Tesla wall connector cable storage

Tesla wall connector cable storage

I have a Tesla wall connector with 24' cable that I had installed a few months ago. When I'm not using it, I wrap the charging cable around the wall connector, which seems to be designed to accommodate that. The cable is heavy, so I'm wondering if it's unsafe to store the cable that way. The wall connector instructions don't say anything about it, and I couldn't find anything online either for or against this practice.

I know Tesla (and others) sell cable holders that you can use instead, but doing what I'm doing now requires the least amount of wall space, so I want to continue doing it unless there's a good reason not to. Does anyone know for a fact that wrapping the 24' cable around the connector is a problem?

jimglas | 7 mai 2019

Thats what I have always seen, never heard of any problems.

jordanrichard | 7 mai 2019

A cheaper cable holder than what Tesla sells, is actually a garden house holder.

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 mai 2019

You can definitely loop the cord over the housing. I always recommend draping it loosely so the loops come almost to the ground.
This makes it easier to un-cool when ready to use again and it’s quicker to re-coil when done.
Although the big wire gauge makes it not a big deal, fewer large, loose coils allow the wire to cool better than small, tight ones if you don’t in-coil completely when charging.

jordanrichard | 7 mai 2019

Whatever you use, be sure it doesn’t create a sharp bend in the cable. Electrical cables and kinks in said cables is never a good thing.

NKYTA | 7 mai 2019

I’ve been kinking, driving over and otherwise bending my original UMC, for my Classic 2012 S.

All is good.

NKYTA | 7 mai 2019

Of course I minimized those events, but still rock solid.

testing123456 | 8 mai 2019


bp | 8 mai 2019

As long as the connector has been bolted to a stud, there shouldn't be a problem in wrapping the cable over the top of the connector.

When Tesla changed the design going between Gen 1 HPWC and the Gen 2 Connector, they changed the design to eliminate the separate cable organizer (which could cause bending of the cable) by changing the top to allow looping of the cable and adding the port on the side to hold the connector when not being used.

If the Connector feels solidly mounted on the wall (doesn't shift with a slight tug), then don't worry about it...

EVRider | 8 mai 2019

Thanks for the feedback. I feel better now. :-)