$75/mth - Garage Charging NYC

$75/mth - Garage Charging NYC

Find it outrageous that my garage in Brooklyn is adding $75/mth to my bill to use one of the 3 Tesla battery packs for charging. I didn't spend $75/mth on gas before. Other garages in area are doing the same thing.

@Tesla - is there something that can be done about this? It really cuts into the total cost of ownership value prop for city owners...

jimglas | 19 novembre 2018

can you install your own 14-50 plug?

Tesla-David | 19 novembre 2018

That cost is outrageous and should be challenged.

Uncle Paul | 19 novembre 2018

Very steep!

EVRider | 20 novembre 2018

Unless Tesla subsidized the chargers in the parking garage, they have nothing to say about it. Even if they did subsidize the chargers, I don’t know if they can prevent businesses from charging a fee.

kcheng | 20 novembre 2018

@OP, To decide whether something is fair or not, you have to look at it from the garage's perspective. They have to charge your vehicle at NYC electric rates, AND, they have to buy, install, maintain, and insure the installation. That cost has to be amortized.

jimglas | 20 novembre 2018

look for a different garage

rxlawdude | 20 novembre 2018

Glad I don't live in NYC.

Yodrak. | 20 novembre 2018

Clearly many people do not understand how things are in NYC.

DanFoster1 | 20 novembre 2018

At home on my meter, $75 buys me about 1,765 miles worth of electrons; since you live in NYC, you probably don’t drive nearly that far per month, on average — ‘Tesla Surcharge’ perhaps?

rxlawdude | 20 novembre 2018

@Yodrak, I can imagine. Today's story on Vice News was the taxi owners' lament of Lyft and Uber eating their lunches.

A medallion that went for $1M (yes, you read that right - just for the "right" to own a cab) is now going for "only" $200K.

NYC is a nice place to visit. Expensive place to visit. Good deli. Central Park and Broadway. As a native Los Angelino, I could not see any joy of living in what is like (crammed housing, parking) San Francisco on mega-steroids.

But in fairness, I'm reminded that New Yorkers have an aversion to Los Angeles. Woody Allen in "Annie Hall" is illustrative. It's hard to go from hyperspace to mellow-chill.

DanFoster1 | 21 novembre 2018

I just ran the numbers from and my National Grid Bill: $75 buys me 2085 miles worth of electrons (about 18% better than the casual estimate I made in my post above.)

2015 Model S 85D; 91,124 miles

NKYTA | 21 novembre 2018

@rx, you just made NorCal sound sooo much better.

Thanks! ;-)

rxlawdude | 21 novembre 2018

@NKYTA, any time! :-)

Yodrak. | 21 novembre 2018

"NYC is a nice place to visit."

It was when I was young. Not so much now that I'm old. :-)

"Expensive place to visit."


"It's hard to go from hyperspace to mellow-chill."

New York and Los Angeles are two different worlds, but both are "hyperspace" in their own way. No big city is "mellow-chill", but NY and CA are two different countries, no doubt about that.

kenj | 22 novembre 2018

Some garages won't let you park a Tesla (Model S/Model X).

Unless you need to the destination charger daily, you would be better off just plugging into a 120v and charging when needed (maybe paying a fee for the use). Several public parking lots charge extra when using the EV charging spot - an be kind - use it if you are charging.