Tesla autopark problem

Tesla autopark problem

I have been recently trying to check if autopark works and turns out when i drive through a empty parking lot with speed around 5mph and it doesn’t detect the parking spaces. Usually it shows a parking spot behind the steering wheel screen and then on the 17 inch touchscreen it says autopark ready i haven’t gotten this ever to work? Can anyone help me

Stankfish | 26 février 2019

As the friendly manual states, there needs to be a car on each side of empty parking space to work. :-)

Falammd | 26 février 2019

Thank you patswin

Dean | 27 février 2019

I recently purchased a used 2016 Model X P90D and I’m trying to release the max speed limit mode and it is asking me for a Pin #. I don’t have the Pin how do I get past this or find my Pin?

jimglas | 27 février 2019

troll flagged

Vawlkus | 28 février 2019

Dean: either get it from the previous owner (if you know them) or take it into a service center and explain the problem there. You might be able to get this taken care of over the phone, but I kinda doubt it.