EU going after Exxon

EU going after Exxon

Besides the EU some US states are also investigating them.

jimglas | 19 mars 2019

another Chinese hoax?

Mike83 | 19 mars 2019

The rest of the world has education and can do math. Being stupidly gullible is not attractive in civilized countries.

El Mirio | 19 mars 2019

@Mike83 Juliana vs U.S. is the first legal action on climate change I know, I think most of the legal actions against corps. relating to climate change originated in the U.S.

Mike83 | 19 mars 2019

Indeed many of these lawsuits in the US go nowhere whereas the EU and perhaps the Hague can move forward.
States are also bringing legal action in the US.
These leeches on the American taxpayer should be exposed.

blue adept | 21 mars 2019

As well they should since Exxon was well aware of the effects of burning fossil fuels and how their use would impact the climate almost 40 years ago!:

To KNOWINGLY engage in a practice that is detrimental to your own life and the lives of countless others is the very essence of CRIMINAL RECKLESSNESS.

isabelladom247 | 21 mars 2019
isabelladom247 | 21 mars 2019
good work please do

WHF | 21 mars 2019

"the very essence of CRIMINAL RECKLESSNESS"
Are you referring to Hillary?

Mike83 | 22 mars 2019

Funny how confused some people are as if they discovered something no one else has. Scapegoating must be the GOP fossil fuel addicts pastime.

SO | 22 mars 2019

@WHF - just curious how many more years are some people going to hang on to “but her emails!!!!” When she isn’t even in office.

Mike83 | 22 mars 2019

Exxon a no show and may be banned. If would be good for the US to ban these lobbyists who control the government now.

blue adept | 23 mars 2019

Well, why even bother allowing them (Exxon) to attend when you KNOW they are only going to LIE (to your face) just to protect their interests in spite of the dire consequences that they were aware of/how their selfish actions are going to impact your and everyone else's lives?