Who are the lending partners for Tesla solar?

Who are the lending partners for Tesla solar?

I am considering going with the Tesla solar and Powerwalls. But I cannot find any info on who the loans are with.
Can anyone provide info on the financing process thru Tesla?

Or is there another outside solar lender that you can recommend?

Or should we just go thru a local credit union?

Any tips?

chancellor32 | 30 mai 2019

Mosiac is the main one, financed through Digital Credit Union. Rates are 4.99 for 20 years and 3.99 for 10 years. You choose your design, then they send you a proposal/contract. You sign that and they do a prequal. You find out instantly if you are approved and thats it. I would use their financing as other CU's wont be as competitive.

alex.l.williamson | 30 mai 2019

Please be aware that as of August 1st Tesla will only provide app-based monitoring services, after this date you will not be able to download historical data, graph real-time data, or view data for arbitrary dates. You will not have access to this data on your PC. Tesla has announced this change in spite of language in contracts that commits Tesla to providing "web-enabled monitoring" and specifically providing the PowerGuide monitoring service for the extent of the warranty period. For details see: You may wish to consider whether these are important features to you or whether you're interested in doing business with a company that appears to disregard contractual obligations.

k5bes | 24 juin 2019

I did financing through Tesla and the loan is from Technology Credit Union. Have had no problems with them at all.