Location-based auto folding mirrors

Location-based auto folding mirrors

I finally got updates to both our Model S (2019.5.16) and Model 3 (2019.5.15) the other day, and the one feature I've been looking forward to the most is location-based auto folding mirrors. This feature lets you configure the mirrors to automatically fold when you approach a particular location and unfold when you leave, or you can configure the mirrors to fold when you open your garage with HomeLink and unfold when you close your garage. I've tried it out, and it has some issues.

We have narrow garage openings, so I always fold my mirrors before entering the garage and unfold them after backing out. I have the regular mirror auto-fold feature turned off, because otherwise my mirrors would unfold before I backed out of the garage. Folding and unfolding the mirrors in the Model S is easy, because there's a dedicated button for this on the armrest, but it's a bit of a pain in the Model 3, because you have to use the touchscreen (Quick Controls).

After I received the update (and rebooted as I usually do after updates), I configured the mirrors to automatically fold when I open the garage and unfold when I close it. You do this by editing the HomeLink settings (from the HomeLink drop-down menu), select the location (e.g., Home), and enable the auto fold mirrors checkbox (I don't recall the exact wording). I have my HomeLink set up to automatically open my garage when I approach, but I don't use the auto close feature.

The feature works great when I approach my garage -- HomeLink opens the garage and the mirrors fold -- but not so much when I leave the garage...

When I tried it in my Model S (just once), after I backed out of my garage I used HomeLink to close the door, while I was still on the driveway, but the mirrors didn't unfold. I waited a little bit and finally unfolded them using the button on the armrest. A couple of seconds later (still in the driveway) the mirrors folded again, so it seems it was a delayed response.

When I tried it in the Model 3 (a couple of times), the mirrors didn't unfold when I closed the garage, but I waited to see what would happen. I started driving up the street, and the mirrors finally opened (I was maybe 100 feet away from my house). I was only going about 10mph, so it wasn't my speed that made them open (that's suppose to happen at 31mph).

If you've tried to use this new feature, how is it working for you? | 13 mars 2019

Can't answer the mirror question, but are you sure it's v 2019.15.16? I just got/installed 2019.8.1 hours ago. The 2nd number is the weeks, and a week of "15" would be a release to QA on April 8th, which shouldn't appear for about 4-5 weeks later as it completes QA. We shouldn't see "15" until mid-May.

teslu3 | 13 mars 2019

With Homelink set to auto-fold the mirrors, they reliably fold when about 30-40 feet from the garage door, and unfold about 90-100 feet away when leaving. This worked from v 2019.5.4 for Model 3.

davidcjones | 22 avril 2019

I will have to check this. I would like the auto-unfold to work, but I have the same issue that I back out and it doesn't auto unfold. I have version 2019.8.5. I have a 400 foot driveway, so I am plenty far away! When I pull out on the street, it doesn't unfold until I hit about 30 mph. I hope an upcoming update fixes this—perhaps the 2019.15.15 the OP references.

tew ms us | 22 avril 2019

Model 3 with 2019.8.5 I noticed this today; don't know how long it's been doing it:

I was backing out of a parking space and looking for cross traffic behind me when i glanced at the mirrors - both were angled down about 45 degrees. I pulled back into the space to adjust them, but they rotated back up to the position I had set in my driver profile. When I resumed reversing out, the mirrors angled down again, but rotated back up when I shifted into drive.

SCCRENDO | 22 avril 2019

They rotate automatically to a different position when reversing. It has always been this way.

PrescottRichard | 22 avril 2019

tew ms us- that’s a feature you can disable if you want.

EVRider | 22 avril 2019

FYI, there’s another thread about this in the Model S forum:

It seems to be working the same way for everyone, meaning the mirrors don’t unfold right away when you close your garage (or leave the location if you did it that way).

jkrauss | 27 avril 2019

I have a 2016 Tesla S AP1. It has 9.0 (2018.50.6. 4eco3ed) will I ever get an update allowing me to have auto-folding mirrors based ion location?

EVRider | 28 avril 2019

I corrected the version typos in the OP (2019.5.x, not 2019.15.x).

@jkrauss: You’ll get the update at some point. Having access to WiFi where you park will help.

jkrauss | 28 avril 2019

Thanks. Guess I will just wait....

natrlhy | 1 juillet 2019

I don’t have HomeLink sadly. But why is it with location based auto folding location based settings do the mirrors fold when I’m still moving!? This is counter to safety and security. At least auto fold when I park and the. Auto unfold at that location when I’m in R or D

EVRider | 2 juillet 2019

@natrlhy: If you’re backing out of a narrow garage, you might not want the mirrors to unfold as soon as you put the car in R (I wouldn’t). I think the location-based auto fold feature was intended for people who want the mirrors to fold/unfold while the car is moving; if you only want the mirrors to fold/unfold when you’re parked, just fold/unfold them manually.

If you use the option to unfold when closing the garage with HomeLink, there’s still a delay before the mirrors unfold (I’m on 2019.20.4.2). I hope they fix that someday.

annerocks | 3 septembre 2019

Just called Tesla about the folding mirrors on my model 3 AWD. They told me on the model 3, the mirrors on fold, they do not unfold. Unfolding is manual via the screen.

Xerogas | 3 septembre 2019

@annerocks: "Just called Tesla about the folding mirrors on my model 3 AWD. They told me on the model 3, the mirrors on fold, they do not unfold. Unfolding is manual via the screen."
Uh, nope. Model 3 folds and unfolds just fine, all automatically.

doramanrta | 4 septembre 2019

This is very interesting, I saw a similar solution at

sabbia | 4 septembre 2019

@Anne. That's odd that Tesla told you that. Model 3 mirrors both fold and unfold based on location, if desired.

Could it be that you have a different meaning for "on fold"?

EVRider | 4 septembre 2019

@annerocks: Unfortunately, Tesla staff are sometimes misinformed and provide incorrect information to people who don’t know better. The Model 3 mirrors fold and unfold automatically just like the Model S/X. The only difference I can think of between the S/X and 3 mirrors is that when you use the auto tilt on reverse feature, you can adjust the tilt position on the S/X but not on the 3.

Tesla-David | 4 septembre 2019

@jkrauss, I have a 2015 S85D (AP1) and recently got the auto fold option from OTA update, and it works great. I also had been waiting for it.