Ulta White Seats changing color grey/blue

Ulta White Seats changing color grey/blue

I've notice on my driver's seat of my MX, that is 13 months old, that there is a slight but noticeable color change happening to both the lower cushion as well as the side (an area where there is not direct contact) the color is a faint grey or blue. Wondering if anyone is noticing that with wear the white begins to gray? I know it's not dirt or any chemical. I'm taking it in to the SC to have them look at it but wondered if anyone has noticed anything similar. Thanks!

72echo | 11 mars 2019


72echo | 11 mars 2019

Ultra ..3rd time is a charm!

tcfila | 12 mars 2019

Mine is as well and have cream. I'm thinking its from jeans. Please follow up with what SC says.

packpike | 12 mars 2019

If you're like the rest of us it's from blue jean transfer. You just have to clean the seats occasionally. Search Youtube as there are several videos detailing the 'issue'.

Anthony J. Parisio | 13 mars 2019

Did you try cleaning the seats? Jeans do leave color stains on white vinyl and white leather. | 4 avril 2019

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