screen flicker since last update

screen flicker since last update

Since the latest update my screen periodically flickers and then the map shows like newspaper script print on it (flickering on and off). Fixed when I reboot but it has happened at least 3 times the last week. Anyone having the same issue?

richmond1508 | 14 avril 2019

Yes, it happened twice yesterday and the screen rebooted twice while I was driving. I’m on 2019.8.5.

TAC | 14 avril 2019

Graphics / board glitch what cars are you driving on? On a LR-RWD 2019.8.5 too have not seen yet and done some long road trips since.

lkkrenzin | 14 avril 2019

We had the same problem. How does flickering of screen get fixed?

Copythat23 | 14 avril 2019

Same here 2019.8.5

2015P90DI | 15 avril 2019


Carl Thompson | 15 avril 2019

On 2019.8.5 but haven't seen this.

ddorbuck | 15 avril 2019

Had the screen flicker issues Sunday 4/14 along with LTE not working after. Rebooted the system 4 times but LTE was still out. Went as far as to open a support ticket via the Tesla phone app but after sleeping all night the LTE cellular came back on. good to know the flickering is more common with this release. i have not read of anyone else having LTE issues after.

EVRider | 15 avril 2019

Happened to me twice on 2019.8.5, both times when starting the car. Fixed by reboot.

Pierogi | 15 avril 2019

Screen flickering has happened to me 2x since the last update. Never happened before this update and have had the car since September. Had to reset/reboot the system to fix the issue.

maiklblinder2001 | 15 avril 2019

Happened with me yesterday

rmg007 | 15 avril 2019

2019.8.5 +3x

jvcesare | 15 avril 2019

Happened to me for the first time last week. Rebooting fixed it. Seemed to me it was mainly on the map, almost like a "race condition" when doing a screen refresh.

007bond | 15 avril 2019

Happend to me the other day had to reboot.

Kataniki | 15 avril 2019

Happened to me twice on 2 different releases, latest on April 12, reboot fixed. LTE problem on Friday as well, fixed with reboot. Would rather have it go black, the flickering is very distracting.

rkalbiarEV | 15 avril 2019

Oh, I thought it was just me. Happened to me too.

M3phan | 15 avril 2019

Only happens to my map when it is under the back up camera screen. Weirdaness.

edmui | 15 avril 2019

I have same issue too with my model 3.

ben | 15 avril 2019

We're experiencing screen flickering and shutting off as well. Happened on the highway with navigation.

dllopp | 15 avril 2019

Happened to me twice
The first time was about 2-3 weeks after the last software update.
The screen rebooted itself after driving about 2 miles, approximately 10 minutes.
The second time I rebooted the screen to fix.

AWDTesla | 16 avril 2019

Got the black screen 3 times in a 300km trip. Last time, car took a good 5 minutes to reboot. Black screen for 5 minutes was a little nerve racking.

mailmessagecenter | 16 avril 2019

Flickering started after update to 2019.8.5. Car has rebooted several times over the last few days to reset the flicker, but it has gotten worse and since last evening - flickering is so bad I cant read anything on the screen and it is not resetting. Hope Tesla fixes this embarrassing, and potentially dangerous issue immediately.

jeannebridge51 | 16 avril 2019

Same here, happened once last night. Reboot fixed it. We are on 2019.8.5

Sarah.gahl | 16 avril 2019

Happened to me on 4-13-19 and this morning, 4-16-19. Am just rebooting. Concerned about this continuing

miguelcampeau | 16 avril 2019

2019.8.5 LR AWD
Happened to me 2 or 3 times
My screen rebooted while I was driving

Passion2Fly | 16 avril 2019

Yes, my car is one year old this is the first time I'm having screen problems. It flickers and then reboots by itself.
I'm on 2019.8.5.

sparkles | 16 avril 2019

Same here got vin 15,xxx LR RWD. No issues prior to the last update. Had it happen 3 times now

RCorsa | 16 avril 2019

I’ve owned 5 Tesla’s in 4 years and this is the first time I’ve had the screen reboot mid drive. Interesting but I was in AP and the car kept the lane fine. Clearly a bug and not too big a deal

SilverTrifecta | 16 avril 2019

Happened to me this past Sunday while driving on city streets. Scared me at first but remained in drive and was able to continue driving while the screen rebooted. Freaked my wife out big time. I am currently on 2019.8.5.

3Model3s | 16 avril 2019

3X'S since 2019.8.5 update.

slingshot18 | 16 avril 2019

Happened twice for me since latest update. Screen flickering all over. Weird graphics artifacts. Looks like a flakey graphics card or screen, but holding out hope it’s just software. Reboot fixes it.

pminne | 17 avril 2019

Had it about 7 times already in the last couple of weeks (screen flickering as well as screen freeze, navigation map 'distortion' and automatic rebooting).
As opposed to most of the reports above, we're on 2019.8.3 (Model 3).

stopnair | 17 avril 2019

my screen went blank yesterday for first time and rebooted when i was parked in a strip mall. I am on 8.5 too and car is less than 1month old.

slingshot18 | 17 avril 2019

@stopnair Black/blank screens are fairly common.

rmj123 | 17 avril 2019

Same here with crazy flickering with strange text. Today 4/17...Belongs in a Sci fi movie.

slingshot18 | 17 avril 2019

Tesla service confirmed today there is a firmware bug.

jay.pearlman | 17 avril 2019

Happened twice in the last three days. Has not happened before that. Sent a note to Tesla and response was:

Touchscreen reboot:
Hold down your foot on the brake while holding in the two scroll wheel buttons (around 20 seconds) on the steering wheel. Do this until the Tesla ‘T’ appears on the touchscreen, and then let go for a restart.

Perform a power cycle from the touchscreen:
Navigate to Controls (Car icon in bottom left corner of touchscreen) > Safety & Security > Power Off
Once the car has been turned off for around 2 minutes, either open the door to the car or put your foot on the brake to turn the car back on.

If the problem persists after performing these resets, I would recommend scheduling a service appointment. You can request an appointment directly within the Tesla App

Interesting there was no comment on a firmware bug.

AssasSAINTSnate | 18 avril 2019

I had this happened to me 2x in two weeks. Had to reboot them each time. I have this car since September and other than the backup camera, everything was working fine until the last two software updates. Seems like the last 2 updates are buggy.

mihrimah | 18 avril 2019

Mine started flickering today when I opened the door, and after a few moments got an orange box over most of the screen while the flickering continued. While I was looking it up on my phone, it buzzed, went to black, and rebooted itself. I did not see any flickering after that, and this is the first time it's happened.

Support told me to restart the screen or a power cycle across the whole car, and to contact Service if it happens again.

kc4129 | 18 avril 2019

It happened to me today, screen started flickering then went black and rebooted itself while I was driving. It had never happened before 2019.8.5 update.

amygonsier | 18 avril 2019

it also happened to me twice, the first time was the night before a service appointment, when I mentioned it they said that it is a known problem and that they are working on correcting it, nothing to do now

billlake2000 | 18 avril 2019

Screen flickering on 2019.8.5 and then an image of Jack Nicholson from the Shining glared at me until I rebooted and sent his ass to Hell !

sandiegogreg | 18 avril 2019

Same here. Took delivery 4/16/19 and did it the next day. Soft reboot seemed to resolve for now.

surfpearl | 19 avril 2019

Last night I enjoyed the wild, trippy graphics display of the Bug Mode (2019.8.5) that acted as if my touchscreen were on LSD. Drove it all the way home from work like that, 5.5 miles, city streets, no problem. Even the AP worked. Made a bug report midway and sadly had to fix it with a reboot after arriving home and before plugging in.
Having had 7,000 miles of amazing rides so far, I can afford little indulgence and enjoy scenery on a detour.

albatross3231 | 19 avril 2019

It happened to me first time this morning. I am on 2019.8.6. Wondering anyone with 8.6 having screen flickering issue?

Bill_loyola | 19 avril 2019

2019.8.4, once every day since tax week 4/15 started

billlake2000 | 19 avril 2019

Memory overwrite, poo poo programming.

CSRepala | 23 avril 2019

Tried this and it worked for me, I have same 2019.8.5 on my car

Touchscreen reboot:
Hold down your foot on the brake while holding in the two scroll wheel buttons (around 20 seconds) on the steering wheel. Do this until the Tesla ‘T’ appears on the touchscreen, and then let go for a restart.

rommelgomez1 | 23 avril 2019

same here. Screen reboots while on AP. 8.5 version.

ozonelives | 23 avril 2019

installed 8.5 on Sunday. Screen went black on my wife driving kids to school this morning. We've only had the car a month and it freaked her out because she wasn't sure if her turn signals were still functioning.

slingshot18 | 23 avril 2019

I have 8.6. Still flickers.