Here is $10 Off Accessories from Abstract Ocean :)

Here is $10 Off Accessories from Abstract Ocean :)

I just purchased some accessories from Abstract Ocean and I was given a $10 referral link if anyone is interested in some stuff for their Tesla. I think it’s good for $50 or more :)

ebmcs03 | 25 mai 2019

Here is 5000 mile free supercharging referral link.


sethlsams | 25 mai 2019

haha but I also wanted to know what are some more good accessories to get for my Model 3. I just ordered the lighting upgrade, rear trunk mat, screen protector, and have XPEL paint protection. What are the best accessories that you recommend?

jasonstearns | 25 mai 2019

Thanks Sethlsams I was able to get $10 off my purchase. Much appreciated.

MichaelB00012 | 26 mai 2019

Hmm - doesn't seem to be working for me, it still wants me to enter a coupon code :(

MichaelB00012 | 26 mai 2019

I think it may only work with 1 person...

I also found coupon teslatunity (from March 2018) still appears to work, and gives 15% off.

Wolfsbane | 8 novembre 2019

Picked up some protective accessory from Abstract Ocean.

If anyone needs a $10 off with 50 you go.

T_Scheen | 8 novembre 2019

Thanks Wolfsbane. Just used it, and got another one due to that:

-TheJohn- | 8 novembre 2019

Nice coupon.

May I hugely suggest a pair of puddle lights to replace the front and rear doors with the Tesla T and the Model 3 3 for the rear pair? Looks brilliant.