Model X sensor display

Model X sensor display

Really like the display of the Model 3 with the display of vehicles behind me as well as in front and behind. Does anyone know if there is a forthcoming update for the X and/or S that will display something similar?

jimglas | 11 décembre 2018

My X shows vehicles all around me now

johnse | 12 décembre 2018

That display/sensor technology is in current firmware. Your Model X must have AP 2 (8 cameras) to have this feature.

Coldfire73 | 13 décembre 2018

....and V9 of the software installed too.

bob | 13 décembre 2018

and (on the MX) the rear facing camera is known to be the weakest link in the system. Frequently there are cars behind me that do not show up on the dash display.

jimglas | 30 janvier 2019

troll flagged

Triggerplz | 30 janvier 2019

flag # 2 | 31 janvier 2019

@bob - Not sure why you consider it a weak link. Rear camera is currently the least important camera for AP and showing a car behind you when it's 5 feet away may be interesting, but really has zero importance to anything.