Paint Protection Film Idea - Door Handle

Paint Protection Film Idea - Door Handle

This M3P is my wife's daily and she has a tendency to wear jewelry...

At times this can be an issue with car doors creating scratches. So I asked our ppf guy to be creative and make a template for our four doors. You really have to look to see it.

hello | 30 novembre 2018

I guess I should state that he took the photo in the link at an angle and lighting so you could specifically see it. YMMV

Mike UpNorth | 30 novembre 2018


Mike UpNorth | 30 novembre 2018


RES IPSA | 30 novembre 2018

That is effective and practical... I thought about doing something similar since people on here complained about the handles getting hot. But after I go the car in August, I never had an issue with hot handles.

RES IPSA | 30 novembre 2018

I missed what you did on my first look at the photo... you protected the paint around the handle. very cool

BrianLeeS | 30 novembre 2018

Hmm... seems like something they could sell. I'd buy it since I see the issue on my wife's CX-5, so I know it will happen to our M3.

12Brent | 30 novembre 2018

I had the exact same delima, worried about kids scratching the doors trying to open them with stuff in their hands, wife's nails, etc. This led me down a long path which ended up with putting PPF on the entire doors... Which led to doing the whole car because I was already doing the entire front. Somewhat of an absurd outcome but I love not worrying about scratching the car when cleaning it.

Your solution looks good and was definitely more cost effective!

ebmcs03 | 30 novembre 2018

I cut 4 pieces for all my handles since June. Haha

hello | 1 décembre 2018

Thanks my ppf guys definitely delivered what we needed.

imcclellan | 18 juillet 2019

There are so many wrap products out there, but I can't find anything like the picture from the OP. Anyone have a line on some clear wrap for paint protection around the handles?

GrumpyinAZ | 19 juillet 2019

You can buy PPF in small quantities and make a template for the door handle. I'd make the template as big as the area you want to cover and apply the handle portion also....

abalsone | 19 juillet 2019

You can also PPF the entire door DIY pretty easily for about $100