California license plates wait time

California license plates wait time

How long does it take for the license plates to arrive in the mail? My M3 was delivered on Dec 19 (Bay Area).

ken.lunde | 8 janvier 2019

We picked up our first M3 at the Fremont Delivery Hub on 09/25/2018, and its CA license plates arrived on 10/15/2018. Our second M3 was delivered to our home on 12/18/2018, and we're still waiting for its license plates.

Tesla_Dad | 8 janvier 2019

@lunde Thanks!

surfpearl | 8 janvier 2019

Regular plates arrived within a month (SoCal), personalized ~3 months.

dmanincali | 8 janvier 2019

My M3 was delivered to my home in Menlo Park on Nov 30. Had the plates by Dec 20.

jjgunn | 8 janvier 2019

Should be 4-6 weeks for regular plates.

Personalized plates in CA took about 4-5 months

lilbean | 8 janvier 2019

5 months for my personalized plate.

kensyo | 8 janvier 2019

I got my m3 on 12/4 and received my plate on 12/4 ( Bay Area also). Now waiting for my final contract!

kensyo | 8 janvier 2019

I got my m3 on 12/4 and received my plate on 12/24 ( Bay Area also). Now waiting for my final contract!

TranzNDance | 9 janvier 2019

Two weeks for sequential plates, 8 weeks for personalized plates.

KellyJ | 9 janvier 2019

3/1 Model 3 reservation placed
3/1 Personalized Retro plates ordered
9/?? Notified to pickup personalized plates
9/31 Car delivered
10/10 Sequential plates arrived
10/18 swapped sequential for personalized

RES IPSA | 9 janvier 2019

I got my regular plates within 2-3 weeks from delivery in San Diego

lbowroom | 9 janvier 2019

About a week longer than usual. For some reason they go to tesla first, get put into an overshipper, and Tesla mails them to you.

Ruebs | 10 janvier 2019

My sequential plates took about a month and I'm in San Diego. You should be getting yours any day now!

sbeggs | 10 janvier 2019

Plates arrived at sixteen weeks , after I had canceled the car.

Finkle | 10 janvier 2019

Picked up @ Fremont Dec.7 still hasn't arrived as of Jan. 10, must be the holiday and such.

ken.lunde | 10 janvier 2019

Follow up on my post from earlier, the license plates for the M3 that was delivered to our home on 12/18 arrived in today's mail (01/10).

etrotter | 10 janvier 2019

Mine came today, January 10, with delivery on December 17, for a total of 24 days. Curiously the plate number begins 8C,which I would have thought might have been issued back in March or so. I see 8H on the road. Just odd to me. But I’m kinda odd too, so who am I to question? :-)

jnduan | 10 janvier 2019

My model 3 was delivered on 12/20, and got the plate today in the mail. The number starts with 8G.

Tesla_Dad | 12 janvier 2019

Happy to report that I got my plates as well on Jan 11 (Dec 20 delivery).

wildguess | 21 octobre 2019

Picked up my car mid-September 2019, got the plates after 4 weeks and 4 days (California)

wildguess | 21 octobre 2019

The number starts with 8LZU (lazy you!!!)))

paul2pilot | 8 février 2020

I took delivery of the Model 3 on Dec 29 and as of today, Feb 8, I have not received the sequential plates. I'm a bit paranoid since I need the registration card before March 17 to get the SCE rebate. Anyone know how to check on progress? Thanks.

sheldon.mike1010 | 8 février 2020

Call the DMV and verify that in fact they've processed your payment and that there aren't any outstanding renewal requirements.

mjmonsada | 13 février 2020

Got my model 3 on 12/28 and as of today 2/13, nothing yet.

paul2pilot | 13 février 2020

I finally got my plates yesterday. So, it took just over 6 weeks. When I spoke to DMV, the representative told me Tesla did not submit the paperwork until Feb 1, so 4.5 weeks of the delay was on Tesla's end.

mastkudi25 | 18 février 2020

picked up model 3 Rocklin Tesla 12/31/19, the delivery agent told me 2 weeks for DMV plates to arrive. No registration or plates from DMV still on 2/18/20. Well past 6 weeks. Called Tesla Rocklin 3 times (2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks). They verified that they sent in the documents when I took delivery. Now paul2pilot's info from DMV makes me wonder if they indeed sent in the documents or they're still sitting on them at Tesla. Will call for the 4th time tomorrow. When I called the DMV today, there was a 1.5 hour wait to speak to an agent :) So I hung up of course.

carlclaunch | 19 février 2020

I picked up a model 3 on Jan 30th and the plates arrived on Feb 18th.

mikeluu52 | 19 février 2020

picked up 12/24 in costa mesa and got the plates on 2/5.

Ian-TelsaM3 | 19 février 2020

3 1/2 weeks. San Diego

infofiles | 19 février 2020

Picked up M3 on Dec 29, 2019
DMV registration issued Feb 7, 2020
Plates received in mailbox Feb 18, 2020.
Filing for Carpool decals tomorrow.

rhorwitz | 19 février 2020

Got mine just under 4 weeks after delivery of the M3.