How long til Tesla support responds?

How long til Tesla support responds?

Short version: Once I fill out the 'Request Help' form should I get a ticket number in my email? Or am I supposed to trust them to resolve my issue and get back to me eventually?

I've owned my Tesla for three months (as of today!) and so far the only folks that respond to my contacts have been in Sales. And since the layoff announcements my sales person has stopped responding.

I fill out the form on my account page to 'Request Help' and never hear anything back from Tesla. Twice right after delivery asking if I could delay my AP Trial due to holiday travel and more recently trying to get my six months of promised SuperCharging properly added to my car. I wrote off the first set since I figured my chances were low but I'm now properly annoyed. So four forms filled out about two issues and zero replies. Is this typical?

(when i've tried chat it bounces with an all agents are busy, try later message)

mcdonalk | 11 mars 2019

I advise that you contact customer care by phone. I have called them (Tesla Motors Support) twice recently, and on each occasion, I entered my phone number when prompted, and in each case, received a callback minutes later. I advise some patience and an absence of a chip on the shoulder, though. See my post:

tesla | 18 mars 2019

As an update I got a chat agent and they gave me the email address of the department I needed. The issue was that they hadn't applied the referral code I used at purchase to my M3 for free supercharging. I sent an email thread explaining the situation, including email thread between myself and my salesperson inwhich he confirmed it had been applied to my purchase. Got a reply three days later explaining they had no record of the code being applied and I should contact my salesperson.

I was able to get in touch with him and between himself and his manager it appears that things will be made right. But I remain completely unimpressed with post sales support. They could have a) accepted my email at face value and just turned it on (i've charged $20 so far so not much risk here) or b) used the information attached to my account to contact my salesperson themselves rather than punting it back to me. I had explained how I"d been trying unsuccessfully to get help on this so would have been nice to see more than the bare minimum of effort expended to get it fixed.
It is amazing to me that they want to shift sales to the internet rather than show rooms. Their website doesn't send receipts for purchases of AP/FSD and it doesn't create tickets for support cases submitted through the site. This is part of Tesla that is operating in 1999. There have been dozens of people in the past week worried that their purchase didn't go through because of this. Crazy.