Model 3 - Midrange Not on "Tesla Trip Planner"??

Model 3 - Midrange Not on "Tesla Trip Planner"??

I noticed that the only model 3 model available for trip planner is the long range. Why do they not have the mid range model on there and when will it be available? I am trying to plan a trip from Chicago to Oregon and I would like to gauge distance in between charges using the correct estimated milage!

stephenfootball | 1 avril 2019

ya. Lame.

Use It's better anyway.

jimglas | 1 avril 2019

Contact the seller

vinnie919 | 1 avril 2019

Yea thanks Jim. Tesla is the seller. Wonderful human being you are.

Stephen - Thanks i will give it a try.

stephenfootball | 1 avril 2019

abetterrouteplanner has a lot of settings to help really dial in your trip.

Teslanene | 1 avril 2019

Who knows if they will even add it, now that it’s discontinued

Targetaddict | 1 avril 2019

The standard range isn’t on there either...

kevin_rf | 1 avril 2019

Btw. The new 325 mile range for the LR RWD is also not in the trip planner. It still lists 310 miles.

That said, when the Model 3 first started shipping it was not listed as an option in the trip planner. It took them several months to get it in. I suspect the same is going on with SR,SR+,MR,LR RWD.

Maybe a few tweets directed at Elon might speed it up.

Amit4123 | 1 avril 2019

I just got midrange model 3 few days back and I have all the trip plan features. I am surprised how come yours is missed. Better contact tesla service

Teslanene | 1 avril 2019

I think he is talking about the tesla website trip planner not the built in trip planner on the m3 screen

vinnie919 | 9 avril 2019

Amit - Im talking about on the website. The gps in the car works fine. Just wanted to check some details for a trip im planning. Oh well. That abetterrouteplanner seems pretty good! Thanks

cosmicwarrior | 9 avril 2019

Hey, at least you got the Mid Range before they pulled it.(I was so mad, I went online to buy the DAY they pulled it from the lineup!)
I would love the same info for the Standard Plus, hopefully they add all cars to the trip planner soon.

crmedved | 9 avril 2019

Yeah... they used to have a shorter range for the Model S that I used instead (it was 260 as well). Unfortunately, their trip planner is more of a sales tool :(

I solved the problem by trading in my MR for a LR AWD. The MR is at Tesla in Cherry Hill, NJ if anyone wants it haha.

vinnie919 | 9 avril 2019

I actually didn't know they discontinued it.. They must of used it to boost the Q4 sales last year.

peter | 9 avril 2019

Be happy that you have any model 3 on the trip planner.
In the French accounts there are NO model 3 at all. Only Model s and X!! And the Tesla main site also does not display any Model Y as yet. Strange that things are so slow to be implemented here in France!

william.j.greim | 25 mai 2020

If ABRP can include all the Tesla models why can't the Tesla route planner? Seems kind of lazy.