How many Early adopters (2018 buyers) feel cheated with current pricing model? Add your number

How many Early adopters (2018 buyers) feel cheated with current pricing model? Add your number


The vehicle I own, costs ~4.5K lower (including tax and federal incentives)..
The Autopilot add-ons are more expensive vs. for 2019 buyers..
I took a plunge knowing very well the build quality was yet to improve.. and I regret it for the first time today

dgcan75 | 1 mars 2019

+1 based only on AP pricing. We should have a one time option to purchase the AP "lite" package at the order amount and not the after order amount.

tianhaovictoria | 1 mars 2019

+1 5k lower than my purchase price. not happy at all.

raphaelfils | 1 mars 2019

We should be allowed to purchase at the original after delivery prices and packages we were promised. It has changed 3 times since delivery with no promises it won't change more.

jmiday | 1 mars 2019

I felt the price was fair when I purchased. Today, I received news that my car will have more range and accelerate faster than when I purchased it. That makes this car a better value for me than when I purchased. What other car does that? I couldn't even get my home address to show up in my 1 year old BMW Nav system without plunking down $500 for a Map CD Update.

What I think is unfair is that Tesla owners seems to follow the future purchase price and complain about it to everyone else. I see commercials all the time about other car dealers having end of year blowouts and employee pricing. I wonder if they have to deal with people walking in asking for refunds.

ben | 1 mars 2019

+1 I put down my reseveration more than 1 year ago for the standard model. my old car start to break down. I need to replacement. I am not rich, so I wanted to buy standard range. but website said 4-6 months. I couldn't not wait 4 months, so I bought the long range AWD less than a month. No, website say standard model deliver 2-4 weeks.

I paid $51k(LR AWD) instead $35k. yes, it is a much better car, but $16k is big amount. Telsa had change timeline from 3-6 months to 4-6 months over course of my waiting. So, I have to buy the LR.

that is why I am pissed.

kallian | 1 mars 2019

Cheated = Federal tax credit.
Next time do the same complaint to FORD who has a SALE for the same crappy car during presidents day sale.

coleAK | 1 mars 2019

Put our deposit down a few years ago. Ordered the LR AWD within a week of it becoming available to order. Received it in September. No way do I feel cheated. If it was half the price I paid wouldn’t feel cheated. I paid what I paid when I bought it, that’s it. Anything after that is up in the air. I think Tesla messed up when they refunded the $5k for performance, it opened the door for unrealistic expectations.

Pepperidge | 1 mars 2019


Teslanene | 1 mars 2019

I want free super charging for life

gballant4570 | 1 mars 2019

All you entitled crybaby whiners please go and jump off a bridge. I paid $60k for my Tesla, but would be happy to see the same car available today for other buyers at $40k or some other lower figure - you choose.


Magic 8 Ball | 1 mars 2019

-1 I feel cheated by those that whine about the opportunity to be an owner earlier rather than later.

Bought Aug 2018 and am happy more are going to be able to afford to buy in. Go TESLA!

WantMY | 1 mars 2019

Sweetie , it is only half way through. Get ready to be a sour grapes till the January 2020, when all those feds rebate are gone forever. Only then it would settle on true market price Models 3 are worse. Until then get yourself a pile of lemons and get ready to suck on lemons for next 10 month. Folks who ordered yesterday will be in the same boat as losers like you are right now, just a bit later and your sour will double. Just look what happening with upscale models of S and X, Tesla trimmed price by whooping $18,000 yesterday on top of other drops earlier. So rebate expirations was a pure hype and a lot of triggered itchy fingers losers bought into it, Musk:3 vs. Losers:0. Stay strong for a few loosing rounds coming soon, lol

hamoody_99 | 1 mars 2019

I got July 2018, also feel cheated.....ill take the regular auto pilot and would feel better....anyone had any luck calling and complaining? Hearing that some people are able to get something.

bpaul | 1 mars 2019

All I hear is "I don't understand why the price was higher when demand was through the roof and supply was limited!"

It seems like a very odd thing to not understand.

info2 | 1 mars 2019

Not upset about the price change and I only purchased 3 weeks ago. I was happy with the price at the time so not going to sweat it. I'm not happy that they (re)introduced a model, LR RWD without any forewarning. This is not necessary. I would have definitely purchased this version for the $3k price difference. They could notify customers ahead of time that a new model is coming. They don't even have to give pricing. That way customer could decide if the new features/functionality is something they wanted and take the risk of waiting on pricing. It's bad business to piss off customers unnecessarily. It's put a bad taste in my mouth to what so far had been a good experience.

qinxixi1 | 1 mars 2019

i got my mid range model 3 two months ago,and now it lower by 7000$。reservation and wait for the car two years ,my friend can buy it without waiting and pay less 7000$ now!i am like a fool!

Kathy Applebaum | 1 mars 2019

I bought a car for a price I thought was fair. I've enjoyed immensely. Manufacturers sometimes change prices up or down -- I'm not so egotistical to think that they're doing it just to cheat me. Guess I don't have the victim mentality.

I'm also very happy they were able to bring the standard range to market sooner than expected. And this is from someone who originally was waiting for the standard range as our second car and decided in August not to wait but to get a second long range instead. We made that decision with full knowledge that the lower priced car could come out any day or never or some time in between. I didn't cry when the mid-range came out weeks after we picked up our car and I'm not crying now. Instead, I've been texting friends who really should be considering the SR car and urging them to pull the trigger in time to get the current rebates.

jimglas | 1 mars 2019

well said Kath

M3skFaN | 1 mars 2019

Looks like a lot of opinion including comparison with Ford practices (which I think is an unfair comparison)

What would you prefer?

Option 1: stay happy with whatever you got and not complain/argue
Option 2: petition Elon to bring some parity through either free or heavily discounted value adds
Option 3: Class action?

12Brent | 1 mars 2019

If a drug company figured out how to reduce their costs of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of a drug and kept all of the extra profits for themselves people would torch them for being greedy "big pharma" and chastise them for not passing along the savings. Tesla, as a company, has a mission statement of advancing sustainable transportation that they are adhering to. They figured out how to make the car cheaper and they are passing along the savings. They should be applauded. If is your/our/my fault for wanting to be at the cusp of a new technology and we all know that technology gets cheaper as it is developed. I bought the original LR RWD in early 2018 and have no regrets... I prevented 20,000 lbs of CO2 emissions from the truck that I was driving in the last 10+ months.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 mars 2019

Option 4: Attack the factory and torch it down!

Garyeop | 1 mars 2019

-1. I bought last July. I plan to keep it 600k miles. I knew going in this would be like buying a computer and I would never get more than I paid. But if I drive it more than 3 ICE cars and save on all car expenses...Win.

Teslanene | 1 mars 2019

@magic I like option 4 lol

sheldon.mike1010 | 1 mars 2019

I sure the hell don't feel cheated in any way. I paid for the P3- as equipped and priced when I got it. In NO WAY did
Tesla snooker me with later price and equipt option changes. They continue to update the car with OTA's, will increase top speed, power, range, and 0-60. When new FSD computer is available, they will install it in my car for FREE. Pissing and moaning now either means you did no research, were not sober when you signed papers, or are just looking for something to whine about. You sound like an entitled jerk with your "regrets". Be a smarter consumer.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 mars 2019

I mean if you are going be angry go big or go home, right?

spooky action | 1 mars 2019

Not cheated, at all. Bought one in 2018, another in 2019. Yeah, I would have liked to have an autopilot-lite option when I purchased, but it is what it is, I'm getting more range, more power, and even if I wasn't, the car is amazing as is. I'm frankly astonished that Tesla gives any refunds to begin with.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 mars 2019

Normally I would set up a popcorn concession but torches and pitchforks are where the money is at today. Get your torches and pitchforks here.................

CharleyBC | 1 mars 2019

Not I.

This is a tech product. Phones. Computers. TVs. Prices drop and features increase. It's no different with Tesla cars. You can wait and wait and wait to get the next price cut or the next new feature, and you can lose out on the benefits of enjoying the product in the meantime. Or you can buy early and complain when prices drop and features get added.

Or you can buy early, with eyes wide open. Enjoy what you bought. Be glad for the folks who buy after you. Be glad that more people can afford to join this movement.

jimglas | 1 mars 2019

tiki torches?

njelectric | 1 mars 2019

Took delivery of P3 in October. I paid the listed price at the time. Great car. No regrets. Tesla contracts with each individual at the time of purchase. They and the purchaser agree that is a fair price. The deal is done.

I agree with the hope that this will sell more electric cars.

jim | 1 mars 2019

Picked up my LR RWD in September. Absolutely no regrets.

slingshot18 | 1 mars 2019

I don't care much about the savings I could have had by waiting. Kinda curious what this does to resale values though. And most upset I don't have a P now, which I would have bought at the current price.

burdogg | 1 mars 2019

What - someone really said class action??? On what basis? Because they made changes on how they do business, allowing them to offer things cheaper and so you bought before the price drop and now think that there is a calss action possibility? No WONDER why our world is so screwed up!

Mtangri | 1 mars 2019

Not at all upset. My wife and i are retirees with single incomes. We bought what I wanted (extended battery RWD without the EAP) and had waited two years for at the price that we were willing to pay. I love my M3 and am very happy with my purchase. If you want garbage to complain about, go buy ICE

bj | 1 mars 2019

A better question - how does everybody who hasn’t bought a Model 3 yet (or not even able to because it’s not released yet in their market) but were thinking about it feel now? Answer: FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

don.lind | 1 mars 2019

Look, I'm happy. Very happy. Bought my Long Range AWD Model 3 in December for $53K (plus tax, destination, etc.). Just finished my taxes. Turns out I didn't get enough income (retired in early 2018) to take advantage of the $7,500 credit. I made a sad face. And then I smiled. 'Cause I've got a Tesla. My bad - I didn't know the tax thing was not able to be carried over. But even with that, it's a hell of a nice car. I love it.

I haven't gone to see what it might cost now. But I'll get a few more miles range (15, I guess). And a higher top speed (which I will never get anywhere near, I'm sure). And not that I need more "zip" but it seems like they could have let the AWD go 0-60 a little faster. But look at that... I'm wanting things that you never get with ICE cars.

And yeah, like others have said... software updates improve things... We all know that the lower prices will let people get into a Tesla that couldn't have afforded it at the earlier prices. Hopefully, demand will rise and Tesla will profit.

My only whine (come on, I get one small whine, yeah?) is that with all the big announcements, they didn't add in an official "OK to do some towing" with a Model 3.

roberts | 1 mars 2019

I bought the car May 31 2018. I paid what I thought was a fair price then and have no regrets now, regardless of what others are paying now.

dedwardhere | 1 mars 2019

Hmm... first thoughts was “wow, that sucks!”
We got our mid range model 3 on December 26th.... paying way more than we wanted to per month. I can insert many reasons here why I had to buy then and not wait. But that doesn’t really matter. I’m 50/50 on how to feel about price drop. You pay what you agreed to and I’m fine with that. I know people want Tesla to magically refund everyone but that’s not going to happen and is not what they should have to do anyway.
Solutions, from what I’ve seen on the forums range from refunds to free autopilot to free supercharging. Basically people are demanding something free for their feelings of being cheated.
Again, I’m fine with ‘you agreed to pay what you pay’. My concern is the vehicle being devalued. The plan was to enjoy the model 3 for a couple years and wait to see what else Tesla brings out in the future... maybe an suv or truck or something. The plan was to go ahead and trade in or sell the model and upgrade. All cars devalue and that’s fine. But Tesla has directly brought down the value of our model 3 and don’t know it’s gonna be possible to trade up in the future.
A solution which I think makes sense for Tesla as well would be some kind of loyal owner discount on purchase of future vehicles. I would feel like my car was not unnecessarily devalued and Tesla would be selling a new car.
Again I’d love a refund, free autopilot, free supercharging. But that’s not why I bought the car.

Any thoughts?

Rt002k | 1 mars 2019

Well they could follow the "every other brand" method and say this is the end of model year closeout of the 2018 Model 3. The 2019 is cheaper, oh, and you can't update your 2018 anymore. Oh, you bought a 2018 a week before the 2019 was available? Too bad. That'll be $500 for a map update please.

gt100 | 1 mars 2019

+ 1 . Pissed . Lost 6K + on a car just 1.5 months old. Lost trust . Will not be buying Tesla anymore

People who keep comparing with other car dealers / phones are off their rocker. This is a MSRP price which got reduces significantly.

Why couldn't Elon offer 35K model standard and keep every other extra's for the same price as before. Would have made everyone happy,

Very "Stick it up to existing customers" pricing strategy

Guess what Elon just said in future it will be 25K.

All the one's buying M3 now be prepared to get screwed

walnotr | 1 mars 2019

No regrets what so ever. I got zero referrals, missed out on any free supercharging, not even the lifetime free internet (I can’t remember what it’s really called right now). Paid through the nose on state sales tax, no state rebates or TOU electric rates. Nothing, zip, nadda. Would I do it again? Where do I sign up?

Got a call from my wife who is out of state visiting a friend. She was loaned their ICE car and was amazed when they handed her the key! She hated every minute of driving that “POS”!

How can I feel cheated when I keep getting more satisfaction than I paid for.

rdavis | 1 mars 2019

No, I don’t feel cheated.

If you’re going to go around in life a worry about what other people get/have... you’re going to have a very unhappy life.

I purchased my Model 3 at what I considered a fair and good price. I now drive and enjoy my car every day and don’t give a rats ass what others have paid for theirs.

4barkie | 1 mars 2019

Absolutely NOT!

moabchick | 1 mars 2019

Nope. Not cheated. Thrilled!

mehingle14 | 1 mars 2019

-1. The almost 13,000 miles that I put on my p.3d are well worth 20K to is paid for, and I drive it like I stole it on a daily basis. Likewise for the Tesla WeatherTech mats. They pick up all the spilled oatmeal bowls on the floor that go flying when I drive it like I stole it.

Tesla2018 | 1 mars 2019

I dont feel cheated. Should I complaon since I bought Tesla stock a few days before the announcement and then msde several thousand dollars in only a few days, only to lose more than I gained a few days later.

You buy based on what market conditions are. You only take a loss if you sell. In 1977 I paid 3500 for that was $5000 when it was new in 1974. I sold it in 1981 and got $2500 for it. Now it would be worth 25000.

Its only money and you cant take it with you. If you think losing a few thousand is a big deal then just buy a used junker for $500 and dont worry about the depreciation.

gt100 | 1 mars 2019

Good for you @Tesla2018 , For me the $6K I would have saved just a month and half ago would have gone long way for other important things. I am sorry but I consider this a personal hit to me for believing supporting, financing Musk's vision . I am now kicking myself for blindly following the hype. Not going recommend to anyone or buy another Tesla

lilbean | 1 mars 2019

+100 @gballant

Bryan.whitton | 1 mars 2019

I don't understand all of this. For the last 10 years everyone new the prices were going to drop as production came up, G Factory was getting going, Fremont factory gained efficiency. Hell they built a tent to increase production with minimal cost. They are laying off potentially 1,000s of employees to get the $35K version out earlier. You think you are cheated they LOSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD! All so others with jobs get their car a couple of months sooner.
You knew it was coming. If you didn't you were just stupid. Musk said it was coming, the media said it was coming the damn mission statement explains their mission quite clearly. Have you never read or heard the mission statement?

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT TESLA IS ALL ABOUT. Getting the BEV to as many people as possible. You don't do that by keeping the price high. You aggressively strive for lower pricing and higher efficiency. Gee, just like Tesla. You lay off people, you close stores you don't think you need. You do whatever you need to do to make your cars as widely available as possible to accomplish the mission statement.

kevin_rf | 1 mars 2019

I only feel cheated because I waited in line on day one and never received my promised die cast.

As for losing money, factoring state rebates, tax credits, and gas savings since taking delivery, I'm coming out $3-$4k ahead.