Tesla Dashcam can record videos from side cameras in latest update

Tesla Dashcam can record videos from side cameras in latest update

Read in the news that Tesla Dashcam can record videos from side cameras in latest update. This is the new anti theft deterrent.

My question is, is this going to be available in Model X with AP 2.0? Anyone knows?

kirk_nason | 15 février 2019
packpike | 15 février 2019

That article says vehicles after Aug 2017 aka HW2.5 vehicles, not HW2.0.

Teslapalooza | 15 février 2019

Bummer. Elon must have figured people who bought prior to August 2017 are immune to car breakins. Go figure.

Feel a bit short changed. I paid in advance for EAP and AS and my car has the 8 cameras, yet they cannot offer this security update for my car? Don't get it.

packpike | 16 février 2019

I feel you too. My MX was produced in Aug 2017, so I missed it by days or weeks. My MS was May 2018 so it will get it.

Ramsonmulhimdds | 18 février 2019

Do we happen to know when the software update will be available to download for Model X?

COrich | 19 février 2019

The dash cam feature requires that the car have at least the 2.5 version of the main computer. The side cameras were added to enhance the dash cam capability. The original computer just isn't fast enough to record in real time for even the front-looking dash cam without the additional side cameras.

Teslapalooza | 20 février 2019

Got it @COrich.

Elon had once tweeted that the MCU computer can be upgraded if the owner wishes. That was a year ago. He is now completely mum about it. It probably costs a pittance to change the MCU computer. They should offer it at least to people who plunked down $5K for EAP+AS without getting anything in return for over 18 months, and even after that wait got only a part of the functionality. I feel it is unfair for them to deny the security updates and quote the MCU computer as the reason.

mathwhiz | 20 février 2019

Teslatap commented on possibly upgrading the desired dashcam feature into HW 2.0 cars:

I will also mention that, adding a labor intensive task to an already slammed service operation would be a questionable move, to put it mildly... So, I can understand why Tesla isn't supporting it at this point.

mathwhiz | 20 février 2019

Oh and, I would think Elon probably wishes he hadn't tweeted that tweet. :~

Teslapalooza | 21 février 2019

@mathwiz, thanks for sharing that link. I do understand that math and beancounting are important for a company, but so is not pissing off customers who have put substantial money and faith in their top of the line cars. There has to be a balance. You don't shortchange customers on security updates especially at a time when breakins are on the rise. If they can't change the MCU, they got to figure out a way to offer the security update with the existing MCU.

mathwhiz | 21 février 2019

This quandary isn't new... Technology moves ahead, especially for Tesla with their policy of adding enhancements when they're available rather than waiting for the next model year like other car manufacturers do. And I also know well the wanting aspect for new owners... Shortly after I took delivery of my Model S in 2014, I got invited (and attended) the dual motor and Autopilot launch party...

But in this case, I think Tesla made in pretty clear when the Dashcam feature was originally introduced, that it required AP 2.5 hardware. Now, when they added the software changes for Sentry Mode (very cool but) I didn't expect the requirements to magically change. Perhaps when the AP 3 neural net accelerator chip upgrade program gets underway for purchasers of Full Self Driving, those AP 2.0 owners may receive support. (Might be a good bet for my current Model X.)

But in the case of features like Dashcam and Sentry Mode, owners left out can always add an aftermarket dashcam and also purchase the Tesla's Enhanced Anti-Theft option.

I agree that Elon's tweet muddied the waters STS, but it's certainly not the first time.

mathwhiz | 21 février 2019

Also, I realize it's more expensive than a simple USB flash drive but, I can personally recommend Calibred Customs as a top quality installer of dash cams for Tesla owners. If you're so inclined, I think you'll find no shortage of positive testimonials from his customers in Tesla forums, both here and at TMC. They installed a 4-way system in my Model X, and I was super impressed with Johnny's quick and professional work; and they come to you...

Rumi11 | 25 février 2019

Mathwiz is right - Calibred Customs is awesome! As far as the Tesla dashcams, it is a cool feature, but I wouldn't pay big bucks to upgrade a system to support them. For less $ you can order the best dash cams out there and have a reputable installer like Calibred Customs install - AND RETAIN AUTONOMY OVER YOUR VIDEO!
No brainer.

Teslapalooza | 26 février 2019

That is probably a good solution. But you have to pay for as long as you own the car for the subscription to teh service that stores the video footage and allowing access to the data on demand. Is it not?

I still want Tesla to offer a solution - be it swapping out the MCU or some other solution.