Loss of monitoring (ie.

Loss of monitoring (ie.

Having only owned my Tesla solar system for about 8 months, I'm completely floored at this announcement:


Can I monitor solar production on my desktop?
No, solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

Can I still view my historical system impact and usage?
Yes. Once you’ve selected either ‘Impact’ or ‘Energy Usage’, you can select from preset timeframes to view your historical data.

However, you will no longer be able to download data on your historical production. To continue accessing your solar monitoring data, retrieve and download it from your MySolarCity account before August 1, 2019.

This is outrageous! I have a many thousand dollar solar system on my roof and the only means I have to monitor it is a phone app with no ability to see graphs of real time usage or production, compare historical data beyond a limited range, and no option to download data for my own analysis and record keeping?! I own this system, Tesla has no right to restrict my access like this. Clearly Tesla just burned any thought I had about expanding my system with a PowerWall, or any other Tesla product.

Is this a breach of contract? What are my options to replace this useless monitoring that Tesla now offers? What are my minimum requirements to let this useless monitoring system check-in to maintain my warranty?

rhharper | 4 juillet 2019

The Android app does not auto rotate on the small screen of my phone. By the way it is a phone and not a computer or data storage device since it has small memory. The small screen of most Android devices makes the information rather useless. The current reporting ability of the Tesla app is definitely not ready for prime time.
I will have to delay or seek other solutions before I increase my current solar array, add a couple of power wall units and purchase an electric vehicle. Pity as I am impressed with the Model S.
I expected more from an organization headed by Mr. Musk.

edwardneal2222 | 4 juillet 2019

Not the best app in the world, but it shows what I made and what I used - in the end what else do i need to know

lessmith135 | 5 juillet 2019

I too am outraged by the discontinuation of the SolarCity web site. These pages could easily be accessed from a different domain such as As an IT professional I have accomplished these easy migrations myself.
The phone app does not provide the same functionality that existed in the SolarCity web pages.
I monitored these pages on a weekly basis and also tracked month to month comparisons for research into global warming conditions.
This is not what I would expect from a tech giant like Tesla.

jcmindiola | 5 juillet 2019

I have been a solar city leasee since 2016 and have had no problems with the system until now. Now I opened a new acct on Tesla but after a couple of hrs have been unable to see my billing information and my solar acct. It seems dedicated to selling cars rather than servicing a solar generation system. Could one of you requesting we call Tesla please publish their customer service phone number? It is evidently hidden on their website very well. In addition to those here, I've read a lot of horror stories on Google about their solar installations and the lack of support after the Tesla takeover. Pretty sad ending to what started as a excellent solar power generation option for green minded people.

alex.l.williamson | 6 juillet 2019

The number here works pretty well

Char B | 14 juillet 2019

If you are trying to use the new TESLA app and continue to get the error message “No products linked to your account”.... this is the direct line to that department. 877-961-7652. The app will be ready in 24-48 hours. They were very helpful. It worked for me. Don’t waste your time using the Customer Care number 888-765-2489 or sending emails.

fgg2018 | 17 juillet 2019

They call this stupid mobile app an enhancement ? It is just crap.
Give me back my SolarCity desktop monitoring application.
Why is Tesla assuming that every customer has an idiotic mobile device available ?
I have enough computers at home and I don't trust any app on a mobile device.
This is not enhancement is going backwards.
What do they think that we are all Idiots like Donald Trump that lives on twitter ?

adriansmith1951 | 17 juillet 2019

Like everyone else here, I agree this is unacceptable. Having made the switch this afternoon I cannot see any information regarding our solar installation and none of the billing data either. The Tesla site I get is a sales pitch and nothing else.

We have been considering a Tesla model 3, and also adding a power wall but if this is the way Tesla aims to support their products or honor contractual commitments I thinks we'll pass.

So sad...

sdatha | 17 juillet 2019

I spoke with tech support today and was told the data is not gone, just not visible. We can call in and request information on our production and they can tell us over the phone. As awful as the pending solution is, at least they can show that data if one day they fix the Tesla app.

Tesla is rolling out a system with dramatically reduced functionality before its ready to meet the needs of its users.

Tesla should extend the life of the existing site until they fill the glaring gaps in functionality.

If this is the new Tesla, look for your 200 mile range Tesla to one day be "upgraded" to a 100 mile range Tesla.

Noam | 18 juillet 2019

Maybe that's one way to show them the stupidity of their decision. *everyone* should call in, daily, to ask for their data. The flood of calls might make them think twice about the decision (though probably not).

5thtone | 18 juillet 2019

I too am very disappointed by Tesla's decision to remove computer monitoring of output and history. I live in an area that is NOT covered by any cell phone company. Therefore, Tesla has voided my contract without any contact to me. I certainly remember this. It is documented and I do have a copy of my contract.

Enery User at Home | 18 juillet 2019

I'm also disappointed that I'll be losing the web monitoring, I'm not a big user of mobile apps. And this Tesla website is more of a pre-sales brochure than a customer information tool (even the forum link is buried in a set of links at the foot of the page)

I use the PowerGuide frequently to track my solar generation at a daily granularity to help monitor my electric usage. I do not see how I can replace that functionality on the new page.

My customer profile: I only have solar panels. No batteries. No car.

dsdee | 18 juillet 2019

Can I monitor solar production on my desktop?
No, solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

This is a horrible user experience. I dont want to... I can't.... monitor my home from a smart phone. I want to view my data on a big screen, and be able to transfer those numbers easily to my tracking spreadsheet. You are causing users users who don't have smart phones, or are unable to install apps ("my employer won't let me install apps on the phone they give me") to lose the monitoring. This was the whole reason I went with SolarCity in the first place was because I had the ability to look at all the raw data online.

Again... horrible, horrible user experience here.

johnmartintaylor | 18 juillet 2019

I am disappointed in the changes. I do not mind the new web interface but they should continue to provide the same information. I often watch my production with the Now feature.

How will I find out my production when we come back from a long trip more than seven days?

I want to see my data on BOTH the web and phone app.

Tesla, you are dropping the ball.

renyedi | 19 juillet 2019

Additionally to losing the web client, the app only shows one of my two installs. Edgy :-) I'm opening a ticket as well.

dgirardi | 19 juillet 2019

With the loss of monthly monitoring of our production how can we be assured of our invoice. PPA We have no way to back check their calculations.

dgirardi | 19 juillet 2019

With the loss of monthly monitoring of our production how can we be assured of our invoice. PPA We have no way to back check their calculations.

jackrcohen | 19 juillet 2019

Tesla seems to confirm here the loss of features that will result from shutting down MySolarCity.
I also pointed out in emails to Tesla that the data generated by the Telsa app was different from MySolarCity. This is critical for NJ users like me who generate SRECs.
Furthermore, the useful MySolarCity interface was a big part of the presentation when I bought my system last year and a primary reason I purchased the system. If the functionality will not be replaced, I will also be forced to consider legal action.

dlake | 19 juillet 2019

On my Tesla app on my phone, I don't see anything that links to my solar panels, just my car. I see climate, controls, charging, location and schedule service. Nothing about solar panels. Is there a separate app for solar panels?

mmmmwick | 19 juillet 2019

I have my solar on the Tesla app but I don't have the "impact" or "energy usage" buttons. Any ideas? I also agree with the loss of web access to the data. I use that method the most to monitor my system. I don't mind using the app but losing functionality is not cool.

jchivian | 23 juillet 2019

As pborissova said...

Cross your fingers and demand action if they don't get it right.

alex.l.williamson | 23 juillet 2019

Doesn't matter if they get the app right, it doesn't honor my contract. I demand "web-enabled monitoring", as they've promised.

rkelley78 | 29 juillet 2019

What's the phone number for Tesla customer support? I've been looking at the web site and can't find it. I think I found it earlier this summer, and am failing to find it now. I want to talk to someone about the app features which are due in 3 days or so... :-(

Char B | 29 juillet 2019

THE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM AUGUST 1ST TO AUGUST 15TH. Your account and MySolarCity mobile app are transitioning to account and Tesla mobile app on August 15, 2019. Visit our Support page for instructions to set up your Tesla Account today.

shanesato | 2 août 2019

As a follow-up to my previous post regarding the email/letter I sent to Tesla:
My circumstances may be different from some in that I own my system. After my emails to them I finally received what I wanted, see below. They gave me access to the basic SolarEdge portal which provides all of the information, including historical data and weather, that the original SolarCity platform had. They reference access to the individual panel production data but have not granted access to it, that is my last remaining fight and will most likely get SolarEdge involved to help. Not sure how I could "modify" my system to void my warranty by simply monitoring, but Tesla has included that veiled threat in their congratulatory email. I would encourage any of you disappointed with Tesla's crippled app that have a SolarEdge inverter to use the format of my original email I posted earlier to push for this access. Will update on my individual panel access in the future. Good luck all!

Dear Shane,
Congratulations! You have been set up for access to SolarEdge portal monitoring. Please check your email inbox to complete registration. You may need to also check your spam/junk folders.

Please be advised the layout feature on your account may not be set up. Please note that Tesla does not update the panel to panel layout specifically to your home design, but the data will still be accurately displayed.

As a site owner, you will have complete access to your account. We highly recommend that you do not make any changes to your inverter settings. In doing so, your warranty may be voided.

If you require any further assistance with this site, please contact SolarEdge directly.
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST
Thank you for being a valued Tesla customer and making the most out of your solar system!
Adryanna Sanders | Solar Support Technician

rhharper | 4 août 2019

Since my smart phone died, I have been unable to afford a new one.I would like to request that Tesla email me a graphic of my productivity on a daily basis, as well as a monthly comparison with prior years since the install in 2014. As they had to replace my panels this year due to lost production, it will be the only way I will be able to keep an eye out for any re-appearance of the problem.

edwardneal2222 | 4 août 2019

just as a thought for those who dont want or dont have a smart phone have you considered using an android emulator on your PC to run the Tesla App. There seem to be several like Bluestacks and others that should allow people to run the tesla app on a computer

bill.haughton | 5 août 2019

I have seen no data for my system since Monday last, 7/29. From either the Tesla or SolarCity phone app. Anyone else lose all data?

On a more general note, Tesla claims the access to data will improve over time. Well, that means they are doing the migration a$$backwards.

- first, upgrade the Tesla app to include Solarcity level of functionality and data access; this to include desktop / web access to data. My eyes don't like reading data off of tiny phone screens
- THEN, and only then, migrate users from SC to Tesla app.

It's disappointing that Tesla sees so little value in Solar users, that they are willing to roll the function into the Tesla app, which appears to have been built primarily for cars, I feel like they lifted their leg and took a dump on my head.

edwardneal2222 | 5 août 2019

Hey Bill.haughton, both of my apps are reporting just fine. have you checked your inverters to be sure they are producing? and if they are have you tried rebooting the gateway by unplugging it for a minute and plugging it back in?

dmpierce | 5 août 2019

As mentioned above, the PowerGuide website at www, should NOT be deactivated per the terms of the solar panel contract, The smartphone based Tesla app does not provide the information available for PC users. Elon Musk must be apothetic to his customers to make this decision. PC's are needed for those with low vision who do not use a smartphone to monitor the Tesla solar panel system performance.

roninracer | 6 août 2019

Add me to the list of those who do not like the new app or interface nor feel it meets the contractual obligations promised.

I don't understand why they just can't open up the protocol that the inverter zigbee interface is using. That way at least one of us could come up with an open source way to scrape the data from the inverter and make use of it.

Ben in CT | 9 août 2019

Good to see that I am not the only one who smells a disaster in the making with this conversion to the new and "improved" app. I guess they've changed the definition of "improved" -- it used to mean better.

I have been peppering them with e-mails and phone calls about their seeming lack of preparedness to make the change over, and worse, their seeming lack of concern for their customers. To date, I have received only one reply, which said, "Thank you, your concerns have been noted." That's far too dismissive and patronizing to be considered "addressing the problem".

Hold on to your seats, folks... it gets bumpy from here.

And for the record, a friend of mine already has a monitoring app that he developed using the Zigbee protocol and the PowerGuide API. It's not all pretty and slick like the Tesla app, but it works, and has tons more data.

johncrab | 11 août 2019

I believe you are right about breach of contractual obligations, but Tesla is playing very fast and loose with contractual obligations these days. They cancelled four prepaid car services without bothering to inform me or refund my money until I screamed at them for a solid month, so they clearly don't feel bound by legal agreements. Also, from what I read, the SolarCity end of the business is in some real trouble. The original model of leasing systems was a failure and utilities have played a clever game to block new installations (APS torpedoed mine in 2018). If you feel this strongly (and you clearly have a major investment), spend a few hundred dollars and talk to a lawyer. Just a warning, this would have to seek class status on behalf of others they have rear-ended to force any kind of change or compensation, so it's a long haul.

phyo2u | 12 août 2019

When Telsa took over Solar City they agreed to honor all that Solar City promised their consumers. They have broken this trust by taking away the consumer's RIGHT to see what power the system is generating. System could malfunction and consumer would not know it until next electric bill This is not what we signed up for. This MUST be corrected immediately!!


jlhm | 13 août 2019

The latest version of the Tesla app allows you to download current and historical data per day, week, month, year or lifetime. Not as good as the web based way of doing it but it will return the same data as the solar city web site.

Enery User at Home | 13 août 2019

Drat. I had a long message with nicely formatted examples of downloaded data. Then on submit get an error message about posting and the message is gone.

Short version. The data is all there (down to 15 minute granularity if you grab it daily). But it's a manual process to get it, no more automation/API.

pborissova | 13 août 2019

So, it's better than nothing, however if you have 2 or more inverters kiss goodbye "by inverter production"...

Solar Tab (daily - 15 min granularity):
Date/Time Solar (kW)
2019-08-11T07:30:00.000-07:00 5.6

Powerwall Tab (daily - 5 min granularity):
Date/Time Home (kW) Solar (kW) Powerwall (kW) Grid (kW)
2019-08-11T07:05:00.000-07:00 0.9 1.1 -1.1 0.8

jdaleo23 | 14 août 2019

A few things that i've noticed with the new app and new data.. I tried calling tech support, but they didn't have a clue what i was talking about... They actually didn't know that you can download data yet and told me they would send me to Powerwall support, thinking something was actually wrong with my Powerwall.

1) "To Powerwall" is missing in historical data by Week, Month, Year, Lifetime. It's there if you look at Day, but once you switch to any other option, "To Powerwall" is gone. It also does not download with the data, which i'm guessing is why it's not showing in the charts (because the charts are built from that same data).
2) Tesla data rounds to the first decimal, however MySolarCity rounded to the second decimal (i believe). This is causing my daily generation to be off quite a bit (and my lifetime, since November 2018, to be off by almost ~100kWh.

I really wish there was a way to contact someone with knowledge of their data directly to submit some tickets.

edwardneal2222 | 14 août 2019

I am hoping that some point they will break out the production by inverter. in the past there have been times when one inverter stopped working and I was able to spot it in an instant in the my solar city app / web site and get the problem fixed. with the Tesla app the only way I can tell both inverters are producing is when the total production shown on the home page exceeds what the larger inverter is capable of producing - so early in the day or if its overcast I cant tell if both inverters are online and producing

rkelley78 | 15 août 2019

It's not a bad update to the Tesla app, for my purposes, except that it's missing about 62 days in spring, 2018 when the installation was first turned on. That means that the lifetime number, which I use in reporting generation for SREC purposes, is way undercounted. That's a problem for me.

hliscomb | 15 août 2019

I would like to think that Tesla has the online 'system status' question squarely in their crosshairs, and will be resolved quickly.
Nevertheless, you can register your dissatisfaction easily.
Every day, every customer calls Tesla Solar Customer Support.
In your call, ask them to confirm that your solar system is performing.
Eventually, the load on CS will make very plain to Tesla that retiring the old system without a commensurate replacement is a top priority.

Why call?
Because they don't monitor your production, and seemingly don't care if your system fails completely.
One of the two inverters in our system was down for 4 months, and we had no idea.

moran_cookie | 15 août 2019

When will we be able to monitor our system on the website as promised? Today is 8/15 and we see nothing. We were told it would change to the site on 8/1. Then it mysteriously changed to 8/15. Who do we need to contact to rectify this?

jdaleo23 | 15 août 2019

Is anyone else seeing the same issues that i've reported above?
(1. "To Powerwall" is missing in historical data by Week, Month, Year, Lifetime. I can see "From Powerwall" just fine. or
2. Exported data from Tesla rounding to the first decimal, therefore causing the counts not to match actual inverter data or MySolarCity PowerGuide data? I was able to prove this to tesla by showing them my monthly production in MSC PG, compared to what the Tesla App shows me. This is causing my day/week/month/year/lifetime to be off pretty significantly.)

I would be interested to hear if others see the same thing, to make sure it's not just me.

alex.l.williamson | 16 août 2019

And so it begins, is now defunct and with no replacement on, Tesla is in breach with regard to the "web-enabled monitoring" provision within our contracts :(

ddferg | 16 août 2019

I scanned this message thread and agree we customers have been short changed with this inferior Mobile App to monitor our systems. I like Elon Musk's ideas and tech know how. That said I would not want to hurt his company with litigation but we are not happy with this "change" in service and may need to act if Tesla refuses to step up and remedy this mistake.

bimmerdude | 16 août 2019

The solution may be to flood Elons Twitter account with unsatisfied posts.. when it gets to be a public issue we may see them address this ! Its Total BS to replace the existing site with a less functional one and a phone app...

rwsulli | 16 août 2019

I was told by a tech that they got rid of the web based interface because "Nobody uses computers anymore, everybody uses phones." LOL Excuse me, I work in IT and believe me the computer is not dead!!!

edwardneal2222 | 16 août 2019

back on the ampit forum I would bet that well over 90% of the posts were started with screen shots from the phone app - - it was always obvious because you could see their cell providers name in the upper left corner. I think I was one of the very few people who would start a thread with a production graph snipped from the MSC website

As a side note one of the things that is vastly better about this form is that you dont need a picture just to ask a question

ddferg | 16 août 2019

I phoned, 3x, to customer support and emailed once about our issue with monitoring changes. I politely asked the representative to write down my four or five points and my dissatisfaction with a contract violation and to escalate my questions/comcerns. I asked for a Decision Maker at Tesla to respond to my complaints. Let us see what Tesla does with it.
One of the Reps suggestions was to go out to my Inverter and read the little digital numbers. I told him I am a Senior and the Box is outside on a steep hill below my home. How is that an improvement?

edwardneal2222 | 16 août 2019

Actually when I am not home a phone app is much better than if all they had was computer based. I dont always have access to a computer when I am not at home and browsing normal websites that are designed for a computer on a phone often sucks. Anyway at this point it doesnt much matter - - we have a Tesla app and it seems that this is all we are getting and despite all the complaining I have yet to hear anyone say they have actually contacted a lawyer