Driver's side mirror will not adjust far enough out

Driver's side mirror will not adjust far enough out

The subject kind of says it all. I have a three week old LR RWD and the driver's side mirror will not adjust far enough out... I am from the school that likes to set the mirror so you can just see the side of the car with your head against the window. The M3 is the first car I have driven where it will not adjust far enough out to allow me to do that. I commented on this wen I picked up the car and the tech said it was normal... I haven't had an occasion to test another car to see if it does the same thing but I'd like to know if other owners see the same thing... Thanks!

apodbdrs | 13 avril 2019

Try bringing the mirror in, hold for about 5 seconds; then fold the mirror out and hold for about 5 seconds.

HighlandPony | 13 avril 2019

My mirrors are the same way. I’m in the same school of thought as you. I like to adjust the mirrors out far enough to eliminate the blind spots. My 2016 RAV4 had the same problem.

HWF | 13 avril 2019

My mirror folds way out, just the way the OP wants it. Have the SC fix it.

Carl Thompson | 13 avril 2019

I use the same SAE method these days and it works fine on my Model 3. I'd take the car to the service center if you can't adjust the mirror to where you think it should be.

bpatter123 | 13 avril 2019

some folks seem to think you mean the power folding of the mirror housing does not work well. I understand you to say the mirror movement adjuster does not swing outward enough- I agree it is not the only car that is so limited but it is a bit irritating. I had been schooled to put my head on the window glass & then adjust the mirror so the view is straight back.

Tomt | 13 avril 2019

Yes, the powerfold is fine. It is the actual mirror adjustment that will not go out far enough... First car I have had that had this issue. SC says it is normal. I plan to go by the store and try a couple to see if they do it too...

lilbean | 13 avril 2019

My X is that way. The SC said that's just the way it is.

Carl Thompson | 16 avril 2019

Me: "I use the same SAE method these days and it works fine on my Model 3."

Sorry, I misremembered. I just checked this morning and I have the mirror as far out as it will go but it is _not_ as far as it should be. Just something we need live with, I guess.

jim0266 | 16 avril 2019

I too set my mirrors like the OP. I've never met anyone who sets the mirrors this way and it freaks people out when I show them. They instantly lose their object permanence ability when they cannot see the side of their car in the mirrors.

When I first test drove the Model 3 I noticed the inability of the left mirror to adjust to the proper position. For a company who touts safety this seems like a glaring error. I do like cars with lights on their mirrors on in the blind spot. The Model 3's screen is nice to see cars around you.

VoltAir | 16 avril 2019

Here same Problem. Longrange AWD, 3 weeks old. Only adjusting the seat forward, when passenger in the back, helps, then the outmost mirror position is adequate.

stewj15 | 13 août 2019

i agree, it falls way short of being acceptable!

vmulla | 14 août 2019

This WAS as problem and was resolved sometime in May/June 2018.

lilbean | 14 août 2019

To the guy who designed the mirrors for Tesla:
You had one job!

vmulla | 14 août 2019

Wait, are you suggesting the mirrors are not ok? They seem ok to me, they are even calibrated via software updates. I'm not sure how else they could be better.

lilbean | 14 août 2019

I have a March 2017 build and they are just not physically able to adjust out far enough. The SC said there is nothing that can be done. Same with the X.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 août 2019

Typical if it is good for him it must be good for everyone.

vmulla | 14 août 2019

Ok then, the mirrors are bad :))

Here I am trying to understand how things could be better, and that's AFTER making a forum post that shared that specific software version that adjusted how far the mirrors moved (back in August 2018) and I get dumped on.


But seriously @lilbean, is there anything different that you do as far as seating/mirrors go that makes it a challenge for you?

Magic 8 Ball | 14 août 2019

More over reaction, not surprised.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 août 2019

"This WAS as problem and was resolved sometime in May/June 2018."

That is a claim not inquiry for better understanding, do you understand the difference? The problem was NOT resolved for everyone as you try to mislead others to believe.

vmulla | 14 août 2019
Magic 8 Ball | 14 août 2019

You still do not understand self centered narcissistic viewpoints of making claims that are not true for everyone.

vmulla | 14 août 2019

I apologize to anyone who I have misled. If your mirrors are still not the way you want them, I can't do anything from here. Neighter can anyone else. You should probably contract the service center and not say anything about those mirrors on this forum.

I'm also the kind of person that likes to credit Tesla when they make improvements (example the mirrors) - shame on me


FISHEV | 14 août 2019

Car is in for service:
1. Emergency Lane Keeping Inactive Get Service
2. Cannot Charge Get Service
3. Lane keeping inconsistent.
4. Blind spot no working (no alarm when turn signal on and car in blind spot)
5. Bunch of stuff they fix when cars do come in for service.

I asked them to look at the driver's mirror as it did not go out far enough to see blind spot. They said they would look at it. Encouraging they didn't say "we get that complaint a lot and it can't be fixed" so perhaps the mirror can be calibrated to work.

The Model S loaner, the driver's mirror does got out far enough to see blind spot.

I put one of those booster mirrors on it to see blind spot. Too dangerous without it.

Joshan | 14 août 2019

Sure it is.... No one believes anything you say. You know this right?

DanFoster1 | 14 août 2019

Unfortunately, on many new cars, the left mirror actually /won’t/ adjust far enough out to cover the ‘blind’ spot. Most people don’t now how to properly set their outside mirrors, so it continues.

vmulla | 14 août 2019

Are you suggesting that the mirrors are different for older cars?
I'll compare mine with my friend's car later today.

CST | 14 août 2019

Mine is a June 2018 build, and it did get better after that update, but I'd prefer that it go further. I live with it by moving my head side to side a bit when checking.

FISHEV | 15 août 2019

Just got service for May 2019 LR AWD AP and asked to adjust mirrors and told that mirrors will not adjust out to see blind spot. Only solution is adding the wide view blind spot mirrors to the Tesla mirror. I got some $10 ones at O'Reilly's and then ordered some frame less blind sport mirrors to see if the look better.

Considering none of the Tesla's have basic blind spot monitoring and warning systems, there's no hope of Tesla fixing a "problem" they look on as a "feature".

RedPillSucks | 15 août 2019

I thought this was mostly a problem for tall people who (like me) have their seat moved far back.
Interesting to know that lilbean (who I assume is short, otherwise it would be bigbean or greengiant) sees this as an issue also.

andy | 15 août 2019

I noticed this on the test drive and the delivered car is the same. I think the designer had long legs and a short body. Those of us who are the opposite may be the ones who notice it more :-)

I showed the Tesla rep on the test drive and she pointed out that you can get the mirror to look further out if you lower it. It seems to be the shape of the encasing body shell that causes limitations on how the mirror can move.

It's not ideal, but I am just getting used to moving my head a little more and trying to gradually find how far back I can safely position the seat.

lilbean | 15 août 2019

“But seriously @lilbean, is there anything different that you do as far as seating/mirrors go that makes it a challenge for you?”

W O W. Condescending much?
I like to stick my head out the window when I drive. That’s a challenge for me. Why don’t my mirrors have telescopic arms?

CST | 15 août 2019

@lilbean - make sure you hang your tongue out the side of your mouth and wag your tail when you do that :)

vmulla | 15 août 2019

I did not mean it like that at all. I'm trying to understand your set up. If it came across as anything less than respectful, I apologize, it wasn't meant to be anything other than respectful. It doesn't change anything about me trying to understand where the problem is.

lilbean | 15 août 2019

Ok, thank you, @vmulla. :)
@CST Yes!! Haha! :) It feels like I’m running really fast!