5 rapid tones, repeating 1-2 times

5 rapid tones, repeating 1-2 times

On a few occasions when driving our Model S, a rapid series of 5 loud tones is audible, sometimes repeating 2-3 times, as if it is some kind of alert. There are no accompanying visual indicators on the instruments that I can tell, and I am not sure that the tones originate from the car, from my smart phone (weather or "amber" alert?), or from my android tablet. Does the Model S make such sounds, and under what circumstances?

mvotb | 7 novembre 2018

It does something like that if you touch both pedals at the same time.

p.c.mcavoy | 7 novembre 2018

@mvotb - My experience is that touching both brake and accelerator pedal at the same time triggers a visual alert message on the instrument panel. There might be an audible alert, but I don't recall one and have seen the both brake and accelerator pedal depressed message on multiple occasions.

@mcdonalk - Sorry, I'm not sure I can recall every experiencing anything like you described. If you had said it was 3 rapid tones 3 times, then I'd be compelled to ask if you possibly had named your car "Sheldon".

akikiki | 7 novembre 2018

p.c. LOL. Best of the week.

BPSoCal | 7 novembre 2018

Frontal collision warning? Sometimes I get that while going uphill on my home street with cars parked on both sides. Pretty alarming. Look on YouTube for Tesla frontal collision warning and see if it’s the same tones.

mvotb | 7 novembre 2018

PC yes I thought maybe he just missed it, it doesn't stay up very long. But come to think of it, I think thats more like 3 tones maybe. I let a friend, that is a 2 foot driver, drive my car and he set it off multiple times. Does sound more like collision warning.

jordanrichard | 8 novembre 2018

I too am a two foot driver and I occasionally get that warning when my timing with my feet is off.. | 8 novembre 2018

There is an option in controls to set how sensitive the collision warning is. I keep it on Early, and don't get false warnings, but I don't often travel on roads with tight curves and parked cars on the curves. You might increase the warning distance. I suspect those that tailgate might also get the warning too, but no Tesla owner would do that :)