How long to wait for HOV sticker in California?

How long to wait for HOV sticker in California?

I sent out HOV sticker application in 12/26, the check is still not cashed yet. How long did you wait until you get yours? Should I be alert since I sent in through priority mail. Should I call DMV?

Thanks in advance. | 2 février 2019

You didn't say what state. I think it took about 3 weeks for me in California, but perhaps they are backed up from the year end.

jerrykham | 2 février 2019

So since you said California (sorry @TeslaTap - couldn't resist since it was in his title - grin), it usually takes about three weeks. However they have been backlogged with a bunch of people converting their 2017 white stickers. My brother in law sent his in at the end of November and they didn't cash his check until January 2nd. THEN the stickers were apparently stolen from his mailbox. He called and called and they wouldn't talk to him about it until it had been 30 days since they sent them. Finally they have agreed that they must be stolen and he is working through the re-issue process. DMV claimed there is a hot black market in them. | 2 février 2019

Back to reading school for me :)

jinlu88 | 3 février 2019

Thank you for the info, I guess I have to be patient since there was so many people rushed in to buy Tesla 3 at the end of year, also like @jerrykham said a lot of converting case. Thanks again.

JPPTM | 3 février 2019

CA DMV Special Processing Unit is backed up 30 days--just getting around to end December applications.

ens | 21 février 2019

Mine took about 47 days to be cashed ... I mailed my CA HOV sticker application in on 1/2/19 for my new S, purchased Dec 2018. Check was cashed 2/20/19. Hope it will be received in the mail this week.

PK2018 | 1 mars 2019

M3 purchased 12/14/18
Plates received 1/9/19
Mailed in HOV application 1/10/19
$22 Check cashed 2/28/19

ens | 7 mars 2019

Update to my 2/21 post.
Mailed CA HOV sticker application on 1/2/19
Check cashed 2/20/19
Finally received stickers 3/6/19*
*(registration paperwork lists application as Received 2/22", meaning they are not deemed received until they actually process the application, even if sitting there for two months)

rh529 | 8 avril 2019

Mailled application 2/4/19
check cashed 4/3/19
Still waiting.

iamjahnke | 6 mai 2019

I called spoke with California DMV. As of 5.6.19, they are processing requests received the week of March 11. So expect it will take a minimum of 60 days from when you submit everything to get your sticker.