Model 3, WIFI connection settings on router

Model 3, WIFI connection settings on router


Quick question,
My M3 connects to the internet via wireless, full strength.
I've called Tesla a couple of times about software updates and they say there is one scheduled for my car but my car hasn't connected to the Tesla server.

I'm not quite following, car gets audio, connects to my wifi when at home, etc. If Tesla pushes the update to me, I get it.
So, wondering if there is something my router or firewall software is doing to block whatever the car wireless needs to talk to the Tesla servers.

Are there special ports I need to open, firewall rules I need to create, etc. Is the car going into some crazy deep sleep mode, if so, how do I stop that? How do I keep wifi on in the car, when the car is powered down and plugged in?


jonathan.hall2 | 7 janvier 2019

I should add, I have an ASUS GT-AC5300 Router.. more options than you can shake a stick at.

jrzapata | 7 janvier 2019

Any chance you can create a guest WiFi and have it out of your firewall rules? Then connect the car to that one

jjt2122 | 7 janvier 2019

can you try an experiment for me? Turn your bluetooth off on your phone overnight when u are at home and not expecting to drive. let me know if you get the update.
but when you leave your car for the night, restart the car by pressing the 2 scroll wheels until the car restarts. then turn your bluetooth off on your phone over night, it might take a few nights for the update to come through. but test this out for a a few days and see if that works.

njchillie | 8 janvier 2019

There is no special router configuration needed. Try connecting the car directly to your router via Ethernet instead of wireless. Or better yet, just wait. It will eventually come and then you'll forget about it.

foodking | 8 janvier 2019

Since getting the car, I receive updates 1 week after people start reporting a new update no matter where it is. It's usually home or at a SC overnight but i've gotten updates at both locations a week later. When navigate was being pushed, I told my wife we'd be able to try it on the way to my sister's and sure enough, the night before i left it was updated. I just assume everyone gets thrown into a queue and they just go down the list.

roger.klurfeld | 8 janvier 2019

When your car goes to sleep the WiFi connection shuts down. The car wakes up when it is pinged by Tesla's servers via LTE. Once it wakes up, the car reconnects to WiFi. If I'm right, and I think I am, you need both a cellphone connection (AT&T) and a WiFi connection to get updates at your home.

terminator9 | 8 janvier 2019

I also get updates after a month people start reporting it. Sometimes more than that. I have a strong wifi signal but also have ASUS router as the OP noted. All the other internet connections from the car don't show any sign of issues. My VIN is in the 46000.

jonathan.hall2 | 8 janvier 2019

Created a guest network.. let's see if that does the trick..
Would be nice if Tesla had something on the account page essentially saying "FIRMWARE xyz awaiting download" or something to that effect to let us know there is some type of connection issue.

Better yet, we can manually request the latest firmware versus waiting until our "magic" number comes up.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 8 janvier 2019

I strongly suspect that there is nothing we can do to force a software push. According to my Stats App, only 24% of the app users are currently running 2018.50 in their M3. Yesterday it was around 20%. Currently 60% are running 2018.48.12.1 (I'm in that group). Patience. Have a good wifi signal. It will happen.

CST | 8 janvier 2019

Actually, there is one guaranteed way. Stop at a Tesla Service Center and park the car near the service area. You'll receive an update the same day when you re-connect to WiFi back home.

jonathan.hall2 | 8 janvier 2019

Created a guest network.. let's see if that does the trick..
Would be nice if Tesla had something on the account page essentially saying "FIRMWARE xyz awaiting download" or something to that effect to let us know there is some type of connection issue.

Better yet, we can manually request the latest firmware versus waiting until our "magic" number comes up.

Kahn | 8 janvier 2019

Also if you have dlna servers could be an issue. Go sit in the car with heat on in garage for 1/2 hour. See if wifi stays connected or disconnects. If disconnecting that could be your issue. I put a separate access pt. In garage on a separate sub net .

tucsonsims | 8 janvier 2019

I agree that the guest network is the way to go. Its always good practice to keep your IOT devices separated from your home network whenever possible. Make sure to enable the 'isolate guests from LAN' or similar setting in your router.

gballant4570 | 8 janvier 2019

You can get the updates with no wifi connection. I have yet to connect my car to wifi, and I have gotten 3 software updates. I do get them a good bit late though.

stevenmaifert | 8 janvier 2019

If the media streaming services (Slacker and Tune-in), Google Maps, and the browser are working okay while connected to your WiFi, I doubt there is a router issue. Chances are the car just hasn't polled the Tesla servers for that update and I have no idea how to make it do that manually, if that is even possible.

jjgunn | 8 janvier 2019

How do you plug the car in with Ethernet instead of wireless?

sheldon.mike1010 | 8 janvier 2019

wondering -do you plug the cat5 cable into the cigarette lighter to obtain Ethernet instead of wireless connection?

planetary | 8 janvier 2019

I don't have good LTE coverage where I live, but my car has excellent wifi signal. I've only owned the car since December 29th, and have not received (I don't think) any updates in that time.

At work, I have excellent LTE, but no wifi.

...Any predictions about how this will work? :)

hassan | 9 janvier 2019

I got a notification via the Tesla iPhone app yesterday before anything showed up in the car.

This is my 1st update via WiFi which was much faster than the prior two via LTE. It took a month before it finally connected to my hidden SSID. No issues connecting to non-hidden networks.

dangerl7e | 14 août 2019

how did you connect to your hidden SSID? I have yet to have any luck with that. My router at home is too far to have reliable signal, but my work WiFi is hidden.
I tried to replicate WiFi signal with a portable router, but it works intermittently

roger.klurfeld | 14 août 2019

When your car goes to sleep it shuts down the WiFi connection. I don't think you can alter this behavior. To wake it up, the mother ship sends a signal to your car over LTE. Once your car wakes up, it can reconnect to your WiFi network. Putting it on your guest network will have no effect on this. But mine is on a guest network for security reasons.

At least that is how mine has worked.

kutoroff | 14 août 2019

I use a hidden network and have no problems with updates or the configuration. I also use MAC address filtering, I recall turning it off to initially connect the M3, once I did that I was able to identify the M3 MAC address and set that up.
Also, I get notifications from the App first (there is a setting for this in the App) and they seem to come clustered around the 21 to 23 of the month.

rasinas | 15 août 2019

If your guest network still doesn't work try this. When you are out and about and have a good LTE connection open the software page in your M3. Leave it there for a little bit. I did that once and when I first opened the page it said I was up do date but moments later it said there was a software update ready and for me to connect to wifi to download it. Could of been a fluke for me but worth a shot.

goodspeeffffd9633 | 18 septembre 2019

Have you tried resetting your router settings? If you don’t know how you should check this article , there is a lot of useful information regarding routers. If this doesn’t work, try to connect to other wifi, to check if the problem is in your wifi. If it doesn’t connect to any wifi, maybe it is the problem with your firmware, if so you really should ask a technician.