If you purchase the 3k FSD upgrade will you also get the 3.0 Computer upgrade when available?

If you purchase the 3k FSD upgrade will you also get the 3.0 Computer upgrade when available?

if you purchase the 3k FSD upgrade will you also get the 3.0 Computer upgrade when available?

When someone gets a answer directly from Tesla please post.

Marzipan | 1 mars 2019

yes, that is what my rep told me

uknowinvu2 | 1 mars 2019

Yes 3k FSD upgrade yields you AP3 hardware. Definitely Teslas new computer not sure if cameras/sensors need to be replaced.

dave999z | 1 mars 2019

Does that include people who buy FSD for $3k after delivery?

Magic 8 Ball | 1 mars 2019

When you buy FSD you buy everything that is needed for FSD, whatever that is, and there is no more upcharge for anything after you buy it.

lunde | 1 mars 2019

Prior to yesterday's change, adding FSD to an existing M3 that had EAP was $5K. What is the price now for adding FSD to an existing M3 that has EAP? I am asking about what actually shows up in one's Tesla account.

hamiltonned | 1 mars 2019

lunde: $3K

Mcdubjr | 1 mars 2019

I took delivery in Nov. Mine now says $3000 for FSD. Used to say $5000. I didn't notice the option at first today because I had to scroll the shop to the left.

ajbutler45 | 1 mars 2019

@lunde My account shows $3,000 to upgrade now too.

EVRider | 1 mars 2019

If FSD requires hardware upgrades in order to work, anyone who paid for FSD will get those upgrades at no additional cost. That's what Tesla has said in the past. It doesn't matter when you paid/pay for FSD.

That doesn't mean Tesla won't increase the cost of FSD in the future (for those who haven't paid yet) to cover the additional cost of hardware upgrades.

lunde | 1 mars 2019

Thank you, everyone.

nvjx | 1 mars 2019

I called customer service and the rep put me on hold and verified that it included the hardware upgrade. It cost me $ 3000 plus sales tax the same price I would have paid if I bought it with my car on Feb 2 2018 - so I am a happy camper.

nvjx | 1 mars 2019

Happy tesla owner.

dalesmith1962 | 1 mars 2019

Since FSD requires the new computer hardware that is certainly so.

dmanincali | 1 mars 2019

Shows up as $3k for both my M3P (delivered Nov 30, 2018) and my X (delivered April 2017)

M3phan | 2 mars 2019

As updated on Tesla’s blog, current EAP owners can purchase FSD for $2K. Will take a few days for system to reset from currently showing $3K

terminator9 | 2 mars 2019

There is no clear definition of what Tesla's FSD is and Tesla just lowered the bar (does not say that it includes point-to-point self driving anymore). It also does not say anywhere that hardware chip is included. Tesla can easily claim that what they are now calling FSD can be achieved with current hardware. And then offer a "really-true-FSD-Level-4/5" for $x later.

dgstan | 3 mars 2019

Term - That's exactly what I'm afraid of. If FSD isn't really FSD anymore, does it require new hardware? I guess we'll wait and see.

Is there anywhere on Tesla's site that details exactly what the new AP and FSD contains? My page still lists the $4k and $7k price with limited info on what those package actually are.

I've seem summaries on the forum, but not full details from Tesla.

Wormtown Kris | 3 mars 2019

I don't think they can fully say what FSD "is" because it is still evolving and they probably don't exactly know. And even if/when full, true autonomy is possible, (set your destination and take a nap), it might take a LONG time to get government approval to release it to the public. Tesla got a lot of criticism for some claims in the past that took longer than they expected, so now, rather than being over-optimistic in their promises, they are taking a vague and conservative approach.
But it does seem that "Enhanced Autopilot" is going away and from here forward, AP will be primarily their robust TACC and AutoSteer, while most autonomous features added going forward will probably be FSD products. Stop sign/stop light awareness will *probably* be FSD not EAP, but I don't believe that's been spelled out yet.

Goldie | 4 mars 2019

Im all in for FSD for the 2k only if we get the 3.0 hardware upgrade when available. Does anyone have a communication from Tesla saying it would be included?

kriss01 | 4 mars 2019

Not ready to pay $3k extra when my car dropped by $1k in a week January purchase for LR AWD. Enhanced AP is still beta for all practical purposes unless you are driving on highways with clear lane marked and no construction. Additionally , AP tends to be in the middle of the lane too close for my comfort when overtaking trailers. It should adapt to slightly different config ( default middle of the lane) while overtaking vehicles.

richmond1508 | 4 mars 2019

Am I the only one who finds it odd that a company as large as Tesla does not put in writing on their website what FSD includes? If they are truly offering an upgraded computer chip (including installation), why wouldn’t they say so on the web site? Why do we have to look back at old Elon tweets to see what is being offered?

I asked this question to Tesla sales a few days ago and was told that FSD only includes the software, not the hardware. So my experience with Tesla so far is that if you don’t like the answer they give you, call back again and you’ll probably get a different answer.

j.nichol | 4 mars 2019

Where is the info coming from that FSD requires new hardware? I had ordered an EAP M3 and was debating whether to cancel and just get the FSD, and I was told it's just a software difference and that the software would be updated on EAP.

I chose to cancel and reorder anyhow just to be sure I was getting FSD now and for future updates, but is there actually a hardware difference?

weluvm3 | 4 mars 2019

"Am I the only one who finds it odd that a company as large as Tesla does not put in writing on their website what FSD includes?"

Because -
1. They don't know because they haven't figured that out, yet.
2. They don't want to commit to anything anyplace in writing, in case they change their mind.

wallacej010 | 4 mars 2019

I'll let you know ;-)

cascadiadesign | 4 mars 2019

I have the same concerns:

What exactly is FSD? Yes I know it will evolve. But what exactly is it expected to be 6-12 months from now? For example, will it really bring you the car from the parking lot, or only if the car is in line of sight? I ask because I think optimistic folks like myself tend to fill in the blanks when Elon tweets.

Will FSD take me point-to-point (Highway & street level) within 12 months? Yes, I know - keep your hands on the wheel.

Is a hardware upgrade (HW3) for sure included? Or will they re-define or dummy down FSD to work with existing hardware in older models.? Where is this officially written? (Tweets don't count) In other words, will my July 2018 Model 3 upgraded to FSD operate just as well as a July 2019 Model 3?

How long are these latest upgrade offers good for? With no further info, I have to assume "Until further notice".

I know - I really shouldn't have to ask these questions, and just go by what Elon has tweeted in the past. But as others have stated, what is so hard about spelling it out on the website? Basically, the actions of the last month or so have made me skeptical of what I assume from reading snippets of information.

dgstan | 4 mars 2019

I hope it gets sorted out soon. At least, if they want my money, they'll need to officially spell it all out. I don't mean "what exactly is FSD" - no one knows that. What I need to know is whether purchasing FSD now entitles you to a hardware upgrade along with all the future FSD updates.

My fear is that in 6 months, Tesla will unveil their new FSD+ package for another $3000.

Hal Fisher | 4 mars 2019

I decided to wait on the full version and just get the AP. They will have better hardware probably every year. And i just don’t need it, or trust in town. It would be a pain to tell it where im going all the time too. I wish it could advise on speed to go to catch all the lights but know that’s not currently possible.

cascadiadesign | 4 mars 2019

" ... My fear is that in 6 months, Tesla will unveil their new FSD+ package for another $3000."

Don't give Larry Ellison any ideas! No joke - I used to work for a Corp that installed an Oracle ERP system. The man is shady. Oh, you want your new software to work? You'll just need to purchase our latest upgrade.

billlake2000 | 5 mars 2019

cascadia, doncha know that's how ya get filthy rich?

senojjones | 19 juillet 2019

I just upgraded my Model S 75D purchased last year, June 2018. It costs $6,000. Not sure why it was so much. Apparentlly the cost is going up next month again.