Range in warmer weather

Range in warmer weather

I just picked up my Model x in late December. Mileage seems less than stated. I was aware of the cold weather affect. Can someone give me an update in warmer weather conditions what to expect? Model 75d

jimglas | 24 janvier 2019

range will increase in warmer weather. Battery will no need to be warmed up and yu will not use the heater or seat heaters.

jimglas | 24 janvier 2019

range will increase in warmer weather. Battery will no need to be warmed up and yu will not use the heater or seat heaters.

rjrc | 24 janvier 2019

Definitely should help. I know some people have said they have exceeded range expectations in the warmer weather. Just curious. Love the car.

jjgunn | 25 janvier 2019

Stop driving at 85 MPH & stop flooring it there, Speedy Gonzalez.

I have the 100D & colder weather has definitely used a few extra % due to heater, seat heater & limited Regen vs. July when it was 80F or more outside.

45 MPH is the ultimate Hypermiling speed

raffidesigns | 25 janvier 2019

One of the reasons I tell not to buy a Tesla during winter months is due to loss of range. They’re expecting to perform the same tasks as they did with their ICE cars and realizing it doesn’t work.

However those who have purchased Tesla’s during winter, I advise that you will lose a bit more range and battery. Pre-hearing the car roughly 30 min to an hour before driving.

I do also have the 75D. When I initially took delivery, range was at 211. During winter I get between 207-209. I drive 65mph on the HWY to work (all season) and consistently get between 300-350 kWh.

yabouzaid | 26 janvier 2019

Lives in Florida, model x 75D ,if using AC while 80-85 degree out, battery rate will 15% less on milages ,if no AC , u will get 100% of the battery , however during winter 60 degree outside and using heat it does consume more battery about 20%, car does better on the city than the highway

jjgunn | 27 janvier 2019

I have to laugh at some of the posts.
in an ICE did you calculate your gasoline by ounces? Did you use a few more ounces of gasoline during the winter months or even more during the summer months, with AC cranking away?

Energy is energy. - gasoline or electricity - you're going to use more during extreme temps both cold & hot to keep the comfort we all enjoy.

Drive your Tesla & enjoy without worrying about your efficiency. Life's too short.

starojam | 29 janvier 2019

See Tesla's link about cold weather to max range.

Saxman | 3 février 2019


I totally agree with you when driving day to day, around our homes.

However, driving between TX and CO, twice a year in winter vs summer, and from sea level to over 10,000 feet elevation I am very mindful of my efficiency.

Life is too run out of battery and be stuck in the middle of nowhere :)

sschaem | 5 février 2019

If its really hot the discharge rate will be dramatic as the battery will be actively cooled when parked.

I had a test drive model in august and the cooling system would kick on every few minutes, and its "loud". (Not harley loud, but definitely louder then a ICE car on iddle)

I haven't had my own X in summer, but no way I would park it long term in an uncovered parking spot.

wluk | 8 février 2019

try turning off the heat and heated steering wheel and seat, you will get under 300wh/m. I just tried it yesterday but it was freezing driving with no heat. :)