Rattle under the dash near driver side A Pillar

Rattle under the dash near driver side A Pillar

Have a rattling sound coming from under the dash near driver side A pillar (near the left front speaker). I don't think it is inside the door, sound seems to come from in front of the door. Anyone else has similar problem? Any quick fix before going to SC?

aptwo | 19 avril 2019

Did you close all the center storage console? Try that and see if the rattles go away.

ammcbride | 21 avril 2019

I have the sam rattle. I think I isolated it to the wheel well. The plastic in the wheel well vibrates into the fender. I'm taking it in for service to rectify regardless.

Marbix | 21 avril 2019

I had a dash rattle near the passenger-side A pillar that started after about 8 months of ownership and would only rattle while driving over rough pavement. I took it into SC for diagnosis, and it turned out to be a loose speaker clip, quickly fixed, and hasn't rattled since.

thorvund | 22 avril 2019

I have a similar sound on rough road. Going to make an appointment to have it checked out. I guess one of the disadvantages of a nearly silent vehicle is every rattle is heard.

Pepperidge | 22 avril 2019

I had three problems
1. the speakers (black one, both side). --> insert foam (repaired by SC)
2. driver side strut (feels like the sound came from inside the dash) --> replaced strut assembly (SC)
3. steering column --> it stops making noise when you hold the top side cover behind the steering wheel.

Jaganjai | 22 avril 2019

@Pepperidge, My SC 'fixed' #3 issue...few weeks later it was again 'fixed' by a mobile technician...I continue to live with it.

CharleyBC | 22 avril 2019

Such a rattle just began a few days ago on rough pavement after 9 months of silence.

@Marbix (or anyone): which speaker? The little one at the front corner of the window? I'd rather diagnose and fix myself if it's easy.

Carl Thompson | 22 avril 2019

I have had every type of rattle imaginable. Most have been fixed but a couple still occasionally annoy me.

Marbix | 22 avril 2019

@CharleyBC my service invoice just says "Removed the right side A pillar and secured the push clips found speaker grill lose and secured it".

TeslaEdison | 23 avril 2019

Thank you all for sharing your experiences, maybe will to try to open the speaker grill to take a look before SC visit

CharleyBC | 24 avril 2019

The speaker at the window corner is pretty easy to remove with a pry tool. I had to do it a while back as a step in a mirror replacement. You need the door open, then pop it straight up. It'll unplug right into your waiting hand.

Brackenlizsmith | 21 février 2020

While driving with the driver side wheels on a rumble strip, repeatedly tap on the areas of the vibration. Whatever was loose popped back into place. This seems to have fixed the speak distortion as well. Maybe the speaker was causing a resonant distortion /vibration in whatever was loose?