Rear camera gone out

Rear camera gone out

The rear camera on my MX, delivered Sep with most recent software build, turned black the past weekend. It happened after starting the car in the morning after parking the whole night. It recovered after a system reboot by pressing the two buttons on steer wheel. But it happened again this morning. I wonder if other owners have experienced similar issues with the backup camera? Does it look like a software or hardware issue?

david | 13 novembre 2018

I have had this issue on my model X for the past year since I purchased it. I reboot the screen at least once every few days. When I first purchased the car, they said it might get resolved with an update but it never has.

MhoPower | 14 novembre 2018

I was able to resolve a similar issue with a rear camera replacement. But only after the service center was able to reproduce the issue while the car was in for service.

steve | 4 février 2019

I've had the same problem all of you describe and have had it into service 3 times, one time to replace the camera. Nothing worked. But now I think I have a fix, two fixes actually. One already mentioned is pressing both spinners to reset the car. But that's annoying. The other fix is to turn off the car every couple of days. (Controls/Safety & Security/Off) This seems to be preventative since my camera has worked since I started doing this. Please let me know if this works for you.

I noticed a correlation between startup time and the camera not working. When it took quite a bit of time for the car to start, the camera often did not work. Shutting down the car, I suspect, clears out memory and removes the bug that's causing the camera problem. After I turn the car off it starts much faster and no camera problem so far. I suspect it is like our computers: a reset (ctl-alt-del) is not as deep as turning a computer completely off, letting it sit for a few seconds and turning it back on.