Tesla autopilot speed restricted to 45

Tesla autopilot speed restricted to 45

So i drive on autopilot and the speed limit is 50mph and when i try increasing the speed to 50 it says speed restricted to 45mph how do i change that speed to go to 50mph?

davhud62 | 26 février 2019

You may want to check your setting for auto steer

Falammd | 26 février 2019

What about my setting?

mathwhiz | 26 février 2019

Try having a look at the current Owner's Manual...

You may have neglected setting your Speed Assist (page 116).

Falammd | 26 février 2019

It still didn’t work

Stankfish | 26 février 2019

It will allow you to set it up to five miles above speed limit. Is your car picking up the 50 limit or by chance is it saying 40? That would explain why it’s limited to 45.

Falammd | 26 février 2019

It’s doesn’t really show anything

Stankfish | 27 février 2019

If your driving on that road and there is no traffic aware speed showing to left of speedometer it will go to default speed of 45 I believe, although I can’t find anything in manual that says that.
Other reasons it would not go stated speed would be gps database incorrect or outdated. Driving in area where gps is not available.

COrich | 27 février 2019

If the nav system "thinks" there is no speed limit, the auto-pilot will be limited to 45 mph. But, you probably shouldn't be using auto-pilot on this stretch of road anyway. The cruise control will still work though.

Uncle Paul | 27 février 2019

I have this sometimes when driving on a curvy back country road with poor lane markings. Autopilot defaults to 45 as a prudent measure.

I simply switch back to manual.

jjgunn | 27 février 2019

Also, if the speed limit is 40 MPH, you will be limited to 45 MPH Max on AP. If speed limit is 55, you will be limited to 60 MPH, etc.

Occasionally it will let you "cheat" & go more.

NV4NV | 28 février 2019

This did not happen to me in the past, but it has started to happen following a recent software update.
It does NOT happen when driving on a four-lane divided highway.
It DOES happen when driving on a two-lane highway with traffic in the opposing lane.
It seems to happen most when the camera encounters a new speed limit sign with a lower posted rate.