Why have the roadster threads become nothing but troll fodder

Why have the roadster threads become nothing but troll fodder

It cannot possibly be worth their time to post stupid links. What is their point?

TabascoGuy | 19 avril 2019

I'm guessing the spambots can't tell the difference between discussion topics so they just default to the newest one.

Dramsey | 19 avril 2019

Gee, at the top of every single page it says:

"Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners." are all these spam replies getting posted? Perhaps they mean "creating new threads is now limited"...?

NKYTA | 19 avril 2019

Yes, that.

Dramsey | 19 avril 2019

That's what I've observed, and it's odd that Tesla is apparently unable to explain this cogently. | 20 avril 2019

@Dramsey - Creating new threads is now restricted. Adding posts to an existing thread is not limited.

As the roadster threads have very little activity, spam lasts longer than it does on other forums on the site. I usually check it out (and flag spam) about once a week. Seems like few others bother to flag the spam away.

Dramsey | 20 avril 2019

I suppose they have to let anyone reply to existing threads, sigh, so non-owners can at least ask questions.

NKYTA | 20 avril 2019

Like “how do I search”.

Facepalm. | 21 avril 2019

@Dramsey - Yep, how else would we get the latest perpetual motion idea that Tesla is ignoring.

Dramsey | 21 avril 2019

I have great patience with the "How do I search" folks. This is, after all, the only forum software in the world that does not have a "Search" feature. It's kind of like a first time visitor to an Apple store wondering how they actually, you know, buy an item, since there are no cash registers or checkout stands.