Would USA be any worse off if Phil the Groundhog was POTUS?

Would USA be any worse off if Phil the Groundhog was POTUS?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wooodchuck would chuck wood?
Now we have watched the Great Democracy, would it matter if it were only a woodchuck who would Make America Great Again?
Would there be any difference?
And btw, what is Phil's policy on climate change?

jimglas | 20 avril 2019

Phil prbably wouldnt require as much "executive time" and do less tweeting

Tesla2018 | 20 avril 2019

He would be like Jimmy Carter and crawl back into his hole and do nothing while the economy faltered and the hostages were in Iran for 444 days by the Ayatollah.

SCCRENDO | 20 avril 2019

@Tesla2018. Always good to do a fact check. I did not live in the US at that time. But a quick google will tell us that you guys are full of it. You blindly believe instead of fact checking
And of course if you want to hear about our groundhog president read the Mueller report

Tesla2018 | 20 avril 2019

Sccrendo-what I said is true, see what you posted below. If you were here you would have know of the frustration of nothing being done, except for one failed attempt, to rescue the hostages. Even Ross Perot was able to get some of his employees out by getting fake Canadian passports. Granted Carter did do some good with Egypt and Israel but he failed to fix the economy and let radical Islamists take over a country.The hostages were released because their captors didnt want to mess with Reagan.

"The consequences of Iran’s holding Americans captive, together with continuing inflation at home, contributed to Carter’s defeat in 1980. Even then, he continued the difficult negotiations over the hostages. Iran finally released the 52 Americans the same day Carter left office."

SCCRENDO | 20 avril 2019

The hostage crisis was obviously a low point. But he achieved a lot and remains a hero post presidency including a Nobel Peace Prize

Tesla2018 | 20 avril 2019

Carter has been the best president as far as doing things after his term was up. He did a lot to ensure Fair elections in other countries and also was working with Habitat for Humanity. Once the hassles of the presidency wear off, he was able to do things to make world a better place. Bush Senior tried staying in power through his son and through Cheney. I think Obama will be able to do great things in the private sector in the future.

SCCRENDO | 20 avril 2019

It looks like he also helped the economy tremendously. Trump on the other hand has a me first philosophy. So what he has tried to do for the country has been mostly detrimental. Any positive has been pretty much on the coat tails of helping himself out. His only way of staying out of jail is to be re-elected. If he loses he will immediately resign before the next president comes in and get a Pence pardon

dmm1240 | 20 avril 2019

The latest assessment from a Johns Hopkins psychology prof is not good for sleeping peacefully.

SCCRENDO | 20 avril 2019

I agree with him. This is how I have felt for more than 2 years now. It is really concerning that we have such a fascist Republican Party that will overlook any high crimes and misdemeanors or any other crime. That such a large number of American voters cannot see this or are willing to overlook this is alarming.

dmm1240 | 20 avril 2019

1) We need a new Republican Party. One critique conservatives have about Democrats is we can get too far over our skis sometimes. Conservatives function well when they act as a brake on that tendency. For example, in the 1970s the ideals of the New Deal became bogged down, old ideas that had worked had become stale. Voters sent the Democratic Party to the woodshed for a while and... after considerable navel gazing... the Party came back rejuvenated. This tends to happen, a political zeitgeist typically lasts 30-40 years, then it's time for a redo. Modern Republicans have forgotten the good parts of the conservative zenith that began around 1980 and have become reactionary zealots who no longer remember what the good stuff was. IOW, a long round of navel gazing is overdue
2. To understand Trumpism, it's good to remember the characteristics of what drives right wing authoritarians. One of those is unquenchable subservience to a leader. As the saying goes, Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line. Fearless leader must not be questioned. His authority is absolute. If he says it then it must be true. Outsiders who question, criticize and attack fearless leader must be put down. They are also excellent at compartmentalization. They can go ballistic over Islam's treatment of Christians in Islamic countries, yet turn around and give Muslims in their midst a difficult time in ours without seeing the inherent contradiction. They scream individual freedom from every mountaintop while at the same time coming down hard on women who are unwilling or unable psychologically and/or economically to become parents. They think it fine to rip babies out of mothers' arms to discourage asylum seeking immigrants while climbing into their cars plastered with "Baby on Board" and such stickers.

Navel gazing overdue.

Ross1 | 20 avril 2019

what about the Woodchuck? Getting off topic.

Ross1 | 20 avril 2019

My point is that you can have an extreme right, left , honest, dishonest. president. The world goes on. If the groundhog or a dog or cat were in the hotseat, would it have made a difference/
Overseas here, USA has lost all credibility. I doubt the respect it once had can ever be revived now.

SCCRENDO | 20 avril 2019

Ross. Most of us think a groundhog would be far better. I have difficulty in finding one think constructive that he has done. We appreciate it when he is playing golf and not making or breaking laws

SO | 20 avril 2019

Interesting take on investigation. Be sure to watch the whole thing.

lar_lef | 23 avril 2019

I don't agree with Trump's domestic anti-electric car position, but I support him on his anti-Iran policy, his foreign policy in general better than Obma's failure in this repect.

rxlawdude | 25 avril 2019

I guess no one knew the secret talks the Reagan campaign was having with Iran during the 1980 election.

Dirty tricks. It's the Republican way.

ejeckert | 25 avril 2019

All I know is the economy is strong, we are not at war with the Russian as the heavy blame narrative is being pushed by the democrats after using the collusion delusion as a tactic to throw you off the real path of what the DNC did to sander to help save the disaster of their Campaigning! My taxes are low, unemployment is at a 40 year low! More minorities are employed then any other time in American history! We are putting our vets first as well as our legal citizens! Stormy didn’t workout, mueller found nothing! We are having talks with a dictator and country that had a 65 year conflict with us that 6 presidents before orange face man that couldn’t sit down or begin to solve! Yeah it’s good to compare him to Phil! It’s not like he broke our already messed up healthcare system! Added 10 trillion in new debt! Illegally used our intelligence agencies to spy on the press! Gitmo is still open, common core is a disaster! Please! As much as orange face man is a complete an utter Twitter dummy and can’t speak to save his life things are far from bad! Do I dislike things about him...absolutely! But the democrats and the previous “president” did a significantly worse job...between anti business regulations that lead to companies fleeing out and causing quite high unemployment! To a failed green energy policy...see solyndra! To a substantially over budget and now less care and more expensive health care system! Rip on orange face man all you want...I could care less what Hollywood thinks of him or what the media says or makes up about him this week! It’s not about what he says it’s about what he does that matter! Economy is a category to rate! Foreign policy is a category to rate! Unemployment is a category to rate! Obama failed miserably at them all left us in bush wars, gitmo still open, added massive debt, and had more people on welfare then any president in American history! These are unfortunately are the facts. I loved the way Obama spoke, he’s cool swagger but his policies blew! He caused massive racial divide and a war on law enforcement. We saw the raise and violently from BLM causing the death of 5 Dallas police officers. The burning down of Ferguson because of a false narrative that cnn ran with }hand up don’t shoot” which was proven by Obama’s doj to be a lie! Yet caused that town to get destoryed! Sorry but I am yet to see this behavior and divide going on now! Other then one night Hillary saying he must accept the results of the election to the next about her wanting to do away with the electoral college system! Sorry but as much as I don’t like him as a person, his tweets his terrible speeches the country is in a substantially better place because of his policies! The anti business policies and reckless spending by Obama put us in a horrible position! Getting downgraded is not a good thing! There is a massive double standard in the press and Hollywood! From f you deniro to severed head griffin! Or snoop dogs video depicting the assassination of orange man! But it doesn’t stop! Stephan Colbert monologue on trump blowing Putin! My how the tables have turned! To the Johnny depp and cuzsak calling for his assassination as well! Now I see how a law is trying to get past that would allow you to terminate a baby after it has been delivered! Wow! This is the left! Not to mention how non citizens and inmates will have the same rights if not more then those that are legal and non criminals! Yeah orange man is the problem! Sorry but someone is missing what is actually happening and also forgot what has already happened! As a historian the beloved democrats voted against ever single piece of civil rights legislation in American history! They also brought us the kkk! And yes the concerted were democrats. And sick but true the democrats wrote and executed the plan to assassinate Lincoln! Time to brush up on history and know where things actually came from and more so what is actually going on instead of taken out of context by the media. Once again, not a fan but painting the picture that the country is a mess is completely and utterly way off! Just my two cents. I’ll get off my soapbox now!

Ross1 | 26 avril 2019

Keep it up, we love it.
Phil for Presi.

jimglas | 26 avril 2019

@ejeckert: Thank you for the fox talking point regurgitation comrade

SCCRENDO | 26 avril 2019

@jimglas. I would think this new character writes down talking points over the years and puts them together in a word salad. Foxnews is creating a new population of robots. A new species of human will evolve with atrophic frontal lobes. Their survival will depend on a Fox-news app implanted in their skulls running their higher mental functions

finman100 | 26 avril 2019

f@#k it's just horribly sad that so many believe this crap. good god it's depressing. please move on all ye who cling to your stupidity. Just go away. you are not helping at all.

donald is the ultimate orange zombie "leading" the lemmings over the cliff. and the lemmings love it. how?

rxlawdude | 26 avril 2019

" Obama failed miserably at them all left us ... gitmo still open ..."



Facts seem to elude those needing one more neuron to make a cranial synapse.

ctuna | 26 avril 2019

Mr Hanky for president because he less stinky.

Ross1 | 30 avril 2019