Tesla app latest version

Tesla app latest version

I just saw in the latest updates that you could heat your seats from your phone if you had a recent version of the app? Is that the case and how do you download the latest version of the app?

wisam.alrawi | 22 décembre 2018

I just got the app yesterday. Usually it rolls out to users but not all at once. Android here 2018.48.12.1 (Tesla Software) is required.
Android App 3.8.0

SCCRENDO | 22 décembre 2018

Go to the iPhone store and search for the app. If you don’t have the latest version you can download it from there

jordanrichard | 23 décembre 2018

“3.8.0” is not Android specific. That is the version number for the app. I have an I-Phone and also see “3.8.0” as the app version.

Bus, go to the App Store and if you previously had the app on your phone, then the new version should be listed under “Updates”.

On a related note, it has been said by Elon that we would gain the ability to schedule service via this version of the app, but I don’t see it. Anyone else?

SCCRENDO | 23 décembre 2018

Yes its there

wisam.alrawi | 23 décembre 2018

"On a related note, it has been said by Elon that we would gain the ability to schedule service via this version of the app, but I don’t see it. Anyone else?"

I got it with 3.8 Update. I got a new schedule an appointment heading in the app. You tap it then it takes you to schedule your appointment (San Diego, CA Tesla owner)

Good to know about that the version is not a platform specific !

wisam.alrawi | 23 décembre 2018


I also got separate controls for heating the seats and steering wheels and back windshield.

jjgunn | 23 décembre 2018

Android phone. (Pixel 2 XL) version 3.8.0 - no option to schedule service appointment. Heating seats & steering wheel all good though. | 23 décembre 2018

Scroll up. It is the lowest feature.

jjgunn | 23 décembre 2018

Nope....I see "summon" then Model X & my VIN & miles - no option to schedule service. | 23 décembre 2018

Unlike wisam, I under "climate" I have regular heating via temperature, steering wheel heating, and individual seat heating for each of my five seats. I do not have windshield/defroster, wipers, or rear window controls. I have the cold weather package in my 2016 Model S.

jordanrichard | 23 décembre 2018

I got the seperate heating for the seats as well, but nowhere on my app is there a heading for scheduling an appointment. Where on the app do you see it? Is it part of the list:

I have the app version 3.8.0 and my car (if it is related/required) is on 2018.48.12.1

wisam.alrawi | 23 décembre 2018
I double checked and I'm just like you. Sorry for not being pr cise. I have only steering wheel and seats heating. But it would be nice to have access to the defroster.

Here are screen shots of how things look on my end (scheduling part and climate control)

Stankfish | 24 décembre 2018

jjgunn and jordanrichard Does your nearest SC support online scheduling? If not that would explain why you are not getting the schedule service option.

jordanrichard | 24 décembre 2018

Patswin, yes. I can schedule an appointment via my Tesla account.

Wilma.alrawi, thanks for posting the app picture. I would certainly have seen that if I had it on my app. Again, I have app version 3.8 and my phone is an I-Phone 6.

EVRider | 25 décembre 2018

@jordanrichard: You need to scroll down the control screen to see the Schedule Service option -- it's the bottom entry, after Summon. Since you didn't include Summon on your list, maybe that's the issue.

jordanrichard | 25 décembre 2018

EVRider, so you are suggesting that because I have a non AP car, that I don’t get the option to schedule an appointment via the app......?

wisam.alrawi | 25 décembre 2018

I would suggest emailing Tesla customer support and ask them directly. They are quick to respond.

harryy.ahmed | 26 décembre 2018

i can' t see the app on play store...

kcheng | 26 décembre 2018

On iOS, there were 2 versions of 3.8.0. My iPhone downloaded both. The first version didn't have the heated seats nor the service scheduling fields. The second version had both. So, if your phone isn't showing either, then, presumably, you're on the first version of 3.8.0

jordanrichard | 26 décembre 2018

Ok, so just how does one get the “second version”?

How are you seeing two versions of the app?

kcheng | 27 décembre 2018

@jordan, I got one v3.8.0 in the morning and one in the afternoon. At first I thought something was wrong, cause I had already updated it, but it occurred to me that I didn't get the heated seats, so I let it update again, and voila, I got the heated seats. So, there must have been two build versions of 3.8.0 in iOS, and I got both. I just check Software Update app in iOS, from time to time. All the apps are set for automatic update, but if you check, you can see that they update on their own schedule. You can update them quicker, if you manually check.

jimglas | 28 décembre 2018


jordanrichard | 28 décembre 2018

kcheng. Ya, I don't know what is going on. I just deleted and reinstalled the app and still no ability to schedule service...... I don't see how this would be a car specific thing. Meaning, it only be for say cars with the MCU2.

wisam.alrawi | 28 décembre 2018

Try to login into a Tesla app in any Android phone you can get hold off and see what happens.

The other thing is account specific issue. Shoot Tesla an email and see. They're responsive.

kcheng | 28 décembre 2018

@jordan, so looking at the app, it's showing Version 3.8.0 build(cd8cfd5a5)

PrescottRichard | 29 décembre 2018

Weird, I *swear* I saw the schedule service option earlier but yesterday it was gone.

Today it’s back, last in the list under ‘location’ as I have a 2013 S without a lot of the options y’all see.

This is on an iPhone X and the latest app version. I checked, the app didn’t get updated last night so I have no idea why it went away and came back.

So if anyone hadn’t seems the option, check again.

jordanrichard | 29 décembre 2018

Kcheng, guess what, this morning it showed up on the app. I don’t know what happened, but I now have the ability to schedule an appointment.

kcheng | 29 décembre 2018

lol, you can always check under software update, to see when it last updated. Maybe it updated last night. What bothered me, is that the app version for both apps, was the same, but presumably had different builds, but I'm not going to notice the build number.

bigdjshadows | 16 février 2019

I bought 4g Router for my Tesla car and have some problems with the connection. I installed the router to the car. I even can connect to the internet. Guys Here is a guide which I use to connect, But have some questions. I can`t to enter any site, I have an error "Disabled proxy server". Does anyone know how to solve it?

EVRider | 16 février 2019

@bigdjshadows: You're better off asking that question on a site where you can get support for router issues. It's not a Tesla-specific question.

SCCRENDO | 17 février 2019

@bigdjshadows. I have my whole house wifi connected because I have apps running pretty much everything. I need garage coverage for my Teslas and yard coverage for my pool and sprinklers. I have found that mesh routers are the best and never give problems. I use the google mesh router. They work out at less than $100 per router depending on how many you get and I am using 4 at this time.

oliviascott9393 | 2 mars 2019

Yes, with the recent update you can use the mobile application to turn your seat heaters on/off. You can also use it to adjust your steering wheel heater if that option is available. The app works fine both in android and ios.