwise I would need to go to TireRack

coleAK | 30 octobre 2018

I’m in Alaska. I did not want the perillis that came on the winter tire package as I’ll only use Nokian (the best) winter tires. I tried and tried to get a 2nd set of the 18” aero rims and TPMS from Tesla with no luck. I ended up buying my Nokian hakka 9’s locally and rims and TPMS from tire rack. Everything went perfectly. I ended up spending $2200 but do far suppirior winter tires. The TPMS from tire rack work and the car synched then after driving only a few miles.

Rjgolf18 | 30 octobre 2018

Thanks coleAK I am not familiar with Nokian but I will check them out. I'm sure they have dealer relationships in PA

Standroid | 30 octobre 2018
Rjgolf18 | 30 octobre 2018

Thanks Standroid I reached out to a dealer about 20 miles from me for a quote.

mail.alan.alan | 30 octobre 2018

I got Tsportline wheels and Nokian Hakka 9s, which are studded. You can't do any better for winter. Personally, I always go studded because I live at 9,000' in Colorado. The studs don't help in snow, but on ice they are infinitely better. A couple times per year I hit black ice on the mountain passes up here and they have saved my butt each time.

The problem is that they are noisy, and don't perform well on dry pavement, so they are not for everyone. Up here, it's snow and ice almost all the time.

benichols | 30 octobre 2018

Well that's horrific if they are 8+ weeks behind. I ordered mine a month ago here in Colorado (no word yet). My tires have 7500 miles on them so I might just buy new winter tires at the local tire shop and have them put the winters on my 18" wheels. Then next spring when they need to come off will try to buy 18" rims for the Michelins.

wayne | 30 octobre 2018

I just had 20” Michelin Alpins mounted on my stock rims by Barnsley Tires in Boulder. Cost was $1300. I am very happy with them. Bought Tesla tire-totes to store the summer tires. Very cool. And, it’s snowing.

Pierogi | 30 octobre 2018

I’m curious for the folks who had the tires swapped out if the employees at the tire center / Costco knew how to drive the Model 3?

wayne | 30 octobre 2018

Barnsley does a lot of Teslas so they knew about everything including lift requirements.

jwins | 30 octobre 2018

@Pierogi When I went to Costco, I gave them a copy of the valet instructions that are lurking out there on the interwebs. They at first said, "We know about Teslas", but when I described what they need to do, they were very happy to have the little instruction sheet.

two9er | 2 novembre 2018

Having HAKKAPELIITTA 8's installed on after market rims today at Discount Tire/Boulder. Turnkey $2035
Thx @jwins for the valet inst:

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deshtrip2004 | 5 novembre 2018

Hi two9er, can you pls share which rims you got from discount tire for your P3D+ for winter ? I have a local discount tire here and wanted to check out if I can use a similar combo as you did. Thanks

Pierogi | 5 novembre 2018

Someone on here previously posted they did not get the Blizzaks due to their weight being more than the Michelins...I found that very interesting and after doing some online research I found the Blizzaks in the 235-45-18 to be the same weight (24 lbs) as the Pirelli Sotto Zeros on Tesla's website; the Blizzaks are 1 lb lighter than the All Season Michelins that come standard on the Model 3, and 1 lb lighter than the Michelin X-Ice tires.

I wanted to look into the tire weights due to concern if my winter tires were heavier, they may impact range.

two9er | 5 novembre 2018

This is copied from the invoice... Hopefully enough info to find them. Not a P3D+ but oh well.
59149 NRM 4 18 X8 5-114.30 40 DGGLXX .00 123.00 492.00

Kahn | 5 novembre 2018

that was me and don't know where you found contrary you need to go to the manuf. source.. her is blizzack info

and here

tire rack has wrong weight.. everyone else is 26.x

goto more tire details 235-45-18 are 26.3 lbs

here is michelins xice details

or here..

basically everyone has the ixice3 as 23 lbs.. and everyone has the lm001 xls as over 26.3 lbs

Kahn | 5 novembre 2018

that was me and don't know where you found contrary you need to go to the manuf. source.. her is blizzack info

and here

tire rack has wrong weight.. everyone else is 26.x

goto more tire details 235-45-18 are 26.3 lbs

here is michelins xice details

or here..

basically everyone has the ixice3 as 23 lbs.. and everyone has the lm001 xls as over 26.3 lbs

jwins | 5 novembre 2018

@Pierogi Nice detective work! And makes me feel better, having installed the Blizzaks. I went with those, despite being higher priced than the X-Ice, based on a comment from a guy at Tire Rack. Have been happy so far, though i can feel the diff from the all seasons.

Pierogi | 6 novembre 2018

@Kahn - thanks for posting the links. Seems like there are a lot of tire sites that have conflicting information. I've been very happy with the Blizzaks in the past and went with those on the Model 3. If the Blizzaks are 26 lbs, then they are only 1 lb heavier than the stock Michelins. I'll use that as motivation to lose 4 lbs of fat to make up the difference so there's no risk of performance loss in the Model 3.

CST | 6 novembre 2018

I have the X-Ice on my XC90 and they are very good winter tires. Plus, they drive pretty much like all seasons when you are off snow. They also have good tread lifetime. I live in the Bay Area and spend much of my time up in Tahoe and they are the perfect tire for someone like me.
You can Google studless versus studded winter tires, and Tire Rack has some pretty good videos where they tested the two types. The studless tires always out performed the studded tires because of the tire compounds being used on those tires. They did the tests on an ice rink. It seems backwards but you probably want to avoid studs.

two9er | 1 décembre 2018

I had winter tires built/installed by discount tire. Excellent service!
No issues at all with the TPMS.

24935 NRM 4 235 /45 R18 98T XL BSW .00 220.00 880.00
59149 NRM 4 18 X8 5-114.30 40 DGGLXX .00 123.00 492.00
80850 NRM 4 SCH 33510 TQ12 T10 315/433 EZ 6YR/72K .00 60.00 240.00
80384 NRM 1 WCA 14X1.5 SD 1.9" CL ZN 8L .00 55.00 55.00
The tire and/or wheel you have chosen is different from the original equipment provided with
your vehicle and may change its handling or stability characteristics.
Further information is available from your Discount Tire salesperson.

SUBTOTAL: 1,877.20
TAX: 158.43
TOTAL: 2,035.63

Zidarich | 1 décembre 2018

Anyone anywhere get their winter tire package yet from Tesla?

benichols | 2 décembre 2018

I ordered winter tire package (18") on October 1 and they were installed (in addition to replacing driver side headlight) on November 16.

ksrehman | 2 décembre 2018

I have the non Performance AWD LR. When the 18" Tesla winter tire package was Sold Out I ordered a second set of 18" Aero Wheels and TPMS sensors from Tesla, ordered Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3's online (Simple Tire) and had the Tesla Service Center mount and balance the tires on new wheels and remove my existing wheels with stock Michelin All Seasons. Total price was about $2000 but I think it's a newer and better tire than the SottoZero Series II. Low rolling resistance (= more winter range) is one of the advantages over other winter tires.

Any reputable winter tire (Blizzaks Michelin etc.) beats all seasons though in winter, RWD or AWD.

Pierogi | 17 décembre 2018

@jwins - which Costco did you use and did you have to provide the lift pads or did Costco have them?

@wayne - did you have to supply the lift pads to Barnsley? Or did they have the correct lift equipment.

Thanks in advance

jwins | 17 décembre 2018

Hey, @Pierogi! I went to the Costco in Superior, and I did not give them lift pads. I wasn't being brazen, I just didn't realize at the time that that was something I could/should do. They seemed conscientious, so I'm guessing they scoped things out. When I dropped it off, they said they'd worked on lots of Teslas, but when I described the differences in just getting in and out, they were happy I left that PDF sheet on how to operate it.

sdwcancol | 10 février 2020

I would like feedback from those who have Blizzak LM001's. I have been driving in Canadian winters for 40 years and Colorado mountains for 17. I have had at least 20 sets of snows mostly Blizzaks (lately WS 80's and 90's but also Xice, Goodyears best etc) and have never had anything as dangerous as the LM001's. On certain types of snow they are ok, if there is ice below, look out. Everyone on I70 was doing way better than I except for the rental minivan (OEM all season FWD) who was in equally as much trouble as I.
On calling Bridgestone they said the LM001 is a performance tire, recommeded for the M3 and that the rubber is a little harder than the cheaper WS 80s or 90's.
I'm taking back to Discount Tire tomorrow and if no luck, they may just go through the window like the little old lady does on the ads.
Aiming at Hakkas. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Oh, and I put the car into "chill" and "low regen" just to make less agressive in slippery conditions but still, it is dangerous.

sdwcancol | 10 février 2020

Oh, above comment is from dual motor M3

wayne | 11 février 2020

@pierogi Barnsley Tires see lots of Tesla’s and have the correct lift equipment.

phrrngtn | 11 février 2020

I ordered my winter tire package from Tesla in early December 2019 and I have not heard anything at all from the service center (Watertown, MA)