Changed my mind to red...

Changed my mind to red...

I'm still within my 72 hours from order but changing from white with cream interior to red with cream interior. I'm hoping this doesn't make for any hiccups in my order process.

So, if all the colors were the same price how many would choose the red?

I saw my first black MX in the showroom yesterday and it looked awesome with a deep, deep shine and reflection but very difficult to keep it this way. The fingerprints were visible everywhere.

jimglas | 28 avril 2019

I wouldnt buy red, even if it were free. Red seems to say "give me a ticket" to me
Although I do like the Tesla red.

chuckgrim | 28 avril 2019

I have red and love it.


Triggerplz | 28 avril 2019

No red for me but the mob leader in the movie Cold Pursuit was driven around in a red MX

GranpaJohn | 29 avril 2019

My 2nd Tesla is Also RED. Loved it n the S, Still loving it on the X. My choice would have been Blue. My wife chose the Red.
Happy wife, happy life. Loving the MX100D Red

jjgunn | 29 avril 2019

Speeding tickets & more accidents in red cars than any other color. . It's a fact. Look it up

Vawlkus | 30 avril 2019

Cops are also more likely to pull over a red car.

dapetrun | 30 avril 2019

Speeding violations have nothing to do with the color of the car. It has everything to do with one's own right foot.

bisala | 1 mai 2019

Red MX100D ordered and awaiting shipping. My Wife is unsure, which makes me a bit nervous, but I hope we made the right choice.

Efleck | 8 mai 2019

When we ordered our new MX (100D with FSD) three months ago my wife wanted the red exterior and the white interior. Everyone who has seen the MX has praised the color scheme. It truly is beautiful. I was worried about our dogs messing up the seats. However, with a good back seat dog cover the seats remain clean, except for bits and pieces of stuff that fall from the fur of the dogs. A brief vacuuming cleans it up. However, during my last cleaning of the car two days ago it was clear that the white hair that our white dog sheds is getting in the floor carpet. Vacuuming did not pick up all of it. I need to try some other method of removing all the hair from the carpets.

benbfinell | 11 mai 2019

If you find a good way to remove dog hair out of the back of your model X please let me know. I have a couple huskies and there is definitely a lot of shedding that a vacuum doesn't get!

Redmiata98 | 12 mai 2019

Take a piece of wide white tape, make a loop by attaching the end with the sticky side out. Now you can put two fingers inside the loop on the smooth side, space your fingers until the loop is taut. Roll the loop on the surface and the hair will adhere to the sticky side. Repeat as needed ;-)

Redmiata98 | 12 mai 2019

OBTW, my Founders red looks great with the white seats after 3 years of use!

dapetrun | 12 mai 2019

I was going to suggest sticky duct tape as well.

The ONLY reason I ordered the cream interior instead of the white was because I wanted a lighter color above instead of black. Otherwise, I agree, the white interior with red is the awesome-est combination! Very classy.

redacted | 13 mai 2019

We got red, paid extra for it. My wife loves it. I gave her a car wash club membership (touchless), so it usually looks really nice once per day.

Efleck | 13 mai 2019

benbfinell; I cleaned my MX yesterday and tried a brush my wife uses for removing lint from clothing. After vacuuming the floors I stroked this brush across the mats (against the brush grain) and picked up almost all the white hairs. She bought this brush years ago but I found a similar product on Amazon: Blulu 4 Pieces Lint Brushes Double Sided Lint Remover Travel Brush for Removing Lint Dust in Clothes, Pet and Furniture. Hope this works for you.