Lane Departure avoidance

Lane Departure avoidance

I have Lane Departure Avoidance mode turned on. Man it's weird. Feels like I'm in Driver's Ed and the instructor is grabbing the wheel from me. I don't normally signal when I'm the only car on the road and it really doesn't like that. I can see it's a safety feature but not sure I can do it long term.

Bighorn | 29 mai 2019

Turned it off after the first correction

legna_fo_htaed | 29 mai 2019

What about the audible warning? I thought I saw a way to either have it assist or audibly warn you. I just got 2019.16.3 yesterday, so haven't messed with it yet.

bpatter123 | 29 mai 2019

I just turned it on today & took it out for a test. When going over the yellow line on the left it gave a steering wheel vibration ( it was set on "warn" only). When crossing the white line on the right, it auto steered to the left & scolded me with repeated beeps. That was on a highway but not a SoCal fwy. I'll give it one more try

metz123 | 29 mai 2019

As a fellow driver on planet earth I encourage you to leave it turned on and use your signals all the time until their use becomes 2nd nature. These safety features can potentially save a life and it might be mine. It only takes a second of inattention to cross over the lane boundaries. Yeah - I know y'all are the most attentive drivers in the world and you are always paying attention. You aren't, sh*t happens and these types of safety features should be left on. Unless they are causing crashes, instead of preventing them, they should remain enabled.

Bighorn | 29 mai 2019

In my case, I touched the line on the shoulder and it jerked me toward oncoming traffic on a narrow two lane road. Not a welcome nanny. The warning setting I tried next was the rumble strip effect, not a beep. Has nothing to do with whether I signaled or not since it was not a lane changing situation.

mstoer | 29 mai 2019

I've had it come on while driving on a road that had a bunch of patches on it (like when they patch with a tar brush in curved lines). That together with sun glare confused the AI and steered the car into the middle of the road. I had to firmly steer back. I still have it on, but I might be turning it off if I keep getting false positives, since that don't need that sort of correction while driving.

eplaskett | 29 mai 2019

Why not signal when you're the only one on the road? You might actually NOT be the only one on the road, even if you think you are. That's, in part, of the point of signaling - letting others know your intentions, even if you're unaware that they are there.

I actually think this feature works quite well, and certainly behaves as described in the release notes. I like it a lot more than I do phantom braking while on Autopilot or the currently useless (in my area, at least) Navigate on Autopilot. (I use Autopilot extensively every day and love it, but have given up on NOA for the time being, and am super vigilant about phantom braking, which still occurs more frequently than it should.) In fairness, most of my driving is on the interstate and urban surface streets, with relatively little on twisty, narrow two-lane roads, and I might feel differently if I were to drive on those.

ArcticStation | 29 mai 2019

I've had it on for a few days around town and it only kicked in once, so I didn't find it intrusive (or especially useful). Tried it for the first time today on a three hour interstate cruise. I found that I must engage the turn signal several seconds before I initiate a lane change or the system will activate, even if the turn signal is on when I actually cross the line. Other than that, it didn't intrude. Although I always avoid long, boring interstate travel when I'm tired, inattention or distractions can create a situation for any driver where this feature could be life saving, so I'm leaving it on.

beaver | 29 mai 2019

It’s still on. It’s kind of annoying but in a good way, like “brush your teeth son”. I will see how long it lasts. It seems to nicely let you override if you want. I am sure it will get better. Especially when my Tesla knows what I am thinking

wb808 | 29 mai 2019

I got a false positive as I was turning on a neighborhood two-lane that split off to the right - scared the hell out of me as it jerked the car back to the left towards the median! That’s enough for me to turn this off for now until they perfect it. Staying vigilant while driving is one thing but I don’t want to drive everywhere on high alert like my passenger will grab and jerk the wheel at any moment!

sixstring09 | 29 mai 2019

If you get yourself to signal every lane change, in a few weeks you will know when you don't signal a lane change.

Just like wearing a seatbelt. It is so second nature that I buckle up taking the car out of the garage onto the driveway.

Please use your indicator. It's not like you are going to wear out the bulb or switch.

>>>>> metz123 | May 29, 2019
As a fellow driver on planet earth I encourage you to leave it turned on and use your signals all the time until their use becomes 2nd nature. These safety features can potentially save a life and it might be mine. It only takes a second of inattention to cross over the lane boundaries.

wiscy67 | 29 mai 2019

Does the lane departure avoidance work for all Model 3s? Or only if you have AP? I got the update today and have the setting turned on (the default). But I don't notice any correction even when intentionally crossing over a lane (with no one around.)

ArcticStation | 30 mai 2019

I don't have AP and mine works. Try a reboot.

h2ev | 30 mai 2019

Tried it for the first time yesterday. It was on a local back road where two lanes merge into one and turns into a two way street. The car yanked the wheel towards the middle, hugging the double yellow line with an oncoming car. There was no audible warning nor did the wheel vibrate so it was a bit jarring. The yank was pretty firm, probably firmer than what it takes to override auto-steering. It did let go very quickly, just a split second.

I will likely turn it off if it happens again.

wiboater4 | 30 mai 2019

h2ev I had a similar incident . On a city street where there is a left turn lane I wanted to go straight ahead and the car wanted to follow the double yellow line so it hesitated for a second and then jerked over to the left turn lane because that's where the yellow line went. It's done that both times I've been at that spot. So they need to do some tweeking. If a car had been coming along side me to take that left turn I might have hit it. Not sure if the camera's would have looked first before pulling it hard left like that. I'm leaving mine turned on in lighter traffic to help them get it to work better for now anyway's.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 30 mai 2019

Most of these comments are either bad drivers or FUD. Or idiots.

LostInTx | 30 mai 2019

The new feature requires me to occasionally fight for control of the car. The other night, on a quiet but curvy four lane road, a deer ran in front me of me and I swerved to miss. I sure didn't have time to turn on the signal but for that split second, the car fought my need to move over quickly. Sure, it's a rare occurrence but after 40 years of driving, I'm not ready to have my car fuss at me for doing what needs to be done. It's off, at least with this version.

ICEMELT | 30 mai 2019

Turned it off today after first correction. Including the Emergency avoidance feature. I can relate to OP about the Drivers Ed.

On local road with car parked on side, I was going between 20-25. Oncoming car and I had perfect understanding to get through, however it involved me crossing the lane mark. As soon as I cross the lane mark, auto corrective kicked in and swayed me back to the parked car which I was trying to avoid in the first place.

RJMIII | 30 mai 2019



ICEMELT | 30 mai 2019

@metz123, on a single lane road, you would be giving wrong indication to the oncoming car if you turned on left signal just to brush the yellow line.

peldor427 | 30 mai 2019

@wiscy67 - if it wasn't the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance (since you mentioned no one else was around) it only corrects if it doesn't detect your hands on the wheel. Emergency (when a collision is imminent or also probably steering totally off the road to the right) Avoidance will do it even if you do have your hands on the wheel. But it isn't guaranteed to catch every departure, it's a backup safety system. And I'm sure there will be false positives, although I haven't seen any yet.

bcb2220 | 30 mai 2019

Agreed @Neomaxizoomdweebie

ICEMELT | 30 mai 2019

@peldor427 my scenario was the false positive.

peldor427 | 30 mai 2019

@ICEMELT - I'm sure there have been false positives, I was just saying that I have not yet personally experienced any. And if I understand your situation correctly, I wouldn't call it a false positive since you did cross the line marker without a signal. It definitely wasn't desired for your car to auto-correct in that situation so I understand your dissatisfaction, but the system is just there to detect lane departures currently, not take all aspects of the situation into account. Maybe they can enhance it to allow departures when it recognizes that you are steering around an obstacle like the car in your case; that should be straight-forward enough. This is a situation that definitely needs to be resolved before FSD is realized, but I imagine the conservative programming logic would be to yield until it is safe to pass the parked car.

But then again I wonder who would be at fault if the opposing car had hit you when you crossed the lane? The owner of the parked car, you, or the opposing car's driver? I don't know legally, but I'd tend to assign blame in that order: the parker since they were obstructing traffic, then you since you crossed the line and should have yielded if necessary, and finally the opposing car since they should yield or avoid you if a crash was imminent.

AWDTesla | 30 mai 2019

I turned it off also.

bcb2220 | 30 mai 2019

let's just keep our eyes on the road shall we and hope that no one here has an accident. have a great day everyone :)

FISHEV | 30 mai 2019

Tesla having issues with usable lane keeping (and blind side indicators and cross track warning) is troubling on a car that is touted as leading in "self driving technology".

If you can't get the simple things like lane keeping right, the infinitely more complex self driving is not going to work well. The Consumers Article on Tesla's issues Autopilot issues was spot on.

Lane keeping basic driving.

1. Visual and auditory warning when wheel is on the line under all driving conditions.
2. Option to turn on lane keeping which will steer car away from line.

eplaskett | 30 mai 2019

I had to go around two illegally parked cars in my neighborhood last night's, crossing a double solid yellow line in the process. The system didn't do anything to dissuade me - no correction, no noise, no steering wheel vibration. I was going around 30 mph, so above the 25 mph threshold for the functioning of this feature. I can't remember if I signaled or not before making my move, but I was on a small two lane street a block from my house, so I would guess that I did not. There are often cars parked illegally along here and do I will test it again tonight if I can.

bcb2220 | 30 mai 2019

@FISHEV the fact you read consumers article says a lot lol. i'm not disagreeing or discounting your thoughts because you do bring up a good valid point, however, a lot of these "cases" are users who either tried to test the system and failed by really testing in the correct behavior as designed and what it's supposed to do or 2, tesla doesn't really give a sh*t and releases it to the mass. we all know tesla's #1 goal is safety.

i understand software is complex and it's not 100% perfect, BUT i'm pretty damn sure they wouldn't release anything if they knew it wouldn't benefit the safety of the drivers. you should watch the autonomy day video.

FISHEV | 30 mai 2019

@bcb2220 " should watch the autonomy day video."

I rented Model S, Model X and Model 3 and purchased Model 3 instead of watching the video and speak from that experience vs. YouTube videos which also have some gruesome fatalities of AutoPilot fans.

Experience driving Teslas and Subaru and clearly the Subaru system is better for autobraking, dynamic cruise, lane keeping and cross track warnings. Trustworthy indpependent testers like Consumer Reports and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirm the Subaru system is superior to Teslas.

Room for Tesla to improve and hopefully they are not as imbued with hubris and lack of critical thinking skills as the Tesla fanbois and Tesla is looking for customer feedback to improve their product.

wpidwell | 30 mai 2019

I've struggled with this as it seems very intermittently effective. It is a dramatic jerk of the wheel, blinking red, and beeping when it does work (only when I cross into the bike lane). But I have tried it 50 more times of purposefully driving into the left bike lane and it doesn't do anything. Have never had it alarm or do anything when I purposefully cross the middle double yellow line.

75% of the time I see a warning saying "Lane Departure Avoidance Limited If issue persists, contact Tesla service." I do have a bike rack on the back of my Model 3 - would that be enough to make this not work reliably?

I really liked the rumble strip affect instead of the auto correction, but since the software update, that doesn't work at all. Anyone know how to revert back to the way it was before the update?

bcb2220 | 30 mai 2019

@FISHEV it's been debunked that there's a lot of those "autopilot" videos on youtube turns out NOT to be Tesla cars. I agree 100% that there's definitely room for improvement and that's with any car manufacturer.

You should really watch the autonomy day. I came from a Subaru and Tesla is far more advanced and superior than any other car I've had in the past. I trust autopilot and never had any issues personally. LDA does have hiccups but none for me. but to each his own.

ICEMELT | 30 mai 2019

@peldor427 Point well taken!

FISHEV | 30 mai 2019

@bcb2220 "You should really watch the autonomy day. I came from a Subaru and Tesla is far more advanced and superior than any other car I've had in the past."

Subaru beats Tesla's safety tech in independent tests by Consumer Reports and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Perhaps you should watch CR and IIHS videos on car safety and actually testing vs. "Autonomy Day" fantasy about how the real business is self driving cars not EV's.

bcb2220 | 30 mai 2019
gballant4570 | 30 mai 2019

In the last two days I've gotten repeated false alerts on this. I turned it off this afternoon. This most certainly is not in any kind of working condition right now - the AI has lots to learn. I hope its learned from its mistakes in my car, and continues to learn after being shut down.....

gballant4570 | 30 mai 2019

In the last two days I've gotten repeated false alerts on this. I turned it off this afternoon. This most certainly is not in any kind of working condition right now - the AI has lots to learn. I hope its learned from its mistakes in my car, and continues to learn after being shut down.....

gballant4570 | 30 mai 2019

FISHEV, I learned many years ago not to pay any attention to Consumer Reports....and the lesson has proved to be just as valid today as it was then.

randy1200 | 30 mai 2019

The big problem here is that the emergency lane departure avoidance feature in 16.3 on my Model 3 turns itself back on every time I put the car in gear. This forces me to put in the in gear, then Car Icon -> Auto Pilot -> Scroll Down -> turn off Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance every time I drive. This is completely unacceptable to me, and I hope they update the software to respect my decision on this feature very soon.

bcb2220 | 30 mai 2019

@randy1200 that's by design and unfortunately, if you do want it turned off, you'd have to do it before every drive.

Ron.Olsberg | 30 mai 2019

I have not had any problems with the two new safety features but I have not driven that much since the update. I can see where these features could be helpful and I believe they will be improved on later firmware releases. Maybe for the short term or maybe forever assume the driver is in complete control if the turn signal is fully engaged; likewise, since the car can detect a small amount of torque on the steering wheel (ie.. are your hands on the wheel) it seems it might be able to detect that the driver purposely turned the steering wheel and assume the driver is in currently in control. If the computer detects the car is slowly drifting out of the lane ( the computer could assume the driver might not be in control or paying attention and take evasive action - may not work in all scenarios ), hopefully not into oncoming traffic. Side note, I have read that some insurance companies give a discount for the Emergency Lane Departure feature and they might take exception if the feature could be permanently turned off.

ILoveMyModel3 | 30 mai 2019

I turned this on last week and it drives me crazy.. However, I didn't turn it off because it making me a better driver by forcing me to turn on my signal light before switching lanes. Thanks, Teslas and Elon

eemkam | 30 mai 2019

@randy1200, same for me. I love my car, but this is the first really annoying thing I've dealt with. On a road I frequent, the car alerts on a curve while I am well within the lane and has done at other places too.

h2ev | 31 mai 2019

It happened again last night as I hugged the right shoulder solid line to avoid a pothole. It quite forcefully yanked the car back to the middle. Very annoying and I turned it off immediately.

What is more annoying is that now you guys are saying it has to be turned off each time the car is restarted. I will be complaining to Tesla about this if it's truly the case.

Bighorn | 31 mai 2019

You don’t need to turn it off each time.

Drive down the coast on Route 1 by Big Sur and get back to me about how great it is for non-FUD spewing, good drivers. Good on ya, Rainman.

travler | 31 mai 2019

@wpidwell I'm getting that "Lane Departure Avoidance Limited If issue persists, contact Tesla service." warning too. We also have a hitch-mounted bike rack on today, which could be the reason. I put the bike rack on yesterday and see the warning for the first time today. (Hitch was there already, of course.) Thanks for your original post.

wpidwell | 31 mai 2019

@travler and @randy1200 - Thanks for the replies. With the bike rack, it clearly doesn't work and I have also found that it turns itself back on every time I restart the car. I'll talk to Tesla service and see if they can disable it, or preferably go back to the way it used to be with just the rumble strip warning.

Syed.Hosain | 31 mai 2019

I like the lane departure avoidance system and am using it at the moment. However, there is one mode that gets a little tricky.

When commuting in the car-pool lane from home to work and back, I do move left (over the line) for the motorcycle "lane splitters" ... legal for them to do in California (even the motorcycle cops do it).

Since it is sometimes a bit tough in dense traffic to see the riders till the last minute, I occasionally move over at the last minute to give them more room.

However, on a *few* occasions, that quick change to the left has created a situation where the system tried to move me back and I had to really grip the wheel hard (had only one hand at the 5 o'clock position) to avoid swerving back onto the motorcyclist. Not good!

So, I am thinking I may turn this feature off when in the commute car-pool lane on those drives.

caramela | 31 mai 2019

I also had a false positive yesterday on the first day after the update. I wasn't trying to fool it or anything, just driving in the left hand lane on a fairly straight divided boulevard with a lot of vertical tree trunks down the center median. It suddenly beeped at me, and took over the steering wheel, which scared me for a second, my first thought was that I had had a blow-out. When I glanced at the screen after regaining control I saw red lane lines and the message that it had successfully avoided a collision. WTF?!?

I may drive back over there today to see if I can reproduce what happened...

Bighorn | 31 mai 2019

Different feature.