Additional set of 4 spare tires/wheels?

Additional set of 4 spare tires/wheels?

I am thinking I should keep a set of 4 OEM tires / wheels in the garage as spare if I get a good deal. Considering the faster wear and how expensive they are to get them at last minute , that might be a good idea.. I am trying to convince this to myself.. LOL.. anyone kept an additional set of 4 in their garage?

aaroncheung1 | 15 mai 2019

I'll probably get another set of wheels/TPMS but put good winter tires on them. I would skip the OEM tires unless you're popping tires faster than you're wearing them or someone's only selling with those tires on. I don't see the value if they're wearing faster and you might as well put that money into a good set of other tires. Once these my OEMs are worn, I'm going to see what else is out there. Others will take this opportunity to get aftermarket wheels but I'm ok with aeros.

stopnair | 15 mai 2019

are there better tires than OEM ones out there? The tires would wear out sooner no matter what brand is used because the car is heavy ..

surfpearl | 15 mai 2019

I have two sets of 20" wheels/tires - summer and winter, all OEM. Very happy, didn't need any convincing :)

Mwoosley71 | 15 mai 2019

I’ve a set of aero wheels that I swapped out for some aftermarket wheels. They are great shape and have about 10k miles on them. My email is

jessea120514 | 17 mai 2019

Awaiting delivery but will have a set of 18"s looking to sell or trade for 19"s maybe 20"s. In central California email

Bartman4 | 17 mai 2019

I put together a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss as my summer tires and Go back to the OEMs when it gets cold again. I wouldn’t bother with a second set of tires unless you are going to use them regularly.

Cactusone | 18 mai 2019

I will have a set of 20” Sport Wheels available in a week from my M3P. Contact me if interested. In Phoenix area