How many of you are getting fed up with 5 and 6 months to repair your Model X. I am, every time I call the repair shop, part are not in so they cannot give me an estimated time to completes repair. So far 4 month and counting and March will the 5th month. Elon is a genius so why can we not get repair parts.

jimglas | 26 février 2019

Any specifics or is this just the usual FUD

davhud62 | 26 février 2019

they have to replace the bumper, passenger front fender and hood. Been waiting for parts since November.

eric | 27 février 2019

Couldn’t agree more. Took delivery last week. Here is the list of things that were wrong.

1. Driver for doesn’t close right
2. Dent on falcon door
3. Voice command doesn’t work
4. In AP volume wheel doesn’t reset nag
5. Second key FOB doesn’t work
6. Cargo false floor had piece missing
7. Rear seat won’t recline
8. Rear Trim piece has glue on it.

To top it off. Saturday I went to close a falcon door and for no reason whatsoever the glass piece that doesn’t move shattered.

Took it into service Saturday and all they could do was make me an appt for the Monday. It’s now Wednesday and they don’t even have an ETA on any parts. What can be done about this?