2017 Model S Daytime Running lights

2017 Model S Daytime Running lights

I’m sure there’s already a thread but her I go... any way to have the LED daytime running lights on at all times

EVRider | 12 novembre 2018

I believe daytime running lights stay on if you use the AUTO setting. If you live somewhere where daytime running lights are required, they stay on regardless of the setting.

SO | 12 novembre 2018

Yes. Set to auto.

Bighorn | 12 novembre 2018

There is a DRL setting last I looked. | 12 novembre 2018

DSL button was on older cars only, and may have gone away with v8 or v9. Not quite sure when it changed, but at least 2017 and newer no longer have the DSL button in the USA.

Silver2K | 12 novembre 2018

Our cars have DSL? I thought 3g or LTE only! | 12 novembre 2018

Opps! DSL -> DRL. Good catch Silver!

barrykmd | 12 novembre 2018

Silver - I have a large spool in the frunk for the cable.

Bighorn | 12 novembre 2018

Makes sense.

p.c.mcavoy | 12 novembre 2018

Do you possibly have range mode turned on? The DRL on the refresh version does not come on if range mode it on.

carlsonbe | 12 novembre 2018

Turn off those DRL if you get a thrill from hitting the pedestrians and careless drivers who don't notice you coming down the street in silent mode.

NKYTA | 12 novembre 2018

TT, still there, Controls - Lights - checkbox for DRLs on/off.

p.c.mcavoy | 12 novembre 2018

@NKYTA - It may be there for those with original front nose, but my mid-2016 refresh MS has never had a separate DRL on/off checkbox, and still does not with V9. DRL, or the LED brow around the outside, come on by default for US refresh models unless you turn range mode off, in which case DRL/LED brow do not come on.

Given @Fins states the question for a 2017 vehicle, I'm guessing they likely have range mode turned on.

p.c.mcavoy | 12 novembre 2018

sorry .... come on by default for US refresh models unless you turn range mode ON, in which case the DRL/LED brow does not come on.

NKYTA | 12 novembre 2018


No worries. I’ve got an ancient 2012 MS.

And now a ‘18 3.

No wonder I’m schizo. ;-)

muzquiz | 16 janvier 2020

I have a 2019 Model S Long Range. DRLs used to be an option in my 2017 MS100D but it’s no longer there in my 2019 MS! It’s still listed as a feature saved to my driving profile but, it’s no longer a feature that can be selected in the lights menu. Doesn't matter if I'm in Range Mode or not... Now, like said previously by another, the headlights turn off after 4 minutes of driving in daytime lighting. So I turn them to the on position because I think it’s safer to drive with headlights on. I’m willing to sacrifice a few miles of range to keep my headlights on. If they are going to take this option away, they should remove it from the list of options that are saved to individual driver profiles... I'd prefer they bring the option back!! How can we get this back?

EVRider | 16 janvier 2020

@muzquiz: Unless they changed something for 2019 cars, if you're in the US, daytime running lights are always on if you have headlights set to AUTO. There's no separate setting for DRL like there used to be. It might be different in other countries. | 17 janvier 2020

I also have a 2019 Model S (Performance with Ludicrous). With Lights set to AUTO, the DRLs are on if Range Mode is OFF.