Backup camera not working

Backup camera not working

My backup camera is completely black now (even though 2 lines guide are still there when in reverse). I've tried:

1. Press 2 scroll wheels on steering wheel to reset
2. Press 2 scroll wheels and step on the brake pedal till the Tesla logo appears on the screen
3. Safety & Security -> Power Off

None of these work. Any suggestions?


Teslaguy | 28 janvier 2019

Yes.....take it to service

dgw | 28 janvier 2019

I had the exact same thing happen one day last week and did the exact same troubleshooting, also with no luck. Went to bed thinking I would be calling service in the morning, but next morning it was back to normal and have had no issues since. Gremlins.

dhliu | 28 janvier 2019

Same thing happened to me tonight as I was taking my kid back home from class. I did the two scroll button hold reset and still got the black screen with no picture, just guidelines. Decided to just back up and turn my head like the old days and went on my way.

I’ve had this happen once before and it seems like just a random occasional glitch. I’ll bring it up during my upcoming service, but chalk it up to another anomaly.

M3phan | 29 janvier 2019

Same here. Did the same troubleshooting as you too. Lasted a day. Next day, no probs. No probs since. Although it does seem to be a twitchy piece of equipment. Mine occasionally takes a couple seconds to turn on sometimes. When I go in soon for rotation I’ll have them double check it for anything loose.

erin | 6 avril 2019

Had the reversion camera problem. Did as suggested by other , holding down ..buttons etc . Worked perfectly .
Pleased for this forum as we have no service here in South Island nz

rmlee | 6 avril 2019

Have a drink, go to bed, and tomorrow it will work.

elecfan2 | 6 avril 2019

Mine is broken too as well as all autopilot functions, emergency braking, speed limits, automatic wipers. Nobody will believe me and Tesla won't help.

tbd2001_01 | 7 avril 2019

Yes.. Mine is still going blank for about 5 seconds then it works..

Also I got into car this am, display was on.. When I switch to "D" the whole display screen with blank/black. Had to reset it .....

noel | 28 avril 2019

I bought the car yesterday and just after 230miles. All sensors is not working, No backup camera, No Auto Pilot. We are bringing Model 3 back to Tesla.

swa5606 | 29 avril 2019

Can you find out if you have the lates hardware by the vin number.

AJC | 30 avril 2019

Same scenario as dgw.. Could not get picture on screen even after 2 warm (scroller) boots and a power down.
Made SC and mobile service appointments and resigned myself to waiting several weeks w/ no backup camera.
Disabled autopilot and went to bed. Next day camera worked fine, Get occasional error message about blind spot sensor blocked.

docmsr | 17 mai 2019

Delivered my car on March 29. Since then, at least every 3-4 days or less I have no backup camera, blindspot or basic autopilot. It is now May 17th. Had service twice, had updates delivered, (now have 12.1.2) and nothing has stopped it. Rebooting methods don't work at all. I am bringing it again on May 20th to service after Tesla tech said he will send my service center some possible instructions to solve problem. I am going to pursue a lemon law grievance if nothing is solved soon. It's just not acceptable to lose these safety features that are expected and required by law (rearview camera) in all new cars.

lbowroom | 17 mai 2019

Noel, weren't you complaining about rear door safety operation of your car back before Christmas?