Firestone cannot perform wheel alignment: 7 month update

Firestone cannot perform wheel alignment: 7 month update

Went to Firestone hoping to purchase the lifetime alignment only to be told that they don't have the specs to work on the model 3. I'm pretty bummed because Firestone has always done a great job on any of my alignments and the shop is walking distance to my office.. Any suggestions for a place to go to? I had mobile service out a few weeks ago, they didn't say anything, but my front tire tread wear is uneven according to the tech's notes. SC is over an hour drive for me and from what I've gathered online is pretty expensive to have done..

jamespompi | 22 février 2019

The tech at Firestone said they have the info to do S and X, but nothing for model 3.

jamespompi | 22 février 2019

I'll give it a try! thank you

rxlawdude | 22 février 2019

Any chance that V2 suspension post December '17 may have changed those specs?

kevin_rf | 22 février 2019

Good to know, when I had my tires rotated at 8k, the tire place pointed out some excessive inside wear on the front passenger tire. Guess a trip to Dedham may be in my future.

jamespompi | 22 février 2019

@rxlawdude Good point.. Maybe someone with the updated suspension can give a print out, or @lbowroom
can confirm what springs he has.
Firestone still said no, but it may be helpful for another shop..

httran26 | 22 février 2019

Funny. I had my car aligned at Firestone with the lifetime alignment. They can only adjust the toe for both front and back.

jamespompi | 22 février 2019

@httran26 lol that's great. There's another one close to my house, I'll call and ask them.

jamespompi | 9 septembre 2019

Follow up to this, my tires are in pretty bad shape now with 28k, really need to get new ones soon. I figured if I gave it some time these tire companies would maybe catch up. Not at all. Seems like no one in town will touch my car (seems to be some bad omen when I say Tesla). I guess paying Tesla a ton to do it and driving really far is my only option this time around.

shekargn | 9 septembre 2019

Tesla charges you an outrageous $125 to rotate your tire. I don't know whether they do balance. For a car that is one year old, we have to spend that much money. Tesla have to look at the service charges and come up with a better rate. Good luck.

TexasBob | 9 septembre 2019

@shekargn "Tesla have to look at the service charges and come up with a better rate."

I think Telsa is trying to tell you something with these outrageous rates for tire rotation: don't bring it to them. They do not want to tie up very scare service center resources with maintenance work that can be done most anywhere (OP's local Firestone problems notwithstanding, people have been getting this done at Discount Tires, Costco, etc.). I think this is exactly the right strategy for Tesla - to "overcharge" for things that can be done by others in order to free up capacity in SCs for the work that only a Tesla expert can do.

jamespompi | 9 septembre 2019

@TexasBob They are. They literally dont want to do it, they told me to go somewhere local, just sucks that it doesnt seem to exist. Firestone's and others are uneducated. Told me theres special tools ETC, its total BS, I have a car lift myself, theres nothing uncommon about the struts etc.

TexasBob | 9 septembre 2019

@jamespompi - It is ridiculous that the local guys won't do it. I ran into a local guy here who was nervous about lifting the car (that was before I bought the little jack pads) but beyond that there is nothing unique about the vehicle. I swear some of these garages are acting this way because they see the writing on the wall with EVs destroying their business and they are intentionally making it difficult. (Probably an absurd conspiracy theory, but it sure feels that way some days.)

jamespompi | 9 septembre 2019

@TexasBob Yep, the exotic vehicle excuse died with the Model 3 as well, these places need to hop on before they miss the boat.

kevin_rf | 9 septembre 2019

I think it's more fear of vehicles they have not previously worked on. Last spring I took the car in for detailing, they got equally squirrelly about it... all they had to do was move the car into the bay and open the doors.

jamespompi | 9 septembre 2019

Agree, Tesla could provide some education or material to help, but they also shouldnt have to.

Kathy Applebaum | 9 septembre 2019

No problem with taking it to my local Big O for rotations and alignment check. They don't charge me for it, either -- not sure if that's because I've been a customer for a billion years or if it's because they are (incorrectly) hoping I'll go through a set of tires every 10K miles.

jamespompi | 10 septembre 2019

Firestone's twitter account got back to me, seems like its almost a stores digression to what they choose to not work on? They opened a case for me, I hope it works out.. Firestones lifetime alignment deal is such a good deal at around $150 I believe.

CharleyBC | 10 septembre 2019

@jamespompi, while you await satisfaction from Firestone, have you considered other options? Not sure what’s close to you, but folks have happy stories from America’s Tire, Costco and others. I’ve had good luck at our local Costco.

guydurrett | 10 septembre 2019

Hi have a new Model 3 Standard+ Has anyone confirmed that the alignment specs for my car are the same as those posted for 2017 model above?

unagi1302 | 10 septembre 2019

I have the same model I didnt see any of that or experience.

rxlawdude | 10 septembre 2019

Costco doesn't do alignments.

AWDTesla | 11 septembre 2019

At this point, I'm not sure I'd want Firestone to do the alignment.

jamespompi | 11 septembre 2019

Ive contacted all of the chain tire places that perform alignment to no solution. FS's regional manger got back to me after the social media claim and just said they dont work on them. No explanation as to why.

@AWDTesla I know, I was being hopeful because of their lifetime program and how much work they've done for me in the past.

jordanrichard | 11 septembre 2019

The real reason is they clearly don't have trust in their mechanics to not screw things up by misplacing the jack pads. when it comes to putting a car on a lift, a car is a car. Do they freak out when a diesel Jetta comes in vs a gas version? There is no difference between a gas car and an EV when it come to putting up on a lift. So, I would point blank say to them, " you have no trust in your mechanics to put a car on a lift?" I would also raise my voice a bit so that others around you can hear you. Basically shame them.

AWDTesla | 11 septembre 2019

What kind of alignment machine is lifting the car?

jordanrichard | 11 septembre 2019

Whoops, for some reason I lost focus of what the thread was specifically talking about. Though my point still stands, body and suspension wise an EV is no different than a gas car or a diesel car. So I would still publically challenge them on this. Every garage likes to tout that their have "expert ASE certified" technicians. Use that against them in front of the people in the waiting area. If they are "ASE certified experts", why can't they do a simply alignment. Hell if I had an alignment rack, I could do an alignment.

jamespompi | 11 septembre 2019

@jordanrichard Totally agree, thats how I started my conversation with them.. Theres nothing special about model 3 suspension.. At the top of this thread @lbowroom provided the alignment specs. Guess its more a corporate policy item than trying to shame a garage manager with these chains.

I havent really tried any small shops, I probably need to go talk to them in person with a spec sheet and jack pads in my hand..

h2ev | 12 septembre 2019

I just rotated the tires myself at 16k miles, and found the same problem as with @kevin_rf - worn inside edge on front passenger tire, plus worn inside edge on rear driver tire.

I posted about it a few days ago here before seeing this thread. I have some pictures of the tires in there. My passenger side tire is probably too far gone now. Since I've rotated them I'm hoping I can get to 30k miles before worrying about the alignment when I need to replace them all. Owned many other cars before, never one with excessive inside edge wear on opposite corners before.