5000 referral miles expiration

5000 referral miles expiration

anyone knows when do these supercharging miles credit expires? I got 2 referrals and have 10000 free supercharging miles in my account...but cannot figure out when they expire (if they expire at all).

jimglas | 20 mai 2019

they don't expire. They will remain on your account until you use them.

Techy James | 20 mai 2019

@stopnair, I reviewed the page on the Super Charging details and didn't find an expiration that would apply here. First thing I would look is under the Vehicle Details page, it should list your Super Charging Credits. Other than that I would suggest contacting Tesla about the possible expiration of the miles. So unless someone has reached out to Tesla I can't find a definite answer to this question.

bcb2220 | 20 mai 2019

@jimglas you're wrong. they expire after 6 months of being added as stated:

view under Limits section.

stopnair | 20 mai 2019

Free Supercharger miles will apply to any vehicles on the same account, and will expire 6 months after the miles are added. Each additional referral will extend the expiration date by 6 months.

^^ This was not there 2 days back.. So first 5000 expires 6 months but if you add a second referral it would extend the expiration by additional 6 months.. so looks like 10000 miles will expire in 1 year..

lumberjack | 20 mai 2019

I read the limits section a couple of days after they introduced the 5000 mile referral program, and the 6-month limit was there at that time. It wasn't snuck in just two days ago.

The way I understand it, the referral offer is 6 months of free supercharging capped at 5000 miles. But I think it sounds like a better offer when Tesla says "5000 miles of supercharging" without mentioning the time limit until you read the fine print.

Effopec | 20 mai 2019

Yeah, based on my SC usage 6 months will get me about 300 miles. Not a real incentive. I mean I suppose I could drive to the closest SC at lunch once a week to charge up, but eating nearby would cost me as much as the electricity savings I'd be getting, so no real bonus.

Techy James | 20 mai 2019

Sad part of this: "Unfortunately, Ohio and Virginia residents are not eligible for referrer awards." Which is confusing as that means even though my account says I can refer users for 5K SC Miles, I am not eligible because I live in Ohio.

Teslanene | 20 mai 2019

They should never expire, most people won’t use 5k miles in 6 months unless you do all charging at the super charger.

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 mai 2019

Too bad the 5k miles expire. It would be great if you could trade it in for Tesla merchandise like a key fob, or for cash value towards more expensive merchandise like a set of floor mats or perhaps home charging equipment.

yogesh_diwan | 27 mai 2019

I purchased model 3 on April 22 and still have not received 1000 supercharger miles. Anyone in same boat?

I purchase was referred by a friend. My friend and myself should have got 1000 miles each right?

yogesh_diwan | 27 mai 2019

I purchased model 3 on April 22 and still have not received 1000 supercharger miles. Anyone in same boat?

My purchase was referred by a friend. My friend and myself should have got 1000 miles each right?

FarBeyondDriven | 27 mai 2019

Are you supposed to see the 1000 supercharger miles immediately after delivery? I was told it may take a week but have become wary with the service Tesla has been providing.

Iwantmy3 | 27 mai 2019

I should have gotten my first referral about a week ago. I haven't seen anything yet.

The 5000 miles (or in my case, 7500 km) is not very straight forward.
Is this based on rated range? (3700km of actual driving if used in the winter)
If you have different models of Teslas, does it adjust for the rated range of each car each time?
I assume that Tesla is simply providing a fixed number of KWHr that gives the 5000 miles / 7500km. However, all of the SCs in my area are time based. Does that mean I should treat them as KWHr based until this runs out? (That can affect my charging habits)

Providing this award as a function of miles looks good but is in fact, the least straight forward way to present it.

apodbdrs | 27 mai 2019

@yogesh_diwan, have you checked your lock box in your phone app or by pressing the Tesla icon on your car screen.

Tesla2018 | 27 mai 2019

It saysthat referrals are now going down to 1000 miles in a few days. But then since June is the end of the quarter they will probably change it around inanother 2 weeks anyway.

BlakeStBob | 27 mai 2019

@Iwantmy3. Based on the Supercharging I have used on my LR3 under the 1,000 mile referral, Tesla is assigning 2.5 miles per kWh. Therefore, you will get 400 kWh for a 1,000 mile referral.

FISHEV | 27 mai 2019

The “loot box” shows a running total of your remaining free charging miles. Mine says 4,540 miles remaining with 656 miles on the car and all charging has been via Tesla. The first charge that the car was delivered with is the difference.

apodbdrs | 28 mai 2019

Referral miles are good for a year!

"Credits awarded for qualifying referrals are valid for 12 months from the credit award date and can be used toward services, vehicle accessories or new Tesla products."

Iwantmy3 | 28 mai 2019

What credits is this referring to?
The free supercharging miles are limited to six months.
"Free Supercharger miles will apply to any vehicles on the same account, and will expire 6 months after the miles are added. Each additional referral will extend the expiration date by 6 months."

My loot box shows 1 referral ordered but not yet delivered. I assume the referral reward will be based on the program at the time of the referral and not the time of delivery but that it will be effective at the time of delivery.

Iwantmy3 | 28 mai 2019

Why such a short expiration period? As someone who primarily charges at home, burning through 7500km (5000 miles) of supercharging in 6 months seems like a monumental task.

yogesh_diwan | 28 mai 2019

@apodbdrs Thanks for responding to my post. I do see a lock box on my phone screen and I am assuming that is if I refer someone to buy a Tesla I get referral miles.

However I bought my M3 more than a month agog using a referral code from a friend and I was told both of us get 1000 referral miles. Is this not correct?

Iwantmy3 | 28 mai 2019

If you go to your tesla account online, It will show you your tesla referral link. Underneath that, it should show you any referrals that you have pending.

Friends Ordered...........Delivered...........Cancelled Orders

Ron.Olsberg | 28 mai 2019

There goes my theory that miles was better than unlimited for six months. If the miles did not expire, I believe most owners would save the miles to use when they need them, ie.. while on a trip. Since they expire, many owners will tend to use the superchargers locally before the expiration date.

rchau28 | 28 mai 2019

What?! I'm glad I read this forum. I have 3k supercharging miles and was not aware that they expire. This whole time I was saving it for a trip. Guess I'm heading to the supercharging station and load up before they expire. :(

Teslanene | 28 mai 2019

I have free unlimited supercharging until September, if I add an referral does the 5000 miles start until my free is gone or it starts right now?

sanchitg94 | 1 juin 2019

I ordered mine May 14th and got it delivered May 30th and was given only 1k miles even though my service advisor told me I'd get 5k since it was based on order date... anyone else have this issue? Very frustrating!!

davidkpeters12 | 1 juin 2019

Our friends ordered May 16th and I am actually taking them this afternoon to pick it up. They were told that we would both get 5K miles. I have recently been advised that they will expire in 6 months. We will NEVER use 5K miles in 6 months. I have spent a lot of time "selling" Teslas to friends, family and strangers. We are completely happy with our Model 3 and I would buy another if we could afford it. BUT I think I am done spending time "selling" Teslas.

jjgunn | 1 juin 2019

Can you gift your miles to me? I will use them before expiration.

davidkpeters12 | 1 juin 2019

I just got back from Tesla. Our friends ordered their M3 on 5-16-19. Well this morning I took them down to pick up the car. I asked the delivery guy about it taking a month or so to get our referral miles. He said maybe 4 weeks? Ok so be it. When I got home I get a notification about something. I look in my loot box and I already have the referral miles. NOT 5000 miles but 1000 miles. Im sure ill get some bullshit story about the needing to be delivered by 5-28-19. If I get that excuse I am done "selling" these cars. We would never use the miles in 6 months but what if we decided to take a trip next month? I guess we may not be. Ill wait for an answer before I get too worked up.

ylee64 | 1 juin 2019

I'm confused. When I ordered my Tesla back around May 12, the Tesla dealer guy told me I'd get 5,000 miles by using my friend's link. When I picked up the car yesterday, the delivery guy told me the same, that I should be seeing it on the app. But when I checked the app, it only shows 1,000 miles. Tesla's Referral Program site says 1,000 miles for orders placed on or after 5/30/2019, so it seems like I should be getting 5,000 miles. Am I missing something?

mtapes | 3 juin 2019

My experience is more positive. A friend used my referral code when he placed his order mid May. The next day his referral showed up in my desktop and app account sections. It was listed as "ordered", but not delivered. Once he picked up his car in late May, my account info changed to 5000/6mo free SC. Tried it that day and it worked. So no delay in our particular case.

On the other hand, I too, am disappointed that they appear to only last 6 months, but happy to get some free SC. Like the others, I will now use them locally, rather than save them for a trip, since I have no trip planned within the next 6 months. But again, happy to have gotten what i did for free. And I am totally enjoying the car, and am accepting of software bugs and anomalies because that is what I (we) signed up for, no?

Ron.Olsberg | 3 juin 2019

The bean counters surely said, there must be an expiration date on the free miles, because they probably need to carry it on the books as a liability until used or expired. Six months for 1000 miles many owners would get some benefit but for 5000 miles most would not use much over 1000; however, if they charged almost exclusively at their local superchargers, they might make a dent in the free 5K miles and this would NOT help with Superchargers that are overcrowded.

muba | 5 juin 2019

Anyway to tell the expiration date online?

javawolfpack | 9 juin 2019

@muba, I've been trying to find that out as well. I referred myself for our Model 3 purchase and now have 10K free miles; however, not sure if that expires in 6 months or 12 months... as one would think the additional 5K would be like adding an additional referral extending it out an extra 6 months. But I can't find an expiration date listed anywhere...

@ylee the 5000 free mile promotion ended on 5/28/2019, reverting back to the 1000 free mile program at that point.

FISHEV | 9 juin 2019

Be great if there was a way to setup a marketplace for unused SC credits. Someone losing 4,000 miles could sell it for 50% ($0.15 vs. $0.25, everybody wins (except Tesla). To give Tesla some incentive, maybe set it up so you can only sell 50% of your miles, that way Tesla's costs go down from original, selling is happy, buyer is happy.

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 juin 2019

The marketing folks should think up an alternative reward for the referral program. Many EV owners don’t need the free super charging. Why not have tiered rewards.

For one referral either 1000 miles of SC or a keyfob
For two referrals either 5000 miles of SC or a home charger

apodbdrs | 9 juin 2019

I just got 10,000 for 2 referrals. It is correct, they are good for 6 months, but the way I understand it the first is good for 6 months, and the second is then good for then good for 6 months after the first one. So in this case a year, six months to use the first 5,000 miles and then another six months to use the second 5,000 miles.

cantak | 19 juin 2019

I had a referral on May 28th. The delivery was June 10th and the 5,000 miles showed up in my account at that point. I am assuming these will expire on December 10th as that is specifically the 6 month mark of when I received the miles. However I'm going on a 2,000 mile trip over Thanksgiving (November 28th). Technically that's the 6 month mark from the actual referral. And if these things expire early I'd be fairly annoyed. I really wish they didn't expire or there was an obvious expiration date.

jaypatelrfd | 6 juillet 2019

well i had over 6900 kms of supercharging in my account to start the week. today i open the app and check the lootbox and can no longer see my bonus supercharger miles.

So i go to the supercharger today and lo and behold - i got invoiced and billed for my charging today. so annoyed.

FISHEV | 6 juillet 2019

"Many EV owners don’t need the free super charging. "

True. My referral was co-working with early Performance Model M3 who got unlimited charging with his package. No AP which I thought was crazy but considering how flaky AP is looks like a smart move.

His incentive was the drawing for the Roadster but it's not really an incentive to him but then then he doesn't have any choice on someone using his referral number or not.

One of the Tesla Turo guys offered me $1,500 to buy last year as he had 50% of the referral credits for a free Tesla Roadster.

ryan_j_emt | 6 juillet 2019

Is there a way we can "trade" our SC miles for Tesla gear?

shank15217 | 6 juillet 2019

@FISHEV AP isn't flakey, you are. You also don't own the car so you have no idea what you are talking about.

mike-tesla | 6 juillet 2019

really frustrated with the referral program in general. love th car but i cant stand the constant run arounds. been trying to get the referral credits for using a buddies code when i placed my order. the manager of the store placed the order for me as i purchased and inventory car. i kept being told it was in the queue to be processed and things were delayed. then i got an im sorry you arent getting the credit email. wtf? ive emailed and get canned emails about how the program works. such a joke.

love the car, hate the no customer service.

tghayes | 6 juillet 2019

@jaypatelrfd I’m in the same boat. I had 9235 miles left as of Monday or Tuesday and got a notice today when I swung by a SC saying I needed to add a payment method. It only took them 4 weeks to put the miles on there and then 3 weeks later here we are they’re gone again. I swear they need to get their customer service together. Otherwise it will bring them down. Love the car, but it’s nit worth all the headache you go thru when they screw up. It’s like you have to do so much work and they’re job when your the customer. Ridiculous. Now for another week of phone calls and yelling at people before someone gets it taken care of.

firesole800 | 7 juillet 2019

@jaypatelrfd and @tghayes I had 14,400 km’s left last week and it’s all disappeared. Was planning a road trip from Vancouver to SanFrancisco next week so hopefully I can get this resolved before my trip. Very frustrating!

vxp | 10 juillet 2019

my 4000+ referral miles are gone and got charged for today's charging session!

Go_BEV | 11 juillet 2019

Me also, My 6,000 referral miles are gone also. Planning on a road to Vancouver to San Jose. Is this account issue or Tesla app with bug?


Joshan | 11 juillet 2019

log into your tesla account and it will tell you.

Although it'd s little funny mine lists a date in the past, but that is accurate as that is 6 months after purchase exactly. But mine was not based on miles, it was a 6 month free referral.

Supercharging Status
Free Supercharging until July 6, 2019

sanjay | 13 juillet 2019

Hello, has any one seen 5000 SC referral award in desktop application. I can see in Loot Box but not in Desktop app

vmulla | 13 juillet 2019

My referral is now showing up in my account since 6/30/19, he bought the car on 12/29/18. We shared my code to the sales rep since he bought an inventory car, not an online order. Neighter he nor I followed up on the referral like we should have, we'll have to spend some time on the phone to see if I can get my friend the charger that was on offer back then.
Any incentive is better than nothing though.