Seat material 2016 perforated seats

Seat material 2016 perforated seats

Hi, does anyone know what kind of material the black 2016 perforated seats are made of. Tried doing alot of searching but couldnt get a clear answer.
Is it full animal leather or synthetic or mixed ?


lilbean | 26 février 2019


Passion2Fly | 26 février 2019

The 2016 seats are higher quality than the later updates. First, they’re genuine leather and second they’re ventilated and cooled. This feature was removed on the later models due to cost savings...

Tropopause | 26 février 2019

Performance models have the perforated seats nowadays.

Lindstrom.k.henrik | 26 février 2019

Thanks for the answers! | 4 mars 2019

While I have leather, I don't agree with @Passion. The newer ultra-leather type material is a bit better than the leather previously used. It's softer, should last 10x times longer and is very hard to stain. The cost is actually about the same as real leather, so cost was not the reason for the change. There was some pressure from vegans to make the change, but I also doubt that was a significant reason. The new material is just better in just about every way than leather.

The only downside (for those that like it) is no leather smell for the first 6 months or so. After 6 months, the leather smell is gone anyway. Of course you can fake it with leather scent, but most I've tried are truly awful and smell (to me) nothing like leather.