Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof

I would have put this in the energy products forum, but that forum section is horrible and you cant see when posts were made, by whom, nor if there are new comments.

Has anyone gotten the solar roof installed? I will need to replace my roof in the next 2 years and am thinking about doing a solar roof instead of the standard typical shingles. I've filled out the free quote information section a few times already for the panels and the roof and still no call back. I dont really understand the cost estimator either, in that it seems they are factoring in the tax credit to your monthly payment? I dont think thats accurate just like how they've been marketing their cars, in the sense that the loan amount you sign for is the full price value without incentives.

Basically has anyone gone through the process yet, and are willing to share their experience, since Tesla still does not seem eager to sell this product yet??

Tesla2018 | 7 avril 2019

I saw a Facebook ad for Tesla power walls that were being installed by a company that is allegedly a Tesla installer. I asked about the solar roof tiles and they said that they were not approved for Florida. I think they were just pulling my leg and wanted to sell me a regular system of solar panels instead. It doesn't make sense that a whole bunch of solar panels bolted to my roof would be more secure during a hurricane than roof tiles that were the same shape as what was already on there. A strong hurricane would lift the solar panels and half my roof off, but roof tiles generally stay on unless something hits them and breaks them causing them to fall off.

ghgregory | 7 avril 2019

I, too, am a Floridian (Sarasota) and have inquired re Tesla roof. Was advised by two roofing companies that the Tesla roof tiles have not yet been approved for Florida; also, due to manufacturing backlog, even if approved would likely not be available for ~2 years.

andy.connor.e | 7 avril 2019

Ya im also looking at a solar water heater. I think the best course of action would be to take advantage of the 30% tax credit while its still around. NYS also offers up to $5000 credit for solar. I think its worth doing.

SCCRENDO | 7 avril 2019

I got a referral award for a token for early installation of a solar roof. All awards disappeared with the new system. So I contacted them and asked them if I could switch out the token for a second kiddie car. Apparently they don’t switch out awards and the solar roofs are not available but they will let me know when. I am in SoCal. I am not sure they are offering this elsewhere

reed_lewis | 7 avril 2019

I ran the numbers for my roof, and the cost was over twice the cost of a regular 50 year warranty roof, and solar panels over the appropriate areas.

I passed.

andy.connor.e | 8 avril 2019

I think the idea comes from getting a 30 year mortgage loan on the solar installation. What you are paying monthly is not much different from financing a roof and paying for electricity. Which in my case, is pretty close. But it would be around 40-60$ to finance a regular roof. Worst case scenario is $160/mo including electricity. Teslas estimator is estimating somewhere around $230/mo for the solar roof.

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

Some variables to consider. 30% tax break with feds on solar. Costs of electricity rising with inflation. Local tax incentives. It is estimated that cost of kWh will increase over time so you save a ton of money over time.
Our PV system paid for itself in about 6 years and now we have free electric and the rates in that 6 years are up about 20%(my estimate maybe more)which we don't pay.

andy.connor.e | 8 avril 2019

I welcome opinions. Do you think its better to get a new shingles roof and put panels on the roof, or do the solar roof with Tesla?

Mike83 | 8 avril 2019

I think a Tesla roof looks awesome and is stronger than a regular roof which won't last as long. Also putting PV panels may require reengineering the roof.Resale value of home is also a big consideration. I would go with Tesla solar roof as it can withstand hail also. Also if you get snow I think the slate looking roof would work better for snow sliding off.
Several factors need to be considered.

T35LAX | 8 avril 2019

Maybe this can help somehow

andy.connor.e | 8 avril 2019

Not a bad video. I am in the boat of needing a new roof, and will be closing on my house purchase this month. So the longevity of the solar roof is appealing to me, as well as the notion of switching gas powered appliances over to electric as they die, and getting an EV in the future. The cost is seriously alot though.....