2014 Model S P85 Battery costs

2014 Model S P85 Battery costs

How much does it cost to replace the battery in a 2014 Model S P85?

Many thanks for your replies. | 13 mai 2019

Rare to hear of anyone having to pay for a battery - as it is warranted for 8 years. That said, I've heard numbers in the $24K range, but that was several years ago. If you really need the replacement, I'd check with Tesla to find the latest cost. There are others that sell used batteries on eBay and other places at a far lower prices (but it is used).

jordanrichard | 13 mai 2019

Ummm are you talking about the main battery or the 12V?

All 85kwh packs are still under warranty to at the very least June of next year. There should be no need to pay for a replacement.

Bighorn | 13 mai 2019

A damaged battery could need replacement, but I suspect the OP is misinformed.

wagner.kyle88 | 30 octobre 2019

Rep at the service center told me $28,000 for my P85. I asked because it will be past the 8 year warranty in about a year and a half.
I find that hard to believe though when you always hear about the $10,000 price tag, and Elon himself tweeted the model 3 would be 5-7k

jordanrichard | 30 octobre 2019

Wagner.kyle88, if in fact that is true, one will mind as well set fire to the car. The wholesale/trade in value in all honesty for a P85 or even my 2014 85, would be less than that.