Display reboots all the time.

Display reboots all the time.

I was supposed to pick my M3 on Dec 5, however during the walk through the display kept on rebooting and I refused delivery until the issue is resolved. I was assured the SC will check and call me for pick up. So I got a call from the SC that the issue is fixed and I picked the car on Dec 6. But the irony is they did not do anything, since I have picked the car the display reboot 8-10 times a day randomly. I have been in touch with my SC but in vain they just say it's an issue which the engineers are working to fix. It's been over 2 weeks now and the issue persists. The SC said others with M3 have the same issue however I have not found on any forum any such reports.

What is the next best step...I am not able to enjoy the car because of this random reboots

CharleyBC | 19 décembre 2018

Well, that’s unfortunate. I and others have had the odd, rare, random reboot. I don’t recall hearing of a pattern like yours. Maybe get it back to the service center. If it’s on their lot and in their way, perhaps they’ll be motivated to resolve the problem.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 décembre 2018

Can you explain further? Is the "randomness" occuring while you are driving?

007bond | 19 décembre 2018

Knock on wood I have never seen my display just reboot on its own. But that said I do know some cars have odd issues that are traced to weird combinations of HW and FW and they do fix them.

I think your next step is to make sure they are working to resolve your issue. They can easy download the logs and see what is happening so should not take much. If you think the SC you are dealing with is not helping you try another or just call support and try that. If you are really not getting a result there is an option in you Tesla account to contact a Tesla Executive, it takes a few days but you do get results. Just make sure you have properly worked with the local shop before you go farther. They very well may be doing everything they can for you already.

Broken1toe | 19 décembre 2018

Magic ... By randomness I mean, it's reboots when I start the car, while I am driving or even while idling. It can happen anytime. It does not follow a pattern. Sometimes even makes an errrr sound before restarting.

007 ... I have provided the SC with exact timing of the reboots for days so they can check the logs. But no resolution yet.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 décembre 2018

I have not read one report of persistent random rebooting before this one. Something unusual is going on. Have you asked if you can make an appointment to have it fixed? Have you asked them if it could be a safety issue?

sheldon.mike1010 | 19 décembre 2018

If you don't mind losing all your radio stations and settings, you
could remove your USB stick from the port and do a Factory Reset.
That has fixed minor things for me.

Passion2Fly | 19 décembre 2018

That’s not normal... I have 11k+ miles on my car and it never (I mean, never...) reboots without me pushing the two knobs simultaneously...

shawncordell | 19 décembre 2018

My screen has never randomly rebooted. So no, others aren’t having the same issue.

gballant4570 | 19 décembre 2018

I've seen one unexplained reboot in my car... it was on initial waking up, as in the car woke up, and then immediately went into a reboot before any other action occurred - so I'm not sure that counts.....

Your situation does not sound at all normal.

ksalberta | 19 décembre 2018

Broken1toe - I recall one other person on this forum some months ago who developed a similar problem. The Service Center had to replace something to fix it. Of course the source of your problem may not be the same, but if you have tried the power shut down in the Safety menu, and it is still happening, I would call Technical Support as well as the Service Center, and then if you get no satisfaction, do the Escalation thing from your online account.

It is not normal at all.

kevin | 19 décembre 2018

I've had one reboot since I got the car July 12. Something's broken if it happens a lot.

ODWms | 19 décembre 2018

Never seen a single unintended reboot in 2800 miles.

Broken1toe | 19 décembre 2018

Guess I will have to escalate. They don't want the car in, they keep telling me to wait for a software update. Also they have no ETA for the update. I was supposed to receive a call from the SC manager, did not get it. To me this experience just extremely terrible.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 décembre 2018

This story is very odd. I have never heard of TESLA saying do not bring it in and wait for an update.

TickTock | 20 décembre 2018

I had the same problem( ). Turned out to be poor Bluetooth connection. Try disabling BT on your phone (use the card to access and drive) and see if the problem persists.

degnan78 | 21 décembre 2018

I had the same problem with my M3 - multiple random reboots per day. Software updates did not help. Made an appointment with SC in Watertown, MA - they had the car for 5 days and ended up replacing the entire computer that controls the touchscreen (the MCU). Fortunately I had a loaner Model X while it was there, and now my M3 is great!

Definitely try to contact your SC again, and escalate it if necessary.

hpn | 21 décembre 2018

Mine rebooted as i drove out of a parking lot and was about to make a right turn at the light...the screen just turned Black....after 2-3 minutes, it rebooted itself back up.

then yesterday...came out to the car...screen was on then switch gears to Drive...screen blacked out again...and rebooted.

Don't know but my car just updated to 48.12 3-4 days ago. never happened to me before only after the recent update.

RedShift | 21 décembre 2018

I’ve had uncommanded reboots 2-3 times in 3 months of owning my Model 3. It’s no big deal anymore. I have had many more at times with my S, and I’ve become used to them. My S has been very stable last couple years.

Broken1toe | 21 décembre 2018

@Ticktock, I will disable Bluetooth and try it tomorrow.
@Degnan78.. they don't want to take it in.They saw it's a software bug which the developers are working to fix and have no ETA. I have asked you speak with a manager but no call back. It's extremely poor service.

arkreymer | 21 décembre 2018

Quite often since 48.12.1

arkreymer | 21 décembre 2018

Quite often since 48.12.1

Broken1toe | 22 décembre 2018

Update for all...the SC called and took the car in. They are going to replace the computer. Will update once I get the car back. They have given me a loner model s for the timebeing.

Bighorn | 22 décembre 2018

Sounds like MCU issue

Broken1toe | 2 janvier 2019 is still with service center since 22nd Dec. Don't know when I will get it back.

degnan78 | 3 janvier 2019

Glad to hear that the SC finally took your car in! Sucks that it's been there so long - no doubt the holidays played a part in that - but at least you can enjoy the Model S in the meantime...

Broken1toe | 9 janvier 2019

Another my M3 back. They replaced the computer and everything seems to be working. The only thing I find different is the steering wheel, it is much stiffer than it used to be. I tried all the different modes but still seems stiff. The loaner Model S I had was much smoother. Guess I am spoilt by driving the Model S lol.

Bighorn | 9 janvier 2019

So, the MCU?

Broken1toe | 9 janvier 2019

All of the below as per the document they gave me.

todds | 11 janvier 2019

I am having the exact same issue. Picked up my model 3 December 4th and started having the issue on day three. After several talks with customer service I took the car into the service center. They kept it for over two weeks (1/2 the time I’ve owned the car!!!) and finally told me it was a firmware issue and that I’d have to wait for the next software update. I picked up my M3 from SC a few days ago on January 8th and the problem is worse than ever. Rebooted ~ a dozen times driving home from work last night. I tried to escalate it through my online account over a week ago but no response!!! I can’t begin to express how frustrating this has been with what was my dream car that is brand new! I’m taking the car back into the SC tomorrow without an appointment, I will update results.

LostInTx | 11 janvier 2019

My 3 is experiencing an increasing number of reboots, always when I first get in the car. At present, it's about 3-4 times a week. Not a showstopper but a bit annoying.

Broken1toe | 11 janvier 2019


That's exactly what they told me. There is no software update that fixes the issue. Also when I asked if all cars have the same hardware and software why only a few cars are affect. They did not have an answer. For me replacing the computer seems to have fixed the issue.

beardend | 11 janvier 2019

I had a similar problem from day 1 of picking up the car in December. Rebooted more than once on almost every trip. Service originally ran the Dec software update, but the problem persisted. I was asked to note times when the reboots occurred (sometimes they included a buzzing noise before restart, sometimes not). After about a week, service let me know that the logs of the issue suggested I needed to replace the computer. I've had the car back for about a week - it is truly enjoyable to have the car work without a hitch. I totally sympathize with todds note above, it was a rough first few weeks with the dream car. I've had no problems for the last week - though today it hung up a couple times, but fixed itself without shutting down the screen. Here's hoping all of the issues find a fix.

rohitchopra2 | 14 janvier 2019

About my car 2 days ago with 3 day return policy. At the SC arguing about the same issue.

gmkellogg | 14 janvier 2019

Mine doesn't reboot "all the time", but it did over the weekend. I had just finished charging at the super charger and when I got back in the car the Tesla logo was on the screen.

todds | 19 janvier 2019

Wanted to update in case others are having the same issue. My saga of touchscreen issues (repeatedly rebooting) continues. I took my model 3 back to SC on 1/12, they again did a software update and intimated that if this didn’t work they may have to look at replacing the computer. Over the course of this week the problem has persisted & ive had the touchscreen reboot roughly 25 times while driving. So I find myself back at the SC this morning 1/19. They are providing me with a rental as the car goes through diagnostics to determine the next course of action.

It has been my experience that this problem began with a seldom reboot but has progressively gotten worse with substantially increased frequency. I have noted the issue with my online account clicking the option to escalate it to the “executive level” on 3 different occasions over the past 3 weeks and as of now have yet to here back from anyone via that route.

I love the car, but at this point can’t imagine being satisfied with anything less than replacing the computer, a new car or refund.

I will continue to update.

mikeeller | 19 janvier 2019

I am experiencing the same issue myself since owning the car for a month and a half. I am on 2018.48.12.1 d6999f5. Before, I was on 2018.46.2 8f8dc1b. BOTH updates have given me the random restarts and the buzzing sound sometimes. I took the car in and they said that it was a software issue and that there was an issue with my wi-fi and that it had only partially installed the software. This is so frustrating. I will have to take the car back in at this point.

mtccue | 31 janvier 2019

I am having the same issue and took the model 3 to repair twice and still having the same problem. It reboot more often than before. After the second repair, the service advisor no longer reply me. Even worst, they charged me $100 on my credit card for the loaner car without letting me know. I just find it by checking my account online. I have requested what was the charge for but no reply. Now my car reboot 3 to 4 time within 15 minutes window even with the latest 2018.50.6.4ec03ed version. I will request for hardware change (ECU, electronic control unit) on the next available service appointment. I have also filed a compliant and waiting for reply from Tesla. I will update my case. Please provide your update if you have any.

busky | 31 janvier 2019

Mine Reboots some mornings when I try to get in the car. I try to "wake up" the car from the app before I need to use it!

Lonestar10_1999 | 31 janvier 2019

my cue- you may want to dispute that $100 charge with your credit card company since you did not authorized it.

mtccue | 1 février 2019

Update. I went back to the SC about the $100 charge on the loaner car. The rental person said it was their accounting system need to put a charge on it and he has already refund the money. However, it will take two to three days to show up on my account. Hmmmm, why they didn't charge me for my first repair rental?

Lonestar10_1999 - Thanks for your suggestion. If I don't see a refund, I will dispute the charge.

craigwu70 | 16 février 2019

I had the same exact constant screen rebooting issues. When I entered my M3 to drive it home after purchase it immediately rebooted two times before I left the parking lot. From then on it would reboot several times in a 20 min drive. I brought it in to the SC in Jan and they said there was nothing wrong with the connection or diagnostics and that it was probably a software issue and to wait for the next update. Updating in Feb and the reboots continued, and seemed to get worse. Contacted a SC and they needed specific timestamps of when the screen was rebooting and suggested using my phone to take a picture (any picture) so I could look at the time stamps when I was done driving and give them an exact time so they could review logs. Tesla engineering ended up seeing from the logs of those timestamps that “a processor in the main computer just hangs and causes the screen to crash”. They aren’t sure why this happens, but they can see it happening so they recommended a replacement MCU. Just got it back today and no reboots so far.

mtccue | 22 février 2019

Update. Finally, the SC adviser contact me after I filed the complaint. My M3 went back to the SC for a week with their engineers working on it. The MCU was replaced and I have the car back for more than a week now. No more rebooting.

cosmicwarrior | 2 avril 2019

I got my Model 3 Standard Plus a little less than a week ago. On the way to work today while driving, the screen went blank and my music stopped playing, then the screen went blank and restarted. It was quick but it made me nervous. Is this something I should contact Tesla about?

gulizi | 4 avril 2019

alexomid83, you said exactly what I wanted to say. (same car, same purchase time, same symptom) At least we are not alone.

steve | 4 avril 2019

I've had the same issue since my car updated itself to 8.1. I'm more than a little worries about software quality at this point.

t.wright_5 | 18 avril 2019

have recently had this issue, have a mobile service appointment on may 9th to rotate the tires and fix it. spoke to customer support and they recommended a hard reboot for another issue which keeps persisting where 4 systems suddenly are disabled, then after driving for about 10 minutes all but 1 go away. im on 2019.9 8282d10 so i suspect its the software.

carem4 | 27 avril 2019

I have had this happen four times in the past two weeks. Am on 2019.8.5
Am getting frustrated and worried. I drive 40 miles to work, most on the interstate.

stillhall | 27 avril 2019

I also have this problem of flickering display and occasional reboot. I had a Live Chat with a service rep and they said it's safe to drive the car and that I'd get an email in a couple of days regarding this "firmware problem:. That was a week ago.

thenados | 29 avril 2019

I've had the same issue with my display shutting down while driving. It's been when I go to adjust the volume. Yesterday after a phone call my back speakers started to make a popping sound consistently. The audio is just popping and there is no bass. The tweeter up front are still working.

KSB@PDX | 27 mai 2019

I have the same problem, driving and my LDC screen starts to flicker and jump and then goes black. After 5 -10 sec the system reboots and finally comes back. I sent Tesla a message about this but I have not heard back from anyone, I have little confidence for this to just go away on its own.