Elon Musk is a Madman (That's why I love him and Teslas)

Elon Musk is a Madman (That's why I love him and Teslas)

Sell customers concept cars and make them pay to be beta testers? check.
Sell cars that lose money (the $35k model 3 deliveries start this weekend) so you could be good stewards of the environment? check.
Spend millions to send a Tesla roadster to space for no reason? check.
Put experimental unproven software features in cars that, when used incorrectly, could cause accidents? check. (referring to autopilot and dumb dumbs who sleep while rolling)
Sell no ads on TV and make your customers sell the cars to other customers like a multilevel marketing scheme? check.
Open source all your patents? What the hey! check.

GM probably thinks that Elon Musk is a madman. GM is right. However, what GM is missing is that we are BORED of the same crap that GM has been spitting out for decades. Customers WANT what the madman is selling because it is DIFFERENT. If GM is still around in 5 years, they WILL sell a car almost identical to the Tesla Model 3.

If these cars are girls, then dating GM is like dating Marge Simpson. Dating Model 3 is like dating the sexiest woman you could imagine, she's crazy and set your hair on fire last night for laughs but you don't care because this morning, your knees are weak and you have a huge smile on your face.

carlk | 12 avril 2019

Being a madman is what made Elon who is today. He could have becoming a doctor, a small business owner or heck even the GM CEO if he's "normal".

Mike83 | 12 avril 2019

Being able to raise 5 boys along with his schedule is quite amazing to me. The old saying, if you want something done ask a busy man holds very true.

Tesla-David | 12 avril 2019

EM has been a hero to me since I first discovered Tesla in 2010. He is a mad genius, and the World is a much better place with him in it. May his madness continue!

greg | 12 avril 2019

You know how people say there is often a fine line between a lot of cops and the criminals they chase/arrest?
[certainly my cousin who is a cop falls into that camp for sure].

Well I'm coming to the belief that there is actually a similar fine line between the madman antics of 45 and Elons odd behaviour. Just hear me out.

The big difference is that while Elon shows many of the traits that 45 is/has,

Elon's upbringing meant he was naturally outward looking, a deep thinker, and working for the big picture. And is willing to suffer for the bigger cause.

45's meant he was always inward looking, and is always working to further his personal interests and future. and stroke his ego and not willing to suffer any set backs.

But you could see how perhaps Elon you could start out as a Tony Stark and end up being a Lex Luther.

Elon can't be president by birth so he'll never end up like 45 [in the US anyway].
But the danger is maybe one of his kids might!

blue adept | 12 avril 2019

Why would/do you consider that possibility a "danger"?

jimglas | 13 avril 2019

Elon doesnt run a crime syndicate
get a grip

Darthamerica | 13 avril 2019

@Greg both men are geniuses and will be studied well beyond their times!

SCCRENDO | 13 avril 2019

I agree Trump will be studied and spoken of beyond his times like Al Capone, Idi Amin etc.

greg | 13 avril 2019

@blue adept

I don't know Musk's kids, but given the very nature of having a father like Elon. Who knows how the kids will turn out?

They might turn out 100% ok [I hope so]. They might turn into self centered assholes like 45 did.

But as they are born in the US, they will be able to become President of the USA when they're old enough, if they want to.

So there is a "danger" albeit pretty small that one of the kids turns in to "45s" mini-Me in time and acts accordingly.

Then again, if you listen to Musk carefully enough, you're just as likely to conclude he reckons we'd likely end up being run by an AI by then anyway, so maybe the threat is related to another one of Musks "kids" - just not the flesh and blood kind! taking control/becoming President.

SCCRENDO | 14 avril 2019

@greg. You are making ridiculous statements about Musk’s kids without any evidence. It’s like us drawing negative conclusions about your kids based on your forum comments

Tesla-David | 14 avril 2019

Drumpf is an idiot/moron, not a genius in any sense. LOL

I agree, absolutely not acceptable to prejudge EM's children or how they will turn out. I would bet they will turn out much better than Drumpf's disgusting offspring.

gordon_r_benson | 14 avril 2019

My kids are positively in love with the fart noises easter egg, so that's all I hear every time someone gets in the car.
Both are evil geniuses :)

carlk | 14 avril 2019

Elon is raising his kids just fine. Thank you very much.